Friday, November 12, 2010

friday - shadows, wing art...and oh yeah, a snake...

no work today.
good and bad. i can use the money. but nice to have some free time.
so, in the midst of cleaning, laundry and catching up on blogs and stuff
...i can get back to being 'creative'!
"He  who  wonders  discovers  that  this  in  itself  is  wonder."
M.C. Escher
reflections. fragmented. illusions. dreams.
palm frond

pine tree

Nothing in the universe can travel at the speed of light, they say, 
forgetful of the shadow's speed.  
~Howard Nemerov


leaf on a leaf


ok, not enough 'creativity' for one day??!
so...i've thought about working on another 'window hanger'...
like the one i did a while back...


i start with a pre-cut  piece of beveled glass...

gather my collection of found wings...

pull out my binder of pressed flowers...

and begin...working on the back side of the glass...

and that's as far as i've gotten...
i use 'mod podge' to glue & coat the wings & flowers.
when it's finished, i'll coat the entire side with acrylic top coat.
then wrap with heavy gauge wire.
will post progress...or at least when i'm finished!
(i considered using some tiny bones as the insect bodies...
but then thought...nah...will just stick to pressed flowers & wings for the glass...)
oh yeah! one more thing...
yesterday, while we were cleaning out one of the sheds out back...
(yeah, a little spring cleaning...a little late...)
this little guy was hiding under a towel on one of the shelves...
trying to stay warm...we've had some cool nights lately...
he should've crept between the folds...he may be under the towel...
but still...on a metal shelf!  BBBbbbbbrrrr...
young yellow rat snake

'til next time...stay cool...

"The universe is a big place, perhaps the biggest."
Kilgore Trout (Kurt Vonnegut)

laura  :]


  1. Hi Laura, really nice work with your butterflies and flowers, and i like the shadow pictures. light belongs to shadows and back, and i mean in this autuum time, the shadows are growing and get much longer and bigger.
    But may be its only in my mind.....hihi.Uff the snake i would get a heart attack....even i like them.
    And to your question about this stupid EU, it gets really law on 11. April 2011.
    terrible or?
    I can't believe how much the politic is disturbing on earth and by human beiing.
    So long i go to my girlfriend, drink some cup of very good tea and grass.
    have a nice weekend, blessed be

  2. that glass and wire is cool.May have to find me some wire? i have some cool beveled glass pieces I been hoarding.thanks for the tip. love the pics ,cute snake too. I would like one in my shed , then would not have to worry with mice.

  3. Well hello there mr. Snake!

    I absolutely LOVE all the shadow pics (the bike and the cat especially)

    mod podge- a crafters must have. Love the stuff.

  4. Really cool window hanger. I also use mod podge when I make wooden Christmas ornaments. But I'd like to try a window hanger one day. You collect cool stuff Laura. Do you have drawers and drawers of wings, feathers and bones? And, yes, the shadow pictures are great too-Milo of course is cool!

  5. Great shadow shots, all of them, especially the bike. Your wall hangings are very cool too. I like the step by step...and what a darling yard manager...I have two myself, sometimes they are a bit jealous of the indoor cats...but they all have their jobs!

  6. I love the window hanger Laura - can't wait to see how the new one develops.
    I think butterflies are my totem - they fascinate me even more than other creatures.

    Nice shadows too!

  7. I love finding little hiding critters!!

  8. Nice shadow shots. The window hanger is gorgeous.

  9. hey!! thanks everybody!! yeah i thought the shadows were kinda cool...was hoping they'd turn out in pictures like i see with my eyes...

    it's always cool to find a hiding least the snake wasn't a poisonous one!!

    i'll have an update on the window hanger in the post...

    and as far as my 'collections'...i have baskets & boxes of bones...jars of feathers...baskets & vases full of shells...stones & rocks scattered everywhere...and so on...HA!

    thanks again ALL for swinging by and leaving your always appreciated thoughts...and kind words... :]

  10. Your creation is awesome, as usual! The rat snake, YUCK! The shadows...GREAT...:)JP

  11. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You :-)


  12. I love the shadows. You almost feel there is another story inside the shadow trying to get out. You are so cool, taking pictures of shadows. And look how cute the little snake is peeking out at you.! and your art is great as well. It is such fun to visit your blog. Thanks. blessings

  13. Loving the shadow shots and the window hanger, but not so much the snake!

  14. Wonderful shadow photos!

  15. thanks everyone...HITH,Geezer,lovelight,Nikki and LC!!

    glad you liked the art...shadow pic's...and the little snake! well, maybe not everyone liked the snake...but to see!

    as always, i appreciate your wandering through here...and leaving your thoughts!! :]


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