Friday, November 30, 2012

friday's fringe 33 ~ morphing the moon

i couldn't get a full moon picture wednesday night...too much cloud cover.
BUT thursday morning, the air was crisp & cool (46F) & clear!

my youngest son (28yrs) travis, is living with us (again).
i've been driving him up to the 'day labor' place every morning at 5:30
and sitting in the parking lot waiting to drive him to a jobsite.
i grabbed my camera.

my first picture was looking toward the road with the moon & star
still high enough in the sky for a good picture.
those WHITE LINES toward the bottom of the picture are cars rushing by.

zooming in on the it's magical fullness!

29 november 2012  at  5:25am

and now comes the FUN part.
moon morphs!

mosaic tiles

cubism style

heat map

aaaaaaah.  the purple moon.


and just plain dreamy...

"Under the full moon life is all adventure." 
~Sigurd Olson, The Singing Wilderness

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**all morphs on today's post done with gimp, a free image manipulation program**

ps - friday morning...after making my run to the Labor Force place...
will be my 'catch up' time.
see ya' in bloggerland!

Monday, November 26, 2012

the *poo*pusher*

if you know me at know i take pictures of 'scat'.  poop.
it's part of my wildlife education!
i'm a self taught Poo-ologist.
(or is it a Poopologist? Crapologist? Shitologist?)

you'll know which critters have been visiting, by learning to recognize their scat.
you can even tell what they've been eating, or if they're herbivores or carnivores.
(need i ask if you care? well, if you do, take a look at this book "What Shat That?" by Matt Pagett.)

anyway, i'm getting sidetracked.
emo is an indoor kitty.
he's only been outside twice, under strict supervision!
(he'll be 4 months old on the 6th of December.)

emo uses a kitty litter pan.
we ceremoniously toss his poop out back, towards the woods.

(we do this 2 - 3 times a day. he poops a lot!)

a few days ago, sam hollered for me to grab the camera & head out back.
a Dung Beetle was frantically rolling one of emo's POO away!
"first come, first serve!"

this particular *poo pusher* was racing along,
hoping that no other of his kind would attempt to rob him of his bounty!

and the way he PUSHES that poop along...with his scooper!

at least we use the fragrance free & dye free litter. no additives. 100% natural.
we don't have to worry about the health of these amazing beetles...
OR their larvae, that feed on this excrement.

i recorded this little Tumblebug in action!
it's only 28 seconds.
check it out!!

ok, enough of this shit, i mean poop!

Always watch where you are going. 
Otherwise, you may step on a piece of the Forest that was left out by mistake. 
(Winnie the Pooh)

stay cool.  be safe.

Friday, November 23, 2012

friday's fringe 32 ~ the moon


while walking through the woods out back
i spotted a couple of dangling leaves...

hanging by a thread...probably a spider-web-thread!

(although in this first picture it looks to be a little thick,
but maybe the entire web collapsed in on itself & became one long thread.)

spinning...twirling in the breeze,
i waited for the wind to settle down.

“Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower”
~Albert Camus

~to the moon~

you know 
the moon.

this was taken on 21st of november @ 8:46pm.

it STILL amazes me how my 'point & shoot' Canon PowerShot 
can get a picture of the MOON...with CRATERS!!

my dream camera is a Canon Rebel.
i'll keep on dreaming...they're expensive.

i'm not complaining, i LOVE my PowerShot...
but sometimes i wish to get MORE MACRO than i'm able!

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Thursday, November 22, 2012


i'm not much of a holiday person.

well, except for Halloween.
BUT today is Thanksgiving day in the U.S.,
and here on the ole' home front,
we'll do our traditional deep fried turkey.
(thanks sam!)
it'll be a nice quiet day...sam's mom and one of my two sons.
that's it.

i'm thankful...grateful, for a lot of things.

every day...
not just today.
to name a few...
my sons, sam, emo, 
family & friends, nature, freedom, you, 
the sun, the stars, the moon, life, love, hugs, 
memories of those loved & lost, 
the kid in me, my health, my compassion, 
my open-mindedness, my patience...
all the little things, big things, things that go unnoticed.
my wish for peace...
and the hope for less hunger, 
conflict & violence 
on our planet earth.

i also want to THANK all who i have gotten to know...out cyberspace. in bloggerland.

THANKS to everybody, who takes the time to leave a note! 
and thanks to those who might be reading this...but want to remain incognito!

i am have you here...humbled, to even think that others might be interested
in what i have to say...or what i see, through my my world.

enjoy your day!
stay cool & be safe

not my artwork.
found online years ago.

Friday, November 16, 2012

friday's fringe 31 ~ leaf.bug.milo remembered.

BIG rain dappled autumn leaf outside a client's home

a Two-striped Walking Stick.
AKA: devil's darning needle, musk mare, prairie alligator
seen at side of house, by the hose spigot.


i've been meaning to post this.

for milo...

cindy from  Bug Safari   emailed this to me after 'milo' passed away.
she had this idea to do a 'Dia de Los Muertos' style picture with milo happily climbing a tree.
she drew this using Sketch Pad on her ipad.  
isn't it perfect?  (me = bones - skulls - nature.  milo = trees - outdoors)
i LOVE it!!
i've already printed it out...will hunt down a nice frame...and hang it on the wall!

heartfelt THANKS to chris at  Las Aventuras
for adding milo to the  'All Souls Procession' he participated in...
reflecting, remembering & honoring those we have loved & lost.
i mailed him a favorite toy & feather that milo used to play with...
and chris ceremoniously added them to the urn.

thank you cindy and chris!!  
both sam & i are honored & know that you' went out of your way...
in milo's name!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

more emo!!

little emo.
frisky emo.
cuddly emo.
likes to sleep under the sheets with us.
likes to jump in your pushing up & off the bed...or climbing straight up your legs. ouch!
we're working on discouraging this.
likes to climb into sam's sock drawer & pull out all his socks...scattering them all over the place!
he likes to climb the curtains...must break him of this habit, too.
he runs around in circles, from room to room...just a passing blur.

so, here i am...
the proud parent...
showing off my baby's pictures!  =)










(me)   "NOPE. sorry. not now"


(me)  "OK!  always!

"The smallest feline is a masterpiece."
~Leonardo da Vinci

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stay cool. be safe.

Friday, November 9, 2012

friday's fringe 30 ~ more zebras...morphed!

just another picture of the magical moon...    =)
3  november  2012
“May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks.”   
~Gandalf to the Great Eagles, The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien
(a polite way to say good-bye to an eagle)

~ oOo ~

there are so many Zebra Longwings 
(florida's state butterfly) 
through the yard lately.  
i've snapped so many pictures of them!
might as well love 'em while i can, 'cause the temp's are starting to drop a bit.
(yesterday's high was 65 and the lows have dipped to high 30's to 40 (F))

the zebra longwings seem to really like the taste of the Elliot's Aster plant (a FL native), 
with its lavender flowers.
(they might not look lavender - my camera must be color blind. it never sees shades of purple.)

i saw FOUR zebras on this one one time!
unfortunately, no camera in hand.
so here's a THREEfer!

i did a little playing around with this TWOfer picture...

BOOSTED colors...

same photo, like an Oil...

well, that's it for now.


ONE more picture for the road!
(we took emo for his first short venture outside. here he is next to squatting sam.)

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“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection” 
~Siddhārtha Gautama