Wednesday, October 2, 2013

so many changes.
sam & i have moved. about an hour or so drive of where we were...
to north west Lake City...right next to the tiny town of Wellborn.
there's a pond out back...Indian Pond.
and still lots of lizards, snakes...birds...AND bugs!
(well, we're still in florida...the bug capital)

why the move?
sam's boss wants him to help run the shop...he wanted him to be closer to work.
so he asked if we'd consider moving into this BIG house that the company owns.
BIG, is an understatement.
we could probably fit the trailer in here...3 times over!

emo & otis are are we.
otis??!!  oh yeah...a little orange striped tabby that showed up on our back porch
 about a month or so before we moved!
he is now part of the family.
more about him next time!

i'm hoping to get back in the swing of things.
settle into some kind of a routine.
but now i have the drive (to see clients)
and sam just has a fifteen minute drive to work.
that's ok...he did the drive for close to 2 years.

i'll leave you with some pictures...
old-ish...and new-ish.

(gotta get ready to run down to gainesville for appt's...
but i needed to get on here and send out an update!)

emo & otis playing

aaaaaaah...sharing!  (before the move)

the front of 'Indian Pond' house!

Indian Pond...out back...much clearing to do still!

a 'tail-gating' Red-spotted Purple

a juvenile Black the shed out back
a Fence lizard on window screen

the moon...on a cloudy night...from back in  july.

bear with me if you can.
i will not be a stranger...although i am in a starnge land.
and i am a bit strange myself.

things will fall into place...and i will start to wander blog-land again soon!

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”
~Albert Einstein

be safe.  stay cool.


  1. I wonder where u disappeared to!. omg- I bet u have lots to tell!.

  2. O wat mooi heb je dit gedaan,prachtig.

  3. Witam po przerwie. Życzę wszystkiego najlepszego w nowym miejscu zamieszkania i powodzenia w pracy. Jaszczurka na ekranie okna mi się podoba, gorzej z tym długim "gościem" :))). Pozdrawiam .
    Welcome back after a break. I wish you all the best in their new location and success at work. A lizard on a window screen I like, worse, the long "guest" :))). Yours.

  4. You are resilient--changes are what keeps us in the flow of life. Loved seeing Otis and Emo. Such long 'tails' your cats have! Thank you for sharing your 'tale'. Best of luck in your new home.

  5. Hope you have lots of good music (maybe fun audio books) for your commute. It looks like the kitties are having a blas. Otis is sooo cute! And Emo remains beyond precious.

    Love the critter pics. Can't wait for the tour of the woods. Settle in, lady. You've been missed ;-D

  6. Fun to see you post again! What a pretty house to roam about for whatever time you do, and still enjoy all the bugs and outdoor stuff too! How wonderful, not to mention a friend, pal or sweet buddy ....I mean even kitties like to have best friends beside their humans! Enjoy your new digs!

  7. good to hear from you! i hope you will settle in to your new locale! awesome! and even better that otis joined the family so emo has a little brother!

  8. The new place sounds nice, especially the pond. You will see all kinds of wildlife there. Emo and Otis look like they are good friends. Great shots, have a happy evening!

  9. Great to hear from you and best of luck with your transition!

  10. Welcome back, love the critters!

    And two kitties...wild, wild life!

  11. A break away from the everyday and a new perspective never hurts. looking forward to Halloween in your new home.

  12. So GLAD AND HAPPY THAT YOU ARE BACK...big house, little house, trailer or whatever! Otis and Emo...:) big, big, hugs...boy I could have sed you to ID bones!!!...:)JP

  13. Those kitties! They will be happy with all that space. The front entrance looks beautiful and that pond!! Lovely.

  14. Hi Laura... Well a lot happening in your life, nice o hear from you!!
    The kitties will have lots of scamper room, in the new place !! Hope you life will be a happy one there!!

  15. Laura you're back. Making our world a brighter place one blog post at a time.

  16. Kind of exciting I can imagine . . . looks like "nice digs!" A chance to see new butterflies and crawly things!

  17. OMG! You moved! Awesome! I've been meaning to send you off a letter and never did. What a bad friend am I. Now I will need your new address...please! Email me!! Love and hugs!!! :):)

  18. Good to see you again!! Best of luck settling in!!

  19. Moving's always a big thing! I look forward to reading about your new place and all the wonderful wildlife there.

  20. Welcome back! That is a BIG move ;>).... and congrats on the new addition ... I bet they're good company for each other and amusing to watch together. It's good you are back to blogland for October; it just wouldn't be Halloween without your spooky posts.

  21. Well, you have had a lot going on! I love the new house and yard! What fun you will have exploring! Your new kitty looks adorable and mischievous!

  22. Wishing you lots of peaceful and delightful explorations at your new place. Hope the drive can be a time without rush hour distraction. Take care. GOOD LUCK!

  23. Just hopping over like a frog to check if anything is buzzing. Daanish has a few new posts, Love the insights I find under the stones there. Only bugs I see are spiders but none as exotic as in Florida. But my passion flower is blooming indoors so I do have an exotic flower! Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. Did you give any special meals to Otis and Emo for Thanksgiving?
    Love, jean

  24. It's been too long since I've been to your blog- or any blog!- and it was so nice to catch up. :-) Beautiful pictures! I love the lizards, as I always do. x

  25. Oh I am happy for you but I have a feeling now with bigger place more housework:) it sounds like you are doing well and I am happy about that. Be safe and happy see you soon I hope you have been missed. Hugs B

  26. Hi there Laura, I've been missing from my blog for about 6 months so have been doing a catch-up with everyone.
    Nice to know about your move, life takes us in all sorts of directions doesn't it. Glad things are working out for you both and that Emo has a playmate.
    Glad you've still got a backyard full of all your favourite things too.
    Cheerio for now, till next time, all the best and thanks for those lovely pics as always... :D)

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  29. Heyyyyy long time no blog laura! I'm back n blogging, so I'm waiting for you too! I've graduated and I'm a doc now *run patients run!*...Hoping that everything's great on your side of the world, stay blessed and in touch ! -Amused :))

  30. Are you coming back, some time??????????????????????????????????????????????


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