Monday, February 23, 2015

aye, aye captain...uh...emo

before i get to the captain emo thing...
here's a Red-bellied woodpecker in side yard.

* * *

where i used to wander out back,
in the woods,
finding treasure...
like bones, owl pellets, 100 yr old turpentine clay pots...
we now have 3-4 feet deep water!
it's been like that ever since we moved back home in november.

anyway...we decided to take the canoe out there.

we loaded up...pushed off...and then heard emo back on shore YELLING!!
we turned around to see what was up.

emo wanted to go for a ride.
he jumped in the canoe!!

rather than being a back-seat driver, he opted to ride up front...

...the captain of the orders...


this turtle has to be the biggest turtle i've seen in a looong time! 
bigger than the ones on the rivers, or in the lakes.

anyway, it's tough canoeing back there. lots of downed trees & thickets of dead bushes & vines.
pretty cool. and weird. 
really, i prefer the hiking. i wonder if the water table will be getting back to normal any time soon?!

a couple of days later...BOTH emo & otis are patiently waiting to go canoeing!

luckily, we haven't spotted any alligators out there!

* * *
speaking of 'gators...makes me think of dinosaurs.
i saw this lizard (anole) on the side of the house, just peeking from under the eave.

stay cool. be safe.

"the world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful."  ~e.e. cummings 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

lizard love. scat. skull. and a couple of tree huggers!

it's still a little on the chilly side here in north central florida.
we've had some frosty mornings & the water in the bird bath freezes over night.
i love it!  but most of the little critters are still in hiding.

this past week i've been lucky enough to spot a few lizards (anoles) sun-bathing!! yay!

(FYI: the anoles with the patterned stripes down their backs are Non-natives.
from Cuba or the Bahamas)

* * *
lately we've been hearing what sounds like a pack of pups 
barking & kind of howling...just before dawn and around sunset.
the PROOF is in the SCAT.
out back, in the wooded area...COYOTE poop!

it's not the freshest scat around...but it's loaded with FUR & BONES!
i went online and listened to what the coyotes sound like when they 'talk'...
and it's exactly what we've been hearing!

SO, knowing this, we have had numerous talks with emo & otis.
stressing to them that they have to watch their backs!
our little 'tree-huggers' have been practicing climbing trees!!

* * *
this past week i started working on a HOG SKULL 
i found last year in the field across the road.

(acrylic paint & Sharpie paint pens)


* * *

i leave you now...with a parting moon shot.
(NO, not THAT kind!!)  :)

11 feb 2015

stay cool & be safe.

“The things that make me different are the things that make me.”
~A.A. Milne

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


the azaleas are blooming.
but the butterflies and bees are not braving the cooler weather yet.
it's still dropping to the 30's or low 40's (F) at night.
i have come to the conclusion that our florida critters are spoiled.
no snakes. no frogs. hardly any birds. no bugs.
they're all snugged away in their hidey-holes waiting for the warmer temps.
hmmmmm. maybe not spoiled...but smart?!!

the squirrels don't mind the cold!

one sunny afternoon this past week i did spot a brave lizard
hanging from a window sill...soaking up the sun.
(cool shadow too!)

last weekend we did a camping over-nighter at O'Leno State Park.
about an hour drive. just one night. to get away.
walked the trails along the Santa Fe river. deer. no 'gators. no rabbits. no hawks.

(see the flying baby turtle?!!)

look close. the back end of the shell on turtle to the right is all shredded! :(   boat prop? gator?

well. that's it for now. 
i couldn't get a picture of the FULL moon last night. very cloudy.
still cloudy this morn.
the moon for all us "Leo's". 
yep, the MOON and JUPITER are in LEO right now!!

so, no full moon. but here's the last clear sky moon shot i could get, on jan. 27th.

stay cool & be safe.

“The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size.”
~Albert Einstein