Thursday, June 23, 2011

doodling...'S' caboodle

(bone doodle #9. deer teeth. armadillo & raccoon bones)

when i thought about doing another BoNE dOOdle...for summer...
and decided to just make a BIG 'S'...
i was reminded of the doodles my father and i did together when i was a kid.

my father - who loved to write - who had an obsession with spelling - 
who would doodle letters of the alphabet 
in all kinds of type faces...which he created from his imagination.

we doodled the alphabet together.
he would draw a random letter and i would have to make that letter
into a face or stick figure.

get it?   if not... 
i sat down and did the alphabet just like we used to do...

i don't think i ever met anyone else who had this much fun with their dad!
he was very sarcastic too. 
no, seriously...i loved the spelling bees at dinner
and creating our own fonts!  :)

ok, so i got a little side tracked.
S is for summer.
here in north florida it's been hotter than usual for june.
breaking a hundred.
S is also for sweat. which i do too damn much.
i've said it before, i'm a sweater...and not the soft fluffy kind.

so why am i in florida?
to make a long(ish) story short(er)...i'm from NY originally.
i was born in south carolina...the folks who adopted me came to SC
to pick me up and took me by train back to NY.
that's where i was raised.
i left NY in my 20's. lived in los angeles, CA for about 15 yrs.
in '87 my two sons were 3 and 6 yrs old.
since their father left and moved to san francisco...
forgetting about his boys and me...there was nothing tying us there.
so we packed up our essentials and pet snake...
and drove cross country to florida, where my sister sally was living.
she passed away a few years ago...
my boys are now in their a few hours away.

but i'm still here...putting up with the heat...
because i met sam...and he was pretty much settled and comfortable.
besides, i had also gone back to school 15 years ago & became licensed 
by the state of florida as a massage therapist. we are...'til we retire. 
then we plan to head north and out of florida!
to the mountains somewhere i hope.

(if you happen to be reading this on the other side of the world, where it's winter...
would you mind blowing a little COOL in this direction!)

back to S.
i leave you with some S pictures!
(Snake. yellow rat. climbing tree.)

(Sandy beach. st augustine.)

(Spider(s). banana.)

(Spectacular. florida state caverns.)

(Sky. i love this. i love the moon.)

(Squirt. well, yeah, they're not really squirting...more like peeing. 
but the water's coming out of their mouths. so they're Softly Squirting...
along the streets of st. augustine)


(Sand dollar)

(Spikey. lawn aerator. even though we don't have 'lawn'...some grass,
mostly dirt. it helps to loosen the dirt so the squirrels, armadillos and moles
have an easier time digging! ha! actually it's a leaf collector.
sam says you drag it behind the (riding) mower...have not seen that!)'s a picture of a truck we saw while hiking Royal Springs.
the guy was pulled up to the 'port-o-lets'...and cleaning out all the waste!
this picture fits THREE  'S'  words.  
(click to their slogan i circled in red)
(Silly. Stinky. and...uh Shitty!)

tomorrow's friday!   yay.  have a relaxing weekend!
(check out the bone doodle page up top there...when u have time)

~have a safe journey & enjoy the ride~
:] laura

"Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain."


  1. what great doodles - both with bones AND alphabets. and great memories of your dad. really neat.

    i like how most folks from up north try to retire to, well, florida. you hope to retire north. :)

  2. oh, and i loved the business sticker too.

  3. Fantastic! love the doodles - and what a cool dad to have -

    AND I am wafting you some cool(ish) air. it's not very cold here yet- you should hear all the poor skifield operators, as they would usually have opened for business by now. Instead, no snow.

    I might do a W post....

  4. How creative ... love the Summer bone doodle and also the alphabet doodles. They're gorgeous - all the way through to Z :D)

    Sounds like a lovely retirement plan to work towards - you'd have the best of both worlds. Come back to the South for family visits and then head back up North to the mountains... great!

    I especially love the moon and sky picture... and, ha ha, as you suggested, I enlarged the photo of the back window - good one!

    Have a great weekend Laura - cheers!

  5. Laura, your alphabet fonts are the best. People like to use that type of font on the front of, you know, goofy, modern, funny greeting cards. And, kids get a kick out of that type of alphabet! Love your story about your own beginnings (you were picked). NY to CA to FL-the three corners of the USA! And your dad sounds like he was really smart too! They leave something with us, don't they?

    Your Summer bone doodle is really great, the small touches always set the subject off. And, hey, great shot of the porta-serv truck! Have a good weekend Laura-if I had some cool air, I would front it to you!

  6. What is the spikey thing? I like it!
    We just crossed the Mojave Desert and it was 110 so I'll keep those winds to myself!

  7. Love the SSSSS-spider and the SSSS-sunflower.

    Blowing coolness your way! We have enough to go around. Please send a warm front for a bit of change ;p

  8. THANKS texwisgirl, Alexia, BOTH Susans, Tumbleweed and Keda!

    yeah, my dad was pretty cool...while he stuck around...he wasn't good on the 'personal' level...ALL business...always! we were actually a very dysfunctional group. but then...a lot of families are...

    stacey! tumbleweed! you asked... it's an aerator! i just called sam to confirm that! ha! i didn't write it in there cause i wasn't SURE! now go read my explanation...please :)

    Keda! ok...wind x-change! let's go!

    take care...thnx for stopping by! :]

  9. Awesome these photos are so cool, not sure which are more awesome, that is great artwork, and such fun creating your own fonts too! Fun!..and double fun!...I'm curious if the pet snake is still alive?!

  10. Great doodle art! Do you like Zentangle also? I have a friend in the Netherlands that just loves it!
    Love your photos too and really enjoyed hearing how you got to FL!

  11. Karen, hopefully you'll check back to find out about the snake...NOPE, not alive anymore...well i don't think so! it got out of it's tank...and although that had happened before & we always found him...this time we never did....that was close to 25 yrs ago...

    meggs/ravens. had to google Zentangle...never heard of it. their designs look a lot like some of the designs...doodles...i do...small, intricate...pretty cool!

    thanks you 2!
    it's the weekend! yay!

  12. Lovely post, Laura...was great hearing about your Dad...he sounded really super and now we know why you have such a 'thing' about spelling and where you got your artistic flair from ;) It was also a treat reading about bits 'n bites of your life's journey...loved that, in fact! I hope you and Sam get to fulfil your dream of moving into the mountains someday!

    Your bone doodles are incredibly creative and I so enjoyed your marvellous selection of 'S' images :)

    Hope you're having a GREAT weekend!!!

  13. Just read the comments ahead of mine...I see your Dad had his failings ;) We all do, though, don't we? Sorry to hear he upped and left :(

    I've just been outside in our freezing cold weather and stood blowing like crazy for a good while, but those clouds aren't budging I'm afraid! Guess you'll just have to put up with the heat a while longer ;) Sorry...I tried!

  14. beautiful doodles.
    Love it!
    I want to try it myself now.
    So grateful for the inspiration.

    Thank you for the sights to behold. and come back home to NY soon!

    :D xoxoxoxo

  15. Curious Laura, I gave input... but on my return, discover it's not here!!!
    Well maybe this time...

    This is a Fabulously interesting Post Laura, will return again to give it the time it deserves, (writes me again)... and though have returned, the return is to let you know...

    Well first time thought I may have just been unlucky, cause the words 'clock widgets' was visible, but not the punk steam clock...
    which would look great with your site am sure.

    This time is to let you know I too only have the Words - 'clock widgets'... my pocket watch clock is invisible and your punk steam clock is still invisible!
    Maybe its simply one of those Blogger moments... hope so, felt disappointed... Glad I'll be returning another time.

    Big Hugs, may Cool Breezes reach you, your Friend Magda in Australia

    PS maybe I forgot to click Publish last time... maybe

  16. ahh so this is why you're fond of doodling!! :) :) Really, those alphabets ARE the best ! g.r.e.a.t. post like always, and wow Laura you're life's as different as your art :D love u!!!

  17. oh! oh! oh! i'm on the other part of the globe!!!! but our weather's even more burning hot than yours :s though we're expectin the monsoon soon, n they're like nature's wet air conditioners for us :P I'll sure be huffing n puffing your way when they come :)

  18. Love this post - and that spider. It looks like it's wearing knee and ankle pads & pads & pads... The slogan on the "Honey Bucket" cleaner's truck is priceless - and very true, I'm sure!


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