Tuesday, August 28, 2012

parallel play

(thematic 210 - parallelism)

you never realize how many parallels there are 
(not including the universes of course!)
until you search.

here are just a few!

parallel plants growing along the side of our parallel wood home   

the parallel lines of the Six-lines Racerunner

parallel lines running down the driveway

the Yellow Rat snake's parallels

parallel lines of the shed's wall

parallel waves at sunrise. Neptune Beach, Florida (8 aug 2011)

even concentric circles are considered parallels

i leave you with a misspelled sign!

even though this sign was previously in one of my posts...a long while back...

(e-mailed to me by Susan @ This n That.
she snapped this picture while looking for a place to PARALLEL park
in a little town called Nimmitabel, 
which is in New South Wales, Australia) 

it seemed very fitting to post it again now!

i'm linked up with carmi's thematic weekly photo sharing.

join in!  check it out here:  Thematic Photographic 210 - Parallelism

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stay cool. be safe.

catch you later. i'm home between appointments, and was anxious to get paralleled!!  =)


  1. Well I for one am delighted you parallel parked here before you went out to play (or work)....love the pictures. I thought your driveway was a tree trunk!
    And I want that racewalker lizard in my yard! (In Florida, he'd freeze to death here in Oregon.)

  2. I've never seen shrooms captured with such vibrancy and depth. Do you sell your work? That pic would be at home in a gallery or on someone's wall: just stunning.

    The boo boo on the sign makes me laugh. It's a little sad that we live in a world where people don't care enough to double-check their work. But still, this is funny.

  3. The Six-lines Racerunner is stunning. The parking sign's a hoot!

  4. Nice reptiles, Laura.

    I used to chase those six-lined racerunners around. Eventually I learned you can catch a fast lizard by moving very slow.


  5. Laura thats a great sign for this lovely post ....xx

  6. That is a GORGEOUS snake (yes, everything is more meaningful, or louder, in caps). And those mushrooms? I want to touch them ;-) After that, I will go lie at the edge of those parallel waves...

  7. Here on the patio, looking at the parallel lines bordering the stones and loving it that YOU brought it to mind!...:)JP

  8. love the snakes and skink lines. and the first image is beautiful!

  9. I hadn't seen that sign:) Too funny. Lots of character. Great theme and your reptiles are real treats. Hope that weather is cooling down a bit for you and that you get some rain....not TOO much....but some moisture would be good:) Enjoy your Tuesday. Chris

  10. I like stripes. Nature's stripes are much more amazing that the ones people create. Hope you didn't get hit with too much of the news-making hurricane.

  11. Love all the examples you had. I remember skinks in the prairie sand dunes when I was a kid that looked similar to that racerunner. I loved their funny swaying foot and tail prints as they raced up the side of a sand dune. Good memories! :):)

  12. Hi Laura...Very interesting post...love the waves on the beach...and the concentric circles I would never thought that...great shot of the mushrooms to by the way!!
    The parking or no parking signs LOL!!!

  13. I love it, parallelogram your way out!!!!!!!

  14. Great work. Thank you very much for the inspiration. Please have you all a good Wednesday.

  15. Love the theme of this post... the pictures to!

  16. Love all the parallel pics - especially the waves...
    The sign just HAD to be included - perfect :)

  17. Great close ups! I am impressed.

  18. Great photos covering a range of situations. Love your first one, makes me want to explore further.

  19. I am giving you an A+ for many things PARALLEL . . .

  20. ...and play you have here with all these marvelous parallels! I snapped a few shots of a snake myself this week, and yes I thought of you. The sad part of the story is I got such cool shots, because I think I nicked him with my mower, (I was mowing close to our border where the grass was really thick and I think he popped his head where it didn't belong. How funny they put that sign up, although it is a confusing word with it's many a's and l's and you'd think more e's and why not double up on the r's too! Enjoy your week! Hope you remain safe from any storms!

  21. These are splendid. Especially the last one!

  22. Laura, wonderful images of your parallel world. The snake and racerunner are cool. And I love the mushroom and the lovely shot of the waves on the beach. Great choices for your post. Have a wonderful day!

  23. THANKS to everyone for stopping by...and getting paralleled yourself!!

    i have a pretty busy day today with work...so i probably won't get to travel around the world much...hopefully tomorrow!!

    have a great day! =) lk

  24. now that sign board is wat most people will just not notice!!! wow topic :D

  25. A very cool post Laura! Love the very first photo and, of course, the beach and misspelled signs. I think much of us don't realize at a glance about parallels, but, you brought it to the surface! Great post. Have a great day!♥

  26. Pomysłowe i śliczne są Twoje "równoległe" zdjęcia, no może oprócz węża, którego się boję :(. Pozdrawiam.
    Imaginative and beautiful are your "parallel" photos, except maybe a snake, which I'm afraid: (. Yours.

  27. Oh I love your parallels OK I could have skipped over the snake but I like the rest. Great shots.
    Susan at this and that is so funny I see you get her too:) B

  28. WOW!! You definitely found a lot on Carmi's theme! What I like about yours is that you picked the most obvious and simplest ones... You are talented w/that camera of yours... will definitely be following you!

  29. Beatiful parallels. Great jobb!
    Wish you a nice weekend.

  30. I'm loving your first shot with the green plants against that lovely red wood. :)

  31. I like that you got your friendly neighborhood reptiles to help you out on this one!

  32. Oops! I do not see my comment posted here. Can't believe I must have forgotten to to hit publish when I got interrupted the other day.

    I just wanted to congratulate you on thinking outside the box with the mushrooms. You posted the first concentric circles I've seen on the meme. I especially liked the tire tracks. They are certainly a unique addition as well.


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