Tuesday, October 30, 2012

giving in to the moon

it's been getting down to the high 30's/low 40's the past couple of nights.
staying pretty much in the 60's during the day.
(yay! flannel shirt weather! i love it!)
darkness lasting longer in the morning...
and coming earlier in the evening.
moon shadows.

daytime bugs & critters take advantage of the sun's warm rays.

flowers are still blooming...

butterflies are still feeding
Gulf Fritillary on Blue Mist

there are still plenty of dragonflies

lizards & frogs soaking up the sun's warmth

a lone mushroom not ready to give in to the cooler weather

 and now...the moon.  
giving in to the power of the magical moon. 
5:04am  -  oct 30 2012

‎"Have you ever danced with the Devil by the pale moon light? I always ask that of all my prey." 

doesn't it look like the moon is wearing a pine needle hat...
5:07am  -  oct 30 2012


inspired by the moon and the skeleton trees of winter...
here's a note card i painted with acrylics...

enjoy the scents of nutmeg or mint
the taste of apples, nuts & wine
the feel of smooth black stones, obsidian or jet
the colors of black, orange, white, silver or gold
black cats, bats & jack-o-lanterns
dark mysteries
deadly nightshade, mugwort, sage, mandrake, oak leaves
celebrating the lives of those that have died...family, friends, pets.  the spirits of the dead. darkness~fire~hope~new dreams~new beginnings~out with the old~in with the new

Happy Samhain  ~  Happy Halloween

stay cool & be safe
especially those who have been dealing with the wrath of Sandy...
my thoughts are with you.



  1. Wow, it's kind of amazing but our weather seems to be almost the same. Not 60's right now, but they promise 50's for a few days. I hope Halloween is going to be nice, because last weekend was a bit too bitter for my little grand-munchkins and the outings we did. :( I am such a fan of full moons- the only trouble with having them is that too many people turn into subjects that I'd rather not be around- I'm sure you know just what I mean! Hoping all is well with kitty...!

  2. Wonderful critters, and moon.

    I love the green chameleon and frog, especially.

    We got some snow this morning...

  3. Olá, parabéns pelo blog!
    Se você puder visite este blog:
    Obrigado pela atenção

  4. Beautiful creatures in your part of USA, and that piece of music goes with "moon shadow" by Cat Stevens, nice sound.

  5. your painting is beautiful, as are all of your images. i love that little frog, holding on to the sides of his leaf.

  6. Your pictures are lovely and colourful. Such cute little creatures you have there, that wee frog is so cute. :)

  7. Masz na co patrzeć jeszcze w ogrodzie. Jaszczurka jest śliczna, a zdjęcie księżyca w "kapeluszu" wywołało u mnie uśmiech. Pozdrawiam.
    You have to look at even in the garden. The lizard is beautiful, and the photo of the moon in the "hat" made ​​me smile. Yours.

  8. Happy Halloween to you, Laura.

    Trick'n treating doesn't happen much in this country, but the last few years we are getting a few dressed-up excited children at the door, with smiling parents hoivering in the background. I have laid in a stock of goodies, just in case - but I suspect that my classes will get most of them tomorrow, as usually happens :)

  9. A very Happy Halloween to you Laura!

  10. Interesting. Your weather and ours is almost the same today: Forties at night and sixties and sunny daytime. Almost all evidence of the weird snowstorm is gone. Probably the same storm that went west and helped make such a mess of the east coast. Your insect, lizard and frog photos are outstanding! So is your moon. Looks a lot like our moon for some strange reason???

  11. Great pics--all of them! Moon with a pine needle hat--LOL! Enjoy your Halloween, dear lady!! :)

  12. It's the same here. The last of the bugs is still around...mosquitoes, grasshoppers, and mosquitoes are still around during the afternoon heat but they are disappearing. Sadly the butterflies and dragonflies are also disappearing from the landscape.

    Your shots are so beautiful. Hope you're having a good week. And Happy Halloween:)

  13. gah, I have to avert my eyes from the right side of your blog every time I visit LMAO!

    Love the dragonfly eyes :-)

    Happy Halloween!

  14. Always beautiful photos and art. Love it.

  15. What great environment you live in.

    Please have you all a good new month.

  16. It looks like the moon is wearing a hat indeed, and how lovely she looks in it. I'm rejoicing in the colors you've shared. Chicago got cold very quickly. The trees are naked, most of them at least, but you know what? There is a wonderful patch of flowers in front of my building. I think I will go downstairs (with my coat on) and enjoy the colors ;-)

    Happy All Hallow's Eve!

  17. Happy Halloween, Laura! Love the moon shots, pretty butterfly and your cute critters. Your weather seems to be the same as ours. Wonderful photos, have a great evening!

  18. Your critters are too pretty to be scary! It's warmer in Oregon than at your house (why are we planning to fly to Florida next month again?)

  19. Love your blue mist plant! And, you get the best moons...I shared that great one with the pine needle hat! That's one of your best! Hope you had a fun halloween Laura...and, Emo too! Your moon painting is great! See you soon, take care!♥

  20. Hi Laura, ..
    at full moon, some people are really jittery ... Some also want blood, others grow hair everywhere .. ;-))
    But the photo of the lizard in the sun, I think it's beautiful ...
    greetings Frank

  21. Love your full moon shots! It was cloudy last week, so completely missed the full moon. Love the little lizard and the little green frog. :)

  22. Oh my what big eyes you have mr dragonfly!


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