Friday, October 5, 2012

friday's fringe 25 ~ mr bOnes

how could i say no.

it's october and mr bOnes wanted to do this week's 'friday's fringe'.
in fact, he wants to cover every friday this month.

he begged.
nothing worse than a begging skeleton.

last year, in october of bOnes made his debut in a post:

first we went out back, and as soon as he saw this red mushroom...
he just had to have his picture taken with it!

and then he devoured it!!


i followed him out front, where he plopped himself in the fluffy 'blue mist'...
and we had a photo shoot.

he liked this one the best.

i did suggest that he roll around in the dirt first...
get a little muddy...maybe jump on the grill and get a little blackened...
i mean, you gotta admit, he is a bit clean looking for a skeleton!

but he sure is happy.  it's like that smile is pasted on his face.
is it a smile?  or more like a sneer?

 “If you look in the mirror and you say his name 5 times, 
he'll appear behind you breathing down your neck.”
Candyman (1992)  (Claire)

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  1. hahahahaha - thank you Mr Bones

  2. I've always wondered if those red mushrooms were edible, mr bOnes.

    Thanks for letting me know!

  3. First he is very cute but I am not looking in a mirror and saying his name five times. I seen that movie and it scared the willies out of me. :) B

  4. Oh happy bones to you too! Of course you couldn't resist! This is so a wonderful time of the year...except for that old man winter knocking around my parts of the country...but oh well I have better things like your awesome totally cool rock on Friday Fringe post! Enjoy your Boo-tiful weekend haunting around and such!

  5. I am loving your October posts! I DO love me some spooky stuff and spiders are my faves! So smart and leggy! Bones are fun but they just fall right over- Tried to dance with them in the moonlight- fail!

  6. Happy Turkey Day to you and the bone man....

  7. Ah your post really made me smile - I'm another one who will NOT be saying his name 5 times in the mirror, lol.

  8. hmmmm ... thoughtful. Love the Candyman quote.

  9. I like Mr. Bones! He is quite the looker ;)

    1. yeah...i guess...if you like 'em with no meat on their bones. but...i know it;s not what's on the outside...and mr bOnes has a contagious laugh...and he's got more adventure in him, than i can hardly keep up with! =)

  10. I just knew Mr. Bones would be visiting this month--ROFL!! :) :)

  11. Well, with him sitting in the fluffy blue mist...looks like he needs to sneeze, lol! He is quite comfy in any position he chooses. Cute, funny post Laura. Hope you're doing well. Have a good weekend!♥

  12. I like this post. Creepy? Maybe. But I love it. So here is what I'm going to do this year. In honor of Milo, I am going to go with his name to our huge event in November to honor him. It's our Day of the Dead celebration where we remember all those of our loved ones who passed and reconnect. Is there anything that Milo liked to play with? I'll put it in the offerings and when the letters and little trinkets are burned, Milo will be able to receive the gift in spirit form. That is of course with your permission. Mr. Bones would love this celebration:)

    1. chris...i don't know what to say...i'm so grateful & humbled that you would add Milo to your Day of the Dead celebration!!!! YES, she had her favorite things to play with...we buried her with a few of them...but we still have another turkey feather which she liked to bat around & her tiny stuffed mice! i can send you a couple of her favorite things...what an honor!!!

      if you really don't mind...we, and mr bOnes would love this!

  13. Wooo~ Your posts are scaring me! Funny how Mr Bones is covering up certain areas in each picture -- guess he's modest (or doesn't want your blog to be X-rated)...but is that a problem with a skeleton? 'hmmmm....

    1.'re funny....i hadn't noticed that...i'll ask mr bOnes if that's what's going on...if he's modest! hahahaaa

  14. LOL I adore skeletons and these were such fun shots! It reminds me of when I did a 365 photos project with my lil poppet, Skelly (


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