Thursday, September 27, 2012

~rebounded & grounded~

(trying to get back in the swing of things, i thought i'd start with...)

suggested by carmi's written,


on the ground.
in the ground.
me, grounded.

'grounded' forever...unless it gets caught up in a breeze. 

another 'grounded' forever...snake bones

an 'earth star' fungi...popping up & out of the ground

on the ground...a humongous mushroom patch...
seen at one of my client's apartment building.
that's my foot for comparison! 

found sticking out of the ground...out back, among the pine trees.
an old turpentine clay pot from the early 1900's.
(this link is a local Turpentine Industry Landmark, right up the road from where i live)

this is a Worm Lizard burrowing back into the dirt. they live underground.

AND lastly...

besides the moon & stars, the sunrise & sunset, candles & incense...
my forever growing collection of stones, gems & feathers...

grounds me.
just a sampling...

((i have lots of catching up to do...with a lot of stuff...not just blog reading.

if you happen to be one of those kind souls who took the time to leave me your
encouraging words of support following my previous MILO post...
i thank you. 
your thoughts, your own personal stories, your words of comfort...
means more to me than you know.  thank you.  i'll be seeing you over the next few days.))

stay cool.  be safe.


  1. The butteffly wings are a sad reminder how fleeting a thing of beauty can be. Not so keen on snakes though.

  2. what a gorgeous collection of gemstones


  3. I love the gemstones and feathers i think I may have a similar pot full ...xx

  4. thanks for pointing out your foot in that one photo. HUGE fungi! wow!

    i'm glad you're back. :)

  5. Oh nice to see you and your beautiful photos back. Take your time I am not going anywhere.
    Great find that clay pot awesome. Hugs. B

  6. Yes, dear Milo still lies heavy in my thoughts. probably because I am such a big baby when it comes to animals, of all kinds, but they are our truest and most loving creatures on earth and in heaven. You certainly made my morning as I am sneaking a break to catch up with my blogging friends. Your grounded are awesome.

  7. Such gorgeous stones!... Great examples of the theme!. I will always have a soft spot for animals, losing a few has definitely made me step back and think...I am sure u have done a lot of that as well..

  8. HI Laura...I am so sorry..I just read about Milo : ( ..(((Huge Hugs)))♥!!
    Life keeps moving on, but memories last forever!!!
    Your grounding photos have a lot of meaning , hope you are able to use these things as tools to help!!

  9. Wonderful mushrooms, Laura.

    (I'm working on my grounded post, but the new blooger editor makes me angry!)

    1. Try using Google Chrome. I had the same issues until I discovered that writing and posting were simple through....guess what??? Another google product. Google Chrome has made everything normal again for posting. I don't like the new interface either:(

    2. you know chris...i've been using google chrome for quite some time, and for a while i was having problems with my text highlighting itself...but that seems to have gotten fixed. i hear people complai n of 'the new interface'...but to me, everything seems the same as always?!! so i'm not sure what's going on.

      anyway. 'thunder'...i hope you get it figured out!! it can be too frustrating!!

  10. Everything looks so strange and cool. The ancient pot of the 1900's is a real treat. You are an insightful person and your blog really expresses that....and that is something I really enjoy about your photography and thoughts. I'm going to miss Milo as well. One day at a time my friend. One day at a time.

  11. That is one big honkin' mushroom!!
    I just love your stones and feathers.
    Peace be in you, dear one. :)

  12. What a wonderful assortment of pictures - it's so nice to see you back. Take your time and come back when you are ready. Take care of yourself.

  13. The Pot certainly a treasure !

    Yes, time is one of the few things, I get afraid of.

  14. Lovely collection of images. I have never seen snake bones, this is a first. The earth star fungi is cool looking and the clay pot is a great find. I do love your collection of different colored stones. I agree with Grace, that memories last forever! Take care and hope you have a happy weekend.

  15. A lovely collection, eclectic and intriguing as always. That worm lizard is an extraordinary colour!

    Take care of yourself and Sam.

  16. Love your collections (the real one and the collection of photos in this post)...and I think you've got 'being grounded' well in hand! I've never even imagined seeing snake bones -- I am fascinated by that photo.

  17. Hi Laura, hope you're doing at least ok. Posting helps some, it does for me in sad, lost, times. I had a cat, Phaedra, for 18 years. She was not a people cat and stayed indoors most of the time, unless there was no one around outdoors. I had to let her go in 1991 after the 18 years, she got sick just like Milo, and it's so hard to watch them suffer-she was so independent, and, could take good care of herself if I had to leave for a couple of days. She was a great companion. I do have some pictures of her, even made a Christmas tree ornament using her photo. And, now, after all this time, I can look at her pictures and smile.

    Well, anyway, your turpentine pot and pink worm lizard are really cool! It's neat to come across weird and different things. And, your gems!!! Wow, they're beautiful. It's good to see you on facebook again. And, my dear, I will see you soon...hugs!♥

    1. wow...18 years!! yes, it was so hard...especially the last couple of days. i keep seeing milo out of the corner of my eye...and then remember...oh yeah, it's not her...OR IS IT???!!!!!!

  18. So sorry to read about Milo. Pets always take a piece of our hearts in their paws when they go, don't they?

    That is a wonderful collection of grounded objects! I have never heard of a worm lizard! And the snake bones are fantastic - fancy just lying there, undisturbed! And I love the Turpentine pot - did you take it home with you for your patio (yard)?

    1. YES!!!! i took the clay pot back home! i have found a few, and couple were in pieces & i glued them together like a 3D puzzle!!

  19. What a besutiful selection of things you found on the ground.... such lovely details, so varied.

  20. Always, always, always the neatest photos here. Love the cool fungi

  21. The Earth Star like with particularly good .. here in Germany it is very hard to find .. I myself had a once to find happiness .. I already had this deep into the forest and am rather pushed out by accident.
    but looking at my place under the label mushrooms .. because he is at and also other items ..
    Greetings from Germany

  22. THANKS EVERYBODY for getting GROUNDED with me!!!! i appreciate all your comments!!

  23. Oh WOW! I want to live in your neighborhood! What excellent finds! COOL! Love the dirt and wiggly things, fungus thing and gems- all so amazing! Again so sorry about Milo. xxxooo

  24. You certainly found a great assortment to fit this theme. I really enjoyed your take on grounded.


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