Wednesday, October 2, 2013

so many changes.
sam & i have moved. about an hour or so drive of where we were...
to north west Lake City...right next to the tiny town of Wellborn.
there's a pond out back...Indian Pond.
and still lots of lizards, snakes...birds...AND bugs!
(well, we're still in florida...the bug capital)

why the move?
sam's boss wants him to help run the shop...he wanted him to be closer to work.
so he asked if we'd consider moving into this BIG house that the company owns.
BIG, is an understatement.
we could probably fit the trailer in here...3 times over!

emo & otis are are we.
otis??!!  oh yeah...a little orange striped tabby that showed up on our back porch
 about a month or so before we moved!
he is now part of the family.
more about him next time!

i'm hoping to get back in the swing of things.
settle into some kind of a routine.
but now i have the drive (to see clients)
and sam just has a fifteen minute drive to work.
that's ok...he did the drive for close to 2 years.

i'll leave you with some pictures...
old-ish...and new-ish.

(gotta get ready to run down to gainesville for appt's...
but i needed to get on here and send out an update!)

emo & otis playing

aaaaaaah...sharing!  (before the move)

the front of 'Indian Pond' house!

Indian Pond...out back...much clearing to do still!

a 'tail-gating' Red-spotted Purple

a juvenile Black the shed out back
a Fence lizard on window screen

the moon...on a cloudy night...from back in  july.

bear with me if you can.
i will not be a stranger...although i am in a starnge land.
and i am a bit strange myself.

things will fall into place...and i will start to wander blog-land again soon!

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”
~Albert Einstein

be safe.  stay cool.