Sunday, August 19, 2012

what day is it?

oh yeah.
it's the 19th of august.
i have lived 21,550 days.

wow. how time flies.

i honestly never thought i'd make it this far.
i've outlived both parents (which is how it's supposed to be)...
but i've also outlived my younger brother and sister.

yeah, this post is ALL about me.

things i like. love. and things i don't like so much.

i was born in south carolina.
((searched for my birth mother & found her when i was 18. that's another story for another time.))
i was raised in NY.
started running away from home at 12, moved out for 15...
when i got my first job, working in an art store near grand central station (NYC).
assorted jobs since then...including my own screen printing business.
went back to school in my 40's...became a licensed massage therapist.

went on cross country road trips 2X...
the northern route from new york to california when i was about 18...
southern route from california to florida  in  1987.

i love to read.   and write.
years ago...i even made an attempt at writing a couple of children's books.
after LOTS of rejection 'form letters'... 
(although i did get a few nice personal letters of encouragement)...i gave up.

i have a lot of energy. it's hard for me to sit still. 
i always have too many projects going on at the same time.
when i see different ART forms or mediums or techniques...i want to try them all.

i care. a lot. about others. 
care a lot & you can get taken advantage of.
i've learned to say 'no', 'enough' over the years. well, not always.

i love a lot of things...but at the top of my list...

i love my sons.

  and sam.
(that beard, is braided under his shirt & goes all the way to his waist!)

  and milo.

i'd rather be anywhere else except florida...but if i never came here, i wouldn't have met sam. 

i have way too many collections.
maybe they're not all collections...just stuff i save. hang on to.
feathers. shells. rocks & stones.

fossils & artifacts.
(found) bones.

wolves. coins.
turtles. old books. (found) old glass bottles.

pens. insect wings. art/craft supplies.
trolls. boxes.
i think i'll stop there.

i like shades of purple.  spicy food, the spicier the better.
i tend to clean  when i'm upset.
i can slip into blue moods pretty easily.
i can be silly to the point of being obnoxious. so i'm told.
i'm a kid inside.
i'm out going and friendly. i don't like crowds. 
i get uncomfortable when i know i'll be in a 'social' situation with a group of people.
i'll just about hyperventilate beforehand...
forget to breathe...get light headed.
it's hard for me to get CLOSE to people.

i prefer the woods over the beach.
winter over summer.
i need to add some regular exercise into my daily routine.
after all, i'm 21,550 days old.

it was a sad day when i stopped being 'carded' to buy liquor...
at least it continued until i was in my early 30's.
it was an even sadder day when strangers started calling me 'Ma'am'.

i love being outside. nature. taking pictures.
bugs. spiderwebs. flowers. mushrooms. anything with dew.
waking before dawn.  the moon.  clouds.
twinkle lights.
anchovies on pizza.
fruit pie, not cake.
i like (the natural) peanut butter, but it always seems to give me the hiccups.
mmmmm, cheese. onions. garlic. red peppers. jalapenos.
artichoke hearts.
give or take meat.  i could easily be a vegetarian,
but sam likes his meat & potatoes.

i talk in my sleep. a lot. have very vivid dreams.

aaah, a few scents i like lavender. jasmine. orange blossoms. eucalyptus. gardenias. 
coffee. newly mowed grass. amber. rain. the woods. the ocean.

i don't like getting dressed up & will avoid it at all costs.
jeans. t-shirts. that's me. sneakers, crocs, hiking boots & winter boots.
i'm NOT trendy, don't care about fashion.

i don't like to talk on the phone.
don't have a smart phone or ipad.
DO have an ipod and e-reader.
don't like when people litter.  litters are for dogs & cats.
i've never spent $$ on a matching set of furniture.
i'm thrifty. love to shop thrift stores.

wool makes me itch and turtle necks make me feel like i'm being strangled.
all cotton.  polyester makes me sweat.
don't like to have my picture taken.

i'm not into organized religion. i'm not political. 
i have a hard time dealing with people who are prejudiced...
people who hate because of race or ethnicity, religion, sexual preference.

i like mystical stuff. native american. celtic. tarot. crystals. candles. dream catchers.
tattoos (have 5). rock music. the sounds of birds, crickets, cicadas,
the bass guitar, wind chimes, waves crashing, the wooden flute, thunder, purring cats,
the bone rattling kick of nitro in the top fuel dragsters.

oh yeah, i saw a UFO once.  in hollywood, florida. looking to the sky. late night.
i spotted a V formation of tiny lights. just sitting. hovering.
and in a split second it was gone...appearing on the opposite side of the night sky.

usually sam & i go camping this week.

besides my B-day (59)...
our anniversary was the 16th (10 yrs together, 5 married)
and sam's B-day is the 21st (54).

but this year we're home. we have both my sons living with us.
travis is out of jail (after spending 7 months, we picked him up last saturday)
and justin, who turned 31 last week, split up with his girlfriend of 6 years.

it's a bit crowded, in our humble little home...
they're sharing the 2nd bedroom we have.
they are eating machines.
but at least they're working...concrete, stucco & stone...
and help out around the house...
like splitting wood, hauling dead downed for the young & strong!

justin snores so loud we can hear him in our bedroom with the door closed.
no wonder travis wakes up with a headache.


i've made it this far.
i need to make it 'til the day i can retire.
downsize. live VERY our truck camper.
hit the road.
with no destination in mind.

so, that's it.

i'll probably think   "oh yeah! i forgot to say..."   after i click on 'publish'.
there's always next year.

ONE MORE thing...
thank YOU for being a part of my life this past year...
for wandering & exploring by my side...
and for being there through my good times and down times!

i almost nixed this. felt like i was writing a personal ad or something.

anyway, have a nice week!

...i'm eager to begin my next 365 day journey under the moon and around the sun...

stay cool. be safe.


  1. Ahhh lovely post, happy birthday and I know it'll be special! X

  2. happy birthday!
    so glad you shared this post
    lovely to find out some new things about you

  3. beautiful post!
    and happy birthday from me

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday to you.
    I love birthdays - even now - I always think they are special, maybe I'm just daft, lol.
    I have really liked finding out things about you, feels like I 'know' you a wee bit better.
    Thanks so much for sharing.
    Now away and enjoy your day :)))

  5. Refreshing to hear honest . . . instead of what we might think others might like to hear . . . I loved your "it is all about ME!".
    Your "fragrance" IS . . .
    Happy Birthday star gazing lady . . . enjoy the next 365 . . .

  6. Laura...a heartfelt...I LOVE YOU for your Birthday!!!!


    And may you have many more fine trips around the sun.

  8. Laura, great post. I wish you a happy birthday, happy anniversary and a happy birthday to Sam. I fell like I really "know" you after this post and it seems like we have a lot in common. Thanks for sharing, Happy Sunday!

  9. i loved this 'you dump'. :) happy happy happy to you and sam, too. i know i've said it before, but i think you and i would get along very well. :)

    congrats (?) on having both sons home. i hope things will go well for all of you. i know it is not always easy...

    one of your photos was blacked out - like maybe it was linked from a picasa album that you've marked as private? but i really liked getting to know more about you.

  10. Happy Birthday to you! Best wishes!

  11. Wishing you a very wonderful and happy birthday. AND, wishing you many more!

  12. Laura Laura Laura....I LOVE this post and I LOVE YOU and your family and Milo and your bones and collections and your Trolls and most of all I'd LOVE to wish you many Happy Returns of the Day......xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (59 kisses)

  13. Happy Birthday to you my feline loving, feather collecting friend.

  14. Shoot! What a great Birhday tribute...I'll get you to write mine! So, Laura...Happy Happy Birthday! (I know, I left out a comma between the two Happy words!) You have gorgeous sons, husband and Milo! I love your photos, even the one of you with your BACK to us. Surely, you're having a wonderful weekend...your post suggests a happy tone. Again, have a great Birthday. Hugs to you and your family.♥

  15. Wishing you everything thinkable good upon this birthday and the new year ahead !

  16. Wszystkiego najwspanialszego z okazji urodzin. Miło było bliżej Cię poznać. Pozdrawiam.
    Happy birthday to the greatest. It was nice to meet you closer. Yours.

  17. Happy Birthday!!! You are as colorful a character as your blog suggests:) But I knew that already. Best kind of people. I'm with you on everything you said, but your collection of fossils/bones fascinates me. I see the beauty in the collection but it is something that I was taught wasn't beautiful so it's something I try to see through your eyes. You've also made a difference for me and I've truly enjoyed all your work over this past year. A tree may fall down, but you really know how to make a positive out of things....and for that I thank you. Hugs from Tucson. Hope you have a fun day.

  18. Sure sound like someone worth knowing to me.
    Happy Birthday!
    Love the family pic

  19. You are awesome and an inspiration. I hope you have the very BEST birthday!

  20. We are each our own story. No story is better or worse than any other. However some stories are a little more interesting. Yours is one of those.
    May your next trip around the sun be the best one yet.

  21. Happy Birthday and thank you for sharing you with us. I wish you a beautiful year!

  22. Happy birthday, Laura! May you have many more to come =)

  23. Happy belated birthday, my beloved Laura. I love everything about you. How you speak about clothes, collections, colors, art, life, your snorting boys... you are a beautiful soul. Today the earth smile because it is proud of having given birth to you.

    P.S. Tell Sam that he looks like what I've always imagined the Christian God would look like ;-)

    Oh, and I LOVE the picture of family!

  24. Happy birthday (it's still the right date her in Oregon). A happy post and I'm delighted you didn't nix it.

  25. Oh yeah, and I'd be afraid to add up the number of days old I am...the calculator would probly explode!


    you have made my day even more special!! =) xoxo laura

  27. Congrats on surviving all those days. Sounds like a full and unusual life with plenty of adventure tossed in. It was fun to learn a little more about you. We have a few things in common such as screen printing, a love of art, spicy food and woods.

  28. I'm late, I'm late! Happy happy happy birthday!! I know just the thrift store you could come visit.....
    Eleven feathers, wow! I hope the rest of your year is a good as your best day. And that grocery prices go down so you can feed all those hungry men!! =)

  29. Oh I am so far behind I missed your birthday your 59 birthday just like me. I like you I can tell you are artsy and love all things outdoors and natural. Your post was perfect "ALL about me" is always good to share.
    I love that you find feathers and know what they are and always think of others and live life to it's fullest even when you don't want to. You have had a hard life but it is full of people who love you and think you are awesome. I am one of them.
    Take care keep smiling and I have one question. What will 60 be like? I am going to be there first so I will let you know.
    Keep searching and taking photos you make me happy too with your awesome photos. Boy I say awesome a lot I have no idea why:)
    Catch you later I need a nap my life is like a runaway train right now but I am glad I found your birthday post.
    Happy next 365 more days. HUGS B

  30. Happy belated birthday and anniversary! (I am so far behind reading blogs, sorry!) I just loved-loved-loved this post!! I learned more about you and we have a quite a bit in common, lady. ;) I am so glad we connected this year. Enjoy the coming year. Love and hugs!!

  31. It's always great to get to know a little more of the person behind the blog. You are a unique and interesting person, strong and beautiful. Hope your birthdays and anniversary were well celebrated and that life together is working out for you all.

  32. Wow! This is quite a list you have given us. You just about completed the "100 things about me" meme in this one post.

    I actually did it twice plus some and you will find the link on the tabs just below my header.

    Some of your list has me sad ( for you) that you had to go through those things. Others made me smile. Some I frankly do not understand, simply because I do not have the same interest and find them hard to fathom i.e. collecting bones. But, I will defend your right to do whatever you enjoy.

    I will close with belated birthday wishes to both you and Sam and happy anniversary wishes to your both. May you find retirement sooner then later and I will pray all your plans come true.


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