Friday, December 7, 2012

friday's fringe 34 ~ barking at the moon

while trimming back some dead palmetto leaves
we spotted the largest tree frog i've ever seen...

you probably won't mistake their bark for the neighbor's dog...
sounds kind of like a smallish dog with a sore throat!

"Time's fun when you're having flies"
~Kermit the Frog

(this next shot makes me think of the commercial "Got Milk?")  woof.
Barking Treefrog/Hyla Gratiosa

although they usually do most of their barking at night,
we saw this one during the day.
he didn't bark at us...
OR the moon.
but he could have!

the moon framed by the trees at 7:30AM  on the 1st of december

(go HERE and scroll down to the link to listen to their bark)

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i'll be in cyberspace this weekend. finally.
since i've been driving #2 son to job at 5:30am,
my occasional before dawn blog reading is non-existent!
seeya out there. have a good one.


  1. Laura, what a cute post! I have heard the barking frog. But, I have never seen one. They are so cute! Awesome shots. Love the moon capture! Wishing you a good day and a happy weekend!

  2. Great shots of the tree frog . . . and gorgeous green . . . I liked the early morning moon shot, sending a big woof . . .

  3. What a cute, pebbley, mossy looking little guy.

  4. Wow, he is a whopper. At least twice the size of ones ive seen in recent years. he must be feeding on some super bugs thats all i can think.
    Cool series of photos, and diggin' that moon shot.
    Have a great weekend

  5. Żabka jest śliczna i pięknie Ci do zdjęć pozowała. Chętnie bym ją zaprosiła do mojego ogródka. Pozdrawiam.
    Frog is lovely and beautifully you posed for photos. I'd invite her to my garden. Yours.

  6. he is SO cute! and your moon shot is beautiful!

  7. Oh my goodness .... what am amazing froggy! I LOVE him!
    and I totally see the "got milk" !!

  8. Lovely little fellow. There was one high up on the wall of the shower stall at Gulf Shores State Park when we were there. A merry sight.

    Lol at the reference to the milk ad. And I love the moon shot.

  9. I Love that she looked right at your at you when you took the picture. What a green beauty that is!

    And as always, I'm jealous of your pic of the moon *sigh*

  10. I JUST WANT TO SAY THANKS to all who have stopped by to leave a comment.
    i know...LIFE gets hectic for EVERY BODY...NOW is MY time. damn. i feel like i barely have time to catch my breath!

    even though it may have been at least a WEEK (or more) since i was strolling through cyberspace and visiting all the blogs i like to visit...i want to say thanks to YOU for stopping by...even though i probably haven't been by YOU yet!! i'll get there...this weekend!! =)


  11. Oh I love this little green fella he is so handsome or maybe he is a she beautiful none the less.
    I have missed you and your awesome photos. Hug B

  12. Hi Laura..LOL.. love the does sound like a bark!! I would not think it to be a tiny cutie like your little Frog : ))
    Love the texture of his skin and his milk smile!!:}
    Cute post 1
    Have a good one

  13. What a cool looking frog! It looks like he's wearing indoor/outdoor carpet on his back! These are great he barks, eh? And, Kermit's quote is great! I'm working on catch up myself, since we had Scootie for over a week...took him home yesterday. He's feeling much better now...had a bout of bronchitis, and couldn't go to day care. We're pretty worn out.

    The greens in your photos are always so vibrant! Love this post! Have a great weekend Laura!♥

  14. He is such a great colour ......what a brilliant little fella ...xx

  15. Sorry Laura have left that comment on Jim's account I can't seem to sign in on artymess .....Lorna xx

  16. Amazing and fun post. Speaking of fun, loved the Kermit quote--a lot. Always like moon shots. Laughed at the Got Milk and clicked over to hear the bark. I was reminded of staying at a motel without air conditioning on a warm summer night. Our only window opened to a stairwell. Somewhere in that stairwell was a tree frog totally rocking on the reverb effect he was getting with his vocals. He sang ALL NIGHT. We got earplugs from the front desk at about 1 a.m.

  17. Love the frog, all green on green leaves, fantastic Laura.

  18. Hi Laura, thanks for leaving your nice comments on my blog. Yes, in Holland it's wintertime but I prefer spring and summer! Bye the way; nice shots of "Kermit". In Holland we have also tree frogs but not in the North of Holland. They live in the south-west of Holland. So I've never seen them.

    Have a nice day,

  19. What a beautiful green frog! You do get some nice exotic critters in your yard:) Hey! Don't stress about the blogging stuff. It has been busy over here as well. Too much going on. I making a New Year's Resolution to myself starting January. Blogging once a week and that's it! This daily stuff, especially now, is way too much. I'm almost done for the month and once this year is over....I am hiking.

    Your previous comment on one of the posts made me think. Sometimes one doesn't have to leave their area to find adventure. One of the greatest revelations this year has been from the birds themselves. They have taken me to places I never knew existed and it has been truly exciting living in Tucson again. And with all the birds, there's never a dull moment here. I wish sometimes that finances didn't limit people to explore our curiosities and creativity. This time of year for me is always a little overwhelming:) I also wish that somehow magically my chores would get done:)

  20. What great work ! Haven't seen a frog in ages. Thank you for this joy. Please have you all a good new week ahead.

  21. He is so adorable!Love the "milk" rimmed mouth. :)

  22. oh fantastic. nature is so brilliant.
    lovely greets
    maren anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  23. Excelentes fotografias....

  24. such incredible photos and critter, thank you for sharing this green frog!

  25. Oh gee you always get the best moon shots! I just adore that little bright green tree frog! You'd never guess where we found one during the end of summer. Inside my daughter's house sitting on top of a picture frame. They are tricky little guys!

  26. What a great find! He's the cutest frog I've seen for a long time. Beautiful captures of the moon as well.

  27. What a great colour that wee frog is. I don't think I've ever heard a barking frog before :)
    Make sure you get to your bed early if you are up at such an unearthly hour in the morning, my goodness that's the middle of the night! :))

  28. Must be an old frog who has seen much in his world. They sounded like a broken horn to me--LOL! He is so handsome. I like his white outlines. ;) And I love your moon shots.

  29. What a cute frog! You got some really great shots there =)

  30. A gorgeous frog - and a barking one at that! Love his colour and texture... truly handsome :D)

  31. absolutely spectacular frog.. your photography skills are amazing. love the spider shot in the first post. i love frogs so chose this one to comment on. found you on SnapEdit Scrap blog, quite corner sent us here.


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