Monday, October 15, 2012

they're creepy and they're...

mysterious and spooky, they're all together ooky...

ok, now that you've got the Addams Family theme song stuck in your head...
follow me...if u dare...

yesterday i saw a bug on my hibiscus.
actually,  sam spotted it first and called to me  'what the hell is THAT?!'

wow.  a Wheel bug.
it's a type of Assassin bug!!

what could be spookier than a Wheel bug?

TWO Wheel bugs!!

a perfect sighting for this month!
(sorry for the not-so-good picture, the sun was blaring & i couldn't even see the image in the viewer)


lately we've had way too many nocturnal spiders 
coming out & weaving their webs on the front porch.
i don't mind the ones that stick to the periphery...
like this orb weaver...

(by day she hides under the base of this old rusty candle holder)

the spiders that weave their webs on the porch ceiling...

get relocated!
i brush them off into the garden on either side of the porch.

night after night...they seem to find their way back to the same spot.


i was about to put the cover back on one of the rain barrels...
when i saw this weaver swimming...frantically.
he must have fallen from the roof.

yes, i rescued him.


last week...i made time to get a little creative!

remember the snake bones i found on the side of the road...

here they are after i cleaned them.
snake vertebrae & rib bones

when i have some cleaned bones lying around...
i get that urge to DO something with them!

so i painted a snake (with acrylics) on a piece of wood...

then added some of the vertebrae...

i'll glue them down...
maybe add a few ribs to follow the curve of the snake...

then spray with an acrylic sealer.
i've already added a sawtooth hanger to the back!


well...enough spooky-ish stuff for now.
thanks for wandering by...or crawling by...or creeping...or lurching...or stumbling...

stay cool.  be safe.

“Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, 
wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.” 
~Edgar Allan Poe, The Raven


  1. Great art project!

    P.S. I rescue spiders, too.


  2. Bugs and snakes...ick!! Still, I don't really mind spiders all that much for some reason.

  3. oooh, kinda feel shivery! Very good spooky ooky shots. And thank you for the tune now stuck in my head :)

  4. Great snake bone plaque. How cool.

  5. Cool you artist you.
    I have that song stuck in my head I shall go sing it to my Mom as I am heading there now. I will tell her of your beautiful photos and blame you for the song.
    Those spiders give me the"Heebie Jeebies" I don't even know if that is a word but it is stuck in my head too.
    Artists are truly unique are they not? Love your photos. I can see you have fun with it.B

  6. oh, i am SO impressed with the snake art! LOVE IT! and i love your love of spiders, too.

  7. La-la-la "the Adam's fam-ah-lee"---dang, you're right about stuck in my head.
    The assassin bugs a super cool. So are the spiders. They're persistent little creatures, aren't they. Cool creation with them bones!

  8. Way cool snake art!!! You sure know how to put it all together. Love the spiders and assassin bugs! The orb ones are so cool and they come in many shapes and designs!

  9. Beautiful art!
    And the photos was so nice.
    The spider was so cool.
    From Hilda

  10. Nice shot of the spiders. I don't blame you for not wanting them over your head. Love the colors on the one you rescued. Your art piece is cool! Wish I could paint so well.

  11. oh ! Admit, that these are indeed impressive pictures. Never took anything alike.

  12. You have me watching out for spiders crawling down from above . . . SCARY . . . for me! (Not as much as a squiggly little mouse though . . . they freak me out!)

    Interesting and creative art piece . . . amazing!

  13. Those are some weird looking beasties - I've never heard of them before.
    I love your snake art - you are very creative. :)

  14. Those Wheel Bugs are such strange looking fellows. Great pics considering sun etc ! sometimes it's plain difficult, but good to click away anyhow :D)
    Love your creativity with the snake bones Laura - unique :D)

  15. A very Halloweenie post, love all the creepy spiders. Especially the last weaver. The snake and bone art is cool, your are the creative one. Well done!

  16. VERY creative project with the snake bones!!!!!

  17. wonderfully spooky post!I use to have a black cat named Spooky! such a purrrr ball!

    love your painting, you are so creative! happy spooky season~

  18. I've never heard of or seen a wheel bug before! LOVE that snake you made

  19. Cool, cool, cool! I love all the critter pics, but the snake painting is the best! It reminds me of the Australian aborigine paintings

  20. Thanks for that happy memory! I still love that show, and everyday at recess we would play it .... You surely know how to capture these really not so spooky creatures at all...they are just a stunning bunch!

  21. Wow -- that snake is absolutely a work of art! are so talented. I'm with you on the spiders...lovely in their place. But I'd have rescued that one too. I would have been with Sam on that wheel bug...never saw anything like it. Great post.

  22. Love the snake painting! You can keep your spiders though! Happy Halloween!

  23. Those wheel bugs have a wicked sting, it says. Be careful!! Even though you know I am not a fan of spiders, I'm really glad you saved that one in the water barrel. But I'm glad it is living down near you because I would probably have killed it out of sheer panic and fright.
    Love the snake painting with the bones!! That is awesome! :):)


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