Monday, May 4, 2015

mayday mayday


four May Days so far.

day 1...

another first time sighting of a bird!
or maybe they were here in the past and i just never noticed them. but i doubt it.
a pair of Great Crested Flycatchers.

they were perched on high branches near a dead tree covered with woodpecker holes.
taking turns flying to...and hovering...outside one of the holes.
catching bugs i presume.

day 2...

lantana, gardenia, roses, honeysuckle, jasmine, milkweed, flowering weeds...
to name a few...are blooming!

Gulf Fritillary

Zebra Swallowtail

Zebra Swallowtail

florida's state butterfly. the Zebra Longwing

and the final butterfly...the little Phaon Crescent, where they can usually be spotted...
on the flowering 'weed'. i always knew this weed as 'beggar's tick'.
i don't pull them, even though they can be kind of annoying after the flowers turn to seed...
sticky things that cling all over your shoes, laces, clothes!
but bees & butterflies love them!  so i keep 'em!
while out there in cyberspace i found this really cool website,
where the writer talks about these weeds in one of his posts.
'shepherd's needle' is a good green. lots of nutrients! can be boiled, sauteed, steamed.
cool.  check out Florida Survival Gardening if you get a chance.

Phaon Crescent

Phaon Crescent

day 3...

while wandering in the field across the road, and the  (almost dried up) mud pit.
OH, mud pit? you may wonder? well, when there's a big mushy muddy area...
you can surely find some mud bogging going on. especially down here. in the south.
but i think it happens all over now.
4x4 pick-up trucks (usually) that are modified with lifted suspension & HUMUNGOUS tires...
drive their trucks as far as they can through the MUD...before getting bogged down. i guess.
sound like fun? (nah. not to me it doesn't)

i've never been to watch. but we can hear them out there after dark.

anyway...sorry...i got sidetracked.

i spotted this the mud pit.
cool reflection.
i THINK it's a Solitary Sandpiper. 

next sighting...
brace yourself...for the creeps. 

can you tell what it is? 
here...i'll zoom in...

yep!  creeped out??!
a nest of baby spiders!!!!!

lastly...i found some snake BONES in the field!!  yeah!

lately, i've been making all sorts of things out of snake vertebrae.
here's a sampling of earrings & necklace i've made.
i know...this BoNE stuff isn't for everyone.
some might be just as creeped out by the bones, as with the spiders. 
oh well. i am crazy for bones!

day 4...

this post was way longer than intended.
i'm trying to keep them shorter.
but a lot has happened so far in May.

have a good week.
be safe.




  1. Thank you for the link.

    I once made a dagger from a dog's leg bone and an old file - bones just lend themselves to creative uses. They are intricate little pieces of divine sculpture.

  2. Oh my gosh what a reflection capture that is! Bravo, sweet views always looking in. Your May days are spectacular! Although, I must say double yikes on the baby spiders!

  3. Love your winged beauties. And the baby beasties are pretty cool, even if creepy. :-)

  4. Love your winged beauties. And the baby beasties are pretty cool, even if creepy. :-)

  5. Of course, once again, your photos satisfy my "out in the glory of nature" quest! And I do love the bone art! MY FAVORITE! I love finding bits of bone on the beach, all weathered and sun bleached. I just put it on the piano, not knowing how to re-purpose it into anything lovelier than it already is.

  6. Hi Laura, your May has certainly gotten off to a flying start! The things you find. All those mind blowingly lovely butterflies, I like spiders so seeing the little nest was very fascinating. Gorgeous reflection by the Sand Piper.
    Your latest jewellery is looking great and I popped over the checked out your shop too - full of great art.
    Always good to catch up, cheers now :D)

  7. Second photo, Flycatcher in flight . . . loved!

  8. Your Crested Flycatchers are GREAT, Laura!

    And I really love Zebra Swallowtails...I so rarely see one.

  9. Great shots, all of them! I came across a story recently about a 4 acre spider nest in a wastewater plant (eeeek!).

  10. The spiders creep me out more than the bones. ;) Such beautiful birds and butterflies abound your way. Lovely!! Have a super week! :)

  11. The third photo, the one of the Great Crested Flycatcher in flight, is INCREDIBLE! Love the effect created by the moving wings.

    And your bone jewelery is amazingly haunting. I think I'm going to give myself a gift. For not reason at all. :-D

  12. I love the Flycatcher, they are neat birds. Beautiful butterfly captures.. And yuck those spiders are creepy! Enjoy your day!

  13. You are having a wonderful May in nature! Finding lots of treasures, living and not! I found a lubber grasshopper nest. That's creepy. Didn't have a camera.

  14. CAN spring be the best season ever????? Gonna be 82 in Maine today. Wow!

  15. Boooooootiful Butterflies, forever in love, with the all us.


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