Friday, October 19, 2012

friday's fringe 27 ~ mr bOnes' zebras

after today, mr bOnes has just ONE more friday in october.
this past week he was spell-bound by all the butterflies.

mr bOnes perched on the front door

and the original...

(it's been a busy week. not much time spent on the computer. 
you know i don't have a 'smart' phone or i pad...
i don't work in an office so i can't get on the comp while working...
and i rarely turn the comp on at home in the evening, except weekends.
SO, next week i'll have a lot of catching up to do!)

friday morning (today, THIS morning if you're reading this on 10-19) 
we're leaving to go camping & fishing for 2 nights.
yay!  no phone.  no internet.  

mr bOnes has been delegated to keep watch over the old homestead while we're gone.

we can only hope he's never watched 

or we may come home to complete madness...
the house, the yard, the woods...littered with
passed out zombies, drunk vamps, toasted trolls, plastered mummies, 
stoned werewolves, inebriated goblins, sloshed shape-shifters.
limbs and bones...scattered everywhere!

oh, i don't even want to think about it.
let's just hope, if mr bOnes DOES party...he parties safe and responsibly!
(just like the beer commercial tells you to)


 "Ah, I can always smell a graveyard."
Gabriel  (actor: Christopher Walken), The Prophecy – 1995

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  1. Well, I hope Mr Bones behaves while you are away camping! I love your butterflies shots. The morphed purple is my favorite. Have a great weekend, Laura!

  2. Enjoy your camping.

  3. Enjoy your camp trip . . . the butterflies will watch over things at home!

  4. i hope you enjoy your 2 days away w/o mr. bones tearing up the homestead! :)

  5. Never fear, old Mr. Bones can rattle his bones to scare anything bad away! Enjoy your weekend, away- wireless, the best way to really kick back and enjoy life! Keep a lookout for cool treasures and be sure to report back here when you can! Enjoy!

  6. With mr bOnes on guard everything at your place should be quite secure. The zombies might appreciate a little visit from some unsavories, though.

  7. Leaving a note for you to pick up when you get back from camping....unless Mr Bones throws it away while you're gone.

    Where did October go anyway? Your flutterbys are beautiful. (I morphed the word!)

  8. Hey you! Love Mr. Bone's presentation! That's a cool header photo. Hope you have a good, relaxing time on your camping trip! We'll keep an eye on Mr. Bones for you. Be Safe!♥

  9. "Ah, I can always smell a graveyard."

    A comment heard by me many times from the mouth of my husband. Now, I know where it comes from.

    Happy camping!

  10. Enjoy your trip! Or, I should say, I hope you enjoyed your trip, as it is Sat night by the time I am reading this. (I am trying to catch up, myself, this weekend.) I hope Mr. Bones is behaving himself as I am writing this. ;)

  11. Taki strażnik domu z pewnością go dobrze pilnował, a motyl jest śliczny. Pozdrawiam.
    The guard house will be well guarded, and butterfly is beautiful. Yours.

  12. I love Mr. Bones. I know he is an excellent guard. The butterfly pics are really neat. Have a great camping trip.

  13. Fantastic images, old Mr Bones,I love him, not in a sexual way, I think I'll move on...........


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