Monday, June 27, 2011

look! up in the sky...

it's a seahorse!

You must not blame me if I do talk to the clouds.  
~Henry David Thoreau 

and while looking up at the clouds...
that familiar sound of the hawk.

first, one red-shouldered hawk landed on the branch...then another.


zoom once more...

yesterday's sky.

(PS - well, i hesitated to say...but when i first spotted that cloud,
i said to sam "LOOK! a dragon!"  and he said  "it's a sea horse!"
yeah, a sea horse! 
i didn't think anyone would see a dragon 
since it was so obviously a sea horse...
but i was wrong...'texwisgirl's' comment says she saw a dragon!
so...there ya' go...dragon...sea horse...
either way...pretty cool cloud!)

have a safe journey & enjoy the ride.

:] laura


  1. Awesome! I totally see sea horse!

  2. seahorse or even a dragon! :)

    those 2 look like red-shouldered hawks to me! love 'em!

  3. Must be mates, how very cool. And I love the sea horse. I used to devote a lot of time in the summer to looking for cloud pictures.

  4. yeah, they are Red-shouldered hawks...they're all over the place! guess i should've's just that i've posted so many pic's of them! will go do...thanx for the reminder! i also added a PS about the dragon cloud!

    Thanks Rascal, texwisgirl & Mustang's to another cloudy day! cheers! :]

  5. Hi Laura,
    I too think Seahorse. The blue of the Sky, so different now with your Summer's Sunshine.

    Interesting to contemplate we are seeing a Seahorse's Dream of the Sky being an Ocean to travel about in as a Cloud...
    Great photo. Love Clouds.

    My Hens and the Wild Birds in general head for cover when Hawks are about. I head out and stand in the yard doing my best to be ferociously threatening, sending messages of... "my 'turf'"! The Hawks usually leave, and my Hens and the Wild Birds re-emerge with lots to say.
    Raptors are beautiful, just not Welcomed or Appreciated Visitors.

    Love the way Wildlife pose for you, so you can photograph them. Seeing the results is always a treat.

    Hugs filled with Friendship from Magda in Australia

  6. I love cloudy days, sea-horse, dragon or mermaid, they all make the sky interesting!

  7. Either way they are great clouds! I am thinking the nose looks more like a dog....but that's what's so cool about'w what ever comes to your's cool when they're caught in a photo cuz life they disappear way too fast! While the birds sit watching the world below it seems like they are having their own conversation!

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  9. Believe or not but i saw the same cloud a few days ago!
    I mean it had exactly the same shape!!!
    And when i said to my mom "Look! it's a baby-dragon!", she said "You'are very strange, cause it's obviously a seahorse." ^^*

    What an amazing coincidence!

  10. Babe, I see a SEA HORSE! I think it's the happy, positive thinking in us...:)JP

  11. that's the cool thing about clouds...everybody sees something different...then give it a mi nute in the wind...and it's something else!

    Snow V- THAT's pretty weird...the same cloud...i guess it just decided to swim like a seahorse...or trample along like a dragon...across the sky...WE were the lucky ones to have seen it!!

    Tumbleweed...and that's why i too love cloudy days...not just because i like the rain that might come...and the shade...but if you look can see all sorts of's good for the imagination!

    Magda, thanks...yeah, i love the hawks...i love the sound they make when flying around the yard...sometimes i'm just LUCKY enough to get a good picture!!

    and see...Karen S saw a clouds...whatever you see! now what would've REALLY made it unbelievable, would be if the hawks landed on a branch right in front of that cloud!

    Thanks Emme!! amazing...and lucky!

    JP...Quiet Corner, ME...I...was the one who saw the dragon!! sam saw the seahorse! haha!! BUT was a HAPPY dragon!

    thanks all! have a nice day! :]

  12. HEEEEY laura :D It's been a while since i popped here ! Clouds... the white cotton candy that cover us all : love em! aaaand hmm ill go with sea horse in this case :)

  13. That seahorse cloud is the coolest!

    I love those hawks. They are just beautiful.

  14. I think some seahorses are called dragons.

    You sure see wonderful things when you look up!

  15. Wow! Love those photos of the hawks together. I think I would just about burst if I saw something like that here!

    Love the cloud photo too. Like you said, give them a minute/wind and I love to watch them change shape.

  16. Yep, I see a seahorse :D)
    Watching clouds is good fun - looked like a lovely day there.

    The hawks photos are great too!

  17. What a cool looking cloud formation and yes I see a seahorse too. Awesome sighting and photos of the hawks.

  18. A cool, poofy cloud...almost poodle-like. But, yes, closer to a seahorse. The hawks are really good...they knew you were after a great shot!

  19. I saw the horse, I think. So much fun that you actually snapped it in time.

  20. Dragon or seahorse...both of you were right first time!

    Wonderful photographs as always, Laura and you never fail to add the perfect quote! How do you do it?

  21. Those hawk photos are just stunning. And the seahorse cloud is does look like very much like a puffy white seahorse. :)

  22. The cloud? It's Puff... absolutely.

  23. Just wanted to say THANKS ALL...been busy here, with work and trying to get my 'shop' up and sure takes a lot of time!

    anyway...yep, whether you saw PUFF the dragon or a that was surely have looked up in the sky at that moment to see it...and then to also have my camera with me!
    and i've never gotten a picture of TWO hawks together before! what a day! must've been the magic of Puff!

    this weekend...maybe even later today...i'll get by to say HI to everyone! :] happy friday!

  24. Wonderful seahorse ~ love them ~ and it is so much fun to see things in the clouds ~ following from JP's A Quiet Corner ~ thanks ^_^ Happy Fourth ^_^


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