Thursday, December 27, 2012

aaah. cuddle weather!

looking back over my shoulder...
i'm waving goodbye to christmas
and looking forward to the new year.

2013 is going to be a very good year!
SIX, being my lucky number.
2+0+1+3= 6

(Venus is the ruler of #6. 
harmony. enlightenment. compassion. forgiveness.)

AND it's the year of the snake!
i was born in the year of the snake,  
(oops. did i really say that? are you doing the math? i'll save u the trouble. 59.)

anyway.  it's been good cuddle weather...
dipping down to freezing temps at night...
AND in the morning.
ICE on the A/C unit outside

one of the nice things about having #2 son under our roof,
is that he can help sam with the wood splitting.

the wood...keeping us nice and toasty at night.

speaking of travis (#2 son),
when we wandered the woods out back...
he spotted a Southern Ringneck snake,
which he picked up for closer examination before releasing.
the Southern Ringneck snake

look at the bright orange under belly!
a CUTE little snake, fully grown at 10-15 inches long.

i saw a BIG dragonfly which i actually thought was dead because it let me get real close.

but i think it was just cold. it flew away after i snapped this picture.

THEN i spotted the (daytime) moon...peeking from between a tree's skeletal branches. 

22 december 2012

there aren't too many critters out and about...but on warmer days, 
when the sun is bright...a few can be spotted braving the cold in order to soak up some warmth.

Fence lizard

Zebra Longwing the brown phase against the house the green phase, blending in with some of the still green plants

a big old grasshopper

and lastly...a few birds in the yard, that don't seem to mind the cold too much!!!!

a female Cardinal

a male Cardinal keeping an eye on the female

a Pileated Woodpecker
tough to get a picture of this guy as he just wouldn't stop hammering away!!
thanks to the digital camera...take 20 pic's, get 2 decent ones!! ha.

same Pileated Woodpecker

i'm putting a hold on my Friday Fringes for now.
between running travis back & forth to work, my own work, home stuff & chores...
the weekdays are a blur!  i barely have time for ME.
i need longer...or slower...weekends!  (don't we all!)

ok, off to an appointment...

take care.
be safe.


25 december 2012


  1. Those woodpeckers are busy little guys.

  2. Love those pileateds...I saw one in the back of my dad's house in D.C. today. (But the pics are from far too far away to be good.)

    Is that a Golden-winged Skimmer, perhaps?

  3. surprised you can still find lizards and snakes out if it is colder! guess in florida they don't go too far. :)

    bless you, dear laura. may you have a few moments of quiet peace for yourself. :)

  4. great post - your fires and sunlight (and your heart) fit Carmi's Warmth theme this week :)

    I love, love, love your snake on Etsy - customs wouldn't let it in the country, even if I could affored to ship it...

  5. Nie znoszę węży, nawet takich malutkich. Jaszczurki natomiast lubię, a ptaki kocham. Pozdrawiam.
    I hate snakes, even such tiny. Lizards and the like, and the birds love it. Yours.

    1. Dodatek : Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku !
      Appendix: Happy New Year!

  6. I am so happy that all is well even though you are running everywhere. I couldn't agree with you more, Babe. 2013 is gng to be a great year!

  7. I so hope u r right about 2013... I was born in the year of the horse... btw the bromeliad on your sidebar is one that I have... Gorgeous hot pink flowers and so unique.

  8. Hi Laura...Great array of birds and reptiles you have ..I guess they don't mind the cold like you do ; )!! Ice on the AC and a lovely fire in the fireplace !!
    Enjoy a break!!

  9. A lot of lizardy bird bug and snake action in the hood! The closest I have come to seeing a bug was a week ago a dying wasp caught in the heat vent- Dragon flies will fool you! I picked on up from the roadside and took it home to put in my things -of- delight basket, it came back to life as soon as I stoked the fire- it flew around manically and then my cat pounced...sorry dragon fly.Interesting thing about it was that is was red when I found it and it was blue when it warmed up.

  10. Our stock of wood is keeping us cozy as well. Love the pic of the dragon fly! I love your positive outlook for 2013!

  11. That is a really cute little snake! What a great post! All the critters and the the lizards, especially. Take it easy and post whenever you are able to or want to. We'll be here. :):) I think 2013 is going to be the best, too!! :)

  12. Oh, jeepers, so many lovely things! I LOVE ring-necked snakes, I ADORE pileateds, wow. And cardinals...

    k. I'll stop (I could go on), but thanks for photographing and sharing, and I vote YES to you taking some time just for yourself. =) We'll make due until you come back. (of course hoping you're all inspired to photograph and share, again. =) ) Happy 2013!

  13. Great photos and critters . . . Moon shots through the branches against the blue are favorites . . . Enjoy the cuddles!

  14. Hello Laura,
    Guess what.... SIX, is also my lucky number: 2+0+1+3= 6 (haha..)
    Beautiful photos of all those creatures. I love the reptiles and insects ( butterflies and dragonflies). Here in Holland it's to cold for these guys.
    I've to wait till spring before I see the first insects. I can't wait!!
    Thanks for sharing!

    See you next year,
    Greetings from Holland,

  15. Would love to visit your world Laura but your photos are the next best thing ...lovely .....xx

  16. SO MANY super cool photos! Big wow on the capture of Woody Woodpecker. And the lizards and the butterfly. Thanks for the reminder that even though we're frozen solid here...the world is warmer and full of life in other places. Enjoy that fireplace. Happy Year of the snake!

  17. What an adventure you live in.

    Please have you all a good weekend.

  18. I've decided that 2013 will be lucky for me, too. I love the number and the friends I've made in 2012 ;-)

  19. Oh, and the puppies agree with your views about this been cuddling weather ;-)

  20. Beautiful series!
    Wishing you all the best for the New Year!

  21. Hi there I have not been around for a bit you know how it is Laura.
    I was born in the year of the snake too we are the same age, I cannot believe I said that either:)
    Love the shots you take it is like I am visiting your "cold" climate and seeing everything you are seeing.
    2013 is going to be lucky for us Laura I hope it is lucky for everyone; people need some happiness and joy in their world this IS going to be everyone's year.
    Hug B

  22. You've a lot of critters on your patch, your sons with a snake is awesome, beautiful. Have an awesome New Year in 2013.

  23. That's a whole lot of fun critters you have there:) The snake is so cool. Now that's one I wouldn't freak out on:) I hope you have a wonderful New Year as well. Be safe and have lots of fun. PS Thank you for the holiday card....that was really nice and unexpected. It just has been so crazy here. We just came back from New Mexico and Colorado for a week and it was a whole lot of fun. Stay warm. All my best for the new year. Chris

  24. Hola Laura Feliz año 2013.Un fuerte abrazo

  25. so we are entering the year of 6, fun to know. my mother use to be very much into numerology.

    so fun to see some of the critters you find as you wander. we are limited with roaming critters at this time of year. so many have crawled inside of logs of in the earth for the long cold season.

    lovely new year to you and yours~

  26. Happy New Year Laura to you and your family (two and four-footed)....and hopes that all your wishes come true and that you find time for yourself. I love the snake!

  27. Love all the birds and critters. And your moon shot is great. Laura, I wish you and your family all the best in 2013. Happy New Years!

  28. That is such an adorable little snake. Seriously! Love the dragonfly, too. The only time I can get close enought to dragonflies is first thing in the am when they are still wet with dew--and to heavy to fly quickly.

  29. THANKS to EVERYBODY who took the time to wander by...and leave a note!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


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