Friday, November 16, 2012

friday's fringe 31 ~ leaf.bug.milo remembered.

BIG rain dappled autumn leaf outside a client's home

a Two-striped Walking Stick.
AKA: devil's darning needle, musk mare, prairie alligator
seen at side of house, by the hose spigot.


i've been meaning to post this.

for milo...

cindy from  Bug Safari   emailed this to me after 'milo' passed away.
she had this idea to do a 'Dia de Los Muertos' style picture with milo happily climbing a tree.
she drew this using Sketch Pad on her ipad.  
isn't it perfect?  (me = bones - skulls - nature.  milo = trees - outdoors)
i LOVE it!!
i've already printed it out...will hunt down a nice frame...and hang it on the wall!

heartfelt THANKS to chris at  Las Aventuras
for adding milo to the  'All Souls Procession' he participated in...
reflecting, remembering & honoring those we have loved & lost.
i mailed him a favorite toy & feather that milo used to play with...
and chris ceremoniously added them to the urn.

thank you cindy and chris!!  
both sam & i are honored & know that you' went out of your way...
in milo's name!

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  1. Walking sticks are cool.

    You have great bloggy friends!

  2. Laura, you do have sweet blogging friends. I love the awesome sketch, a happy memory of a happy Milo. Loved your photos of the pretty leaf and the cool walking stick. Have a happy weekend!

  3. That walking stick is amazing!! I've never seen a walking stick in the "wild" before .... would LOVE to!

  4. I loved the photos of the two-striped walkingstick and the fallen leaf, superb.

  5. oh, that drawing is SO VERY MUCH YOU!!! what a wonderful gift!

  6. Oh, such lovely people Cindy and Chris are! That picture will be stunning hanging on your wall =)

  7. Isn't that the coolest thing from blogland!!! It is remarkable ! My pooch received a beautiful fancy collar from blogland last year- people are so nice when you actually open up to them. LOVE the drawing, that looks like love to me! LOVE the bug as well. If I were a bug I would like to look that gorgeous.

  8. Funny how people used to name everything "The Devil's" ....fill in the blank. Although that big bug is kinda freaky, like a cross between a grasshopper and a dragon fly. Great pic from your blog friend to remember a fuzzy companion.

  9. Laura, what a pretty picture your friend drew...fabulous colors, and detail! It is nice to have Milo remembered so fondly, she was a wonderful part of your family life. Your walking stick is very unusual...I've seen quite a few of them, but never with stripes. And, oooh, the autumn leaf is a site for sore eyes. We have only a few trees turning right now in the Texas 'hotbox'!

    I love your photo of Milo, I know you still miss her even though you have a new baby. And, I know how you feel. I have some fun photos of a cat I rescued in 1974, who died in 1992, and, I'm grateful to have those memories. They're independent, but they're always there for you. Have a great weekend Laura!♥

  10. Oh you have a truly wonderful friend with Cindy that is a perfect memorial for you. I love your pics they always make me smile.
    I wish you lived closer to me I could be your client I could use your skills.
    I may not visit as often as I like these days life sure is crazy but I never stop thinking of you.
    HUGS my friend. Love the Milo pic. HUGS again. B

  11. It's never out of the way for a blogger friend:) I love love love what Cindy did. That is one awesome pic. I'd blow it up and frame it. Hope you had a good weekend. I'm over here reading, writing, having some coffee, and thinking about getting some chores done:)

  12. To się nazywa mieć przyjaciół . Obraz jest zabawny i mam nadzieję, ze zawiśnie na ścianie. Pozdrawiam.
    They're all friends. The picture is funny, and I hope to hang on the wall. Yours.

  13. Oh, sweet Milo! How wonderful of them to create such tributes.
    And that is a huge, gorgeous leaf, too, BTW.
    *love and hugs*

  14. Impressive picture of this 'walking stick animal', never seen before. Please have a safe new week ahead.

  15. Oh what a cool picture for your Milo - I love the heart :))
    Bloggers are wonderful - what a kind thing for Cindy to do.
    Have a great week :)

  16. That is amazing artwork on an iPad? Amazing! Milo seems to have been one special kitty and such an inspiration to others.

  17. That's neat for you guys and Milo. I know you miss her.

    Neat photos.

  18. What lovely blogging friends you have! I adore the Dio Di Las Muertos painting of happy Milo. (Amazing your friend can do that on IPAD). And love all your fringes as always.

  19. wow! how cool

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    ~ > < } } ( ° >

    > < 3 3 3 ( ' >

    ><}}(°> ~

  20. That Milo pic did something warm and lovely to my heart. What a good friend ;-)

  21. yes, this art is a treasure! a beautiful way to honor Milo.

    wonderful photographs too~
    lovely week to you~

  22. Hello Laura,

    Beautiful picture of the walking stick. I like that bug.
    You have a very nice blog.

    I hope you will visit my 2 blogs too: "de mooie natuur" (Beautiful nature) and "insectenwereld" (World of insects)

    Regards from Holland,

  23. Laura, what a nice post! I love the painting! Chris told me he was going to add Milo to the urn. I would have gone with him but we were called away to my daughter's wedding that weekend. I do hope Milo is happily climbing trees in his new world! Chris is a good guy.

  24. Oh dear! Now I do feel terrible for having been absent so long that I missed Milo's passing...
    Your support system has shown up though, that I can see, and I am happy for you.
    Sending you lots of love energy. And cyber hugs, of course.

  25. oh my gosh, walking sticks! I haven't seen one of those in YEARS! and that's an awesome 'portrait' of Milo :-) Hugs!

  26. Beautiful post here to day. The walking stick was so nice.
    Wish you a great day.
    From Hilda

  27. THANKS everybody, who took the time to leave a note! and thanks to those who might be reading this...but want to remain incognito!

    i am have you here...humbled to even think that others might be interested in what i have to say...or what i see, through my my world.

    today is Thanksgiving day here in the U.S.
    i'm not a big holiday lover...but i guess i do have much to be thankful sons,sam,emo,nature,freedom,you,the sun,the stars,the moon,you,life,love,hugs,memories of those loved & lost,the kid in me,my health,you,my compassion,my open-mindedness,my wish for peace...and more.


  28. Oh, what a sweet picture from your friends--with the bone kitty in the tree.


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