Sunday, October 28, 2012

rescued for life!


2 lbs 9 oz
of striped fluffy love...

who wants to be cuddled, held & carried...
unravels the toilet paper from the roll...
has an unending curiosity...
leaps, dashes & jumps in all directions, seemingly at the same time...

and finally

WELCOME (to our world) EMO!!

since milo passed away...we have been missing her...
and the pitter-patter of little cat feet.

we picked out this little bundle from the Humane Society yesterday.
it was love at first sight...all the way around!

he was born on august 6, 2012...was dropped off at a fire station,
and turned over to the animal shelter on september 17.

he weighed 2 lbs 9 ozs on october 24.
his name at the shelter was Emerson.
we sort of combined emerson & milo...and came up with EMO!!

life as he had known it 'til yesterday, was life in a cage.
now he has more space to roam than he could ever have imagined.

we LOVE him to pieces!

~have a happy week~

"It is impossible to keep a straight face in the presence of one or more kittens."
~Cynthia E. Varnado

stay cool.  be safe.

emo : The word that holds the record for the most definitions at at 1,181.

a special BE SAFE to ALL those in SANDY's path!!!!


  1. Hi Laura, congrats on your new kitty Emo. He is a cutie and sounds like a lot of fun! I am so happy for him to be rescued and for you.

  2. i love that tiny face! i'm so glad you all found each other. :)

  3. Congrats! Your Emo shares my oldest's b'day!. :-)

    1. aaaaah LEO's unite!!!! both sam & i have our Bdays in august too...AND our anniversary!

    2. btw my youngest (son) born on the 30th of Aug!... where i use to live 5 of us had kids born in August!! guess we were a bit occupied the previous year?? lol

    3. i'd say...a bit occupied is putting it mildly!! haha. where you used to must have been GREAT weather for CUDDLING...and more...9 months earlier! BBBbbbbbrrrrr...those cold winter months! =)

  4. So cute....what a lucky kitty.

  5. Wonderful. May time and life continue to treat him kind.

  6. Your hearts must be feeling such great joy! Such an adorable little sweetie! I look forward to seeing such a kitty being raised right here....your selection of name is fitting and just so darn cute too. I love it. Pitter patter of little feet are so welcome aren't they! Enjoy your new puddy cat!

  7. HI Laura...Oh so sweet, so glad you all are a family!!
    I had a cat that was marked like that one of the best cat's I ever owed ..she died 4 years ago at 17!!
    Cuddle away..

  8. Nothing like having a rescued pet! They are like no other!

  9. YAAAAY! So happy for all of you. I figured you'd find a special furry "someone" all in good time. Looks like a real sweetie...

  10. He looks utterly gorgeous - how lucky you all are. Our Sophie has very similar markings - a little more white perhaps... she has the sweetest nature and is a real character.

    And thanks for your comment about my header :)

  11. I'm so happy for you guys! And for Emo. That's wonderful how you combined the names. And it perfectly fits him. Rescued for Life is a wonderful post title! (It'd be a good book title!)

  12. THANKS EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!! meow meow!!

    update...emo likes to sleep UNDER the covers...between the sheets...nestled between our legs! haha!

  13. Congratulations on finding a wonderful pair of animal-lovers to live with, Emo!

  14. How lovely! I'm so happy for you, Sam and Emo =)

  15. You know that Milo is watching over ALL of you!!! I've always wanted a tiger like Emo (we do have great taste!!!)...:)JP

  16. Oh I love Emo I am as excited as you. What a dashingly handsome fella. B

  17. The cat was so lovely. Great photos of it to!
    Big smile from me.

  18. you make me want a kitten
    my neighbor has 6 at the moment, i might have to go visit.
    i won't be bringing one home, but at least a visit!
    wishing you happiness!

  19. I don't like CATS, but he looks so cute and cuddly.

  20. Love-love-love Emo!! And that quote is just the best!! Enjoy-enjoy-enjoy!!! :) :)

  21. Congrats!!! You helped a kitty out and Milo would be proud. Emo is adorable....and I love the name.

  22. He is just adorable and you all need each other. What a wonderful home he has now. You will lovelovelove him and he will lovelovelove you. Love those photos. :D

  23. A real cutie...looks like you got the best one for you! And, I bet he has fun exploring his new surroundings! Wait til he goes camping for the first time! A happy post Laura...congratulations!♥

  24. Finding Emo was a really great thing for you! So happy to see your home is back to being a catdom.

  25. I'm so sorry for your loss of Milo.

    Your new little kitty reminds me so much of our kitty Shadows who just disappeared one day. I still miss him. Looks like a real sweetie!


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