Tuesday, November 30, 2010

fox 'n' feathers

we had been wondering where the foxes went!

we used to catch glimpses of them...two of them...
at the edge of the woods out back.
sometimes we'd spot one dashing down the driveway...
heading for the field across the street.
last year we even saw a little pup wander into the yard!

but, it had been a while. with all the neighborhood hawks and owls...
on the prowl...we were a little worried for them.

this past saturday, while we were sitting out back...
and sam was deep-frying our second turkey of the season...

there they were!! two grey foxes!!
of course i didn't have my camera.
but luckily by the time i ran inside...grabbed it...and ran back out...
one of the foxes was still wandering around!
“A fox is a wolf who sends flowers.”
~Ruth Weston

“When the fox cannot reach the grapes he says they are not ripe”
~Greek proverb

it must've been the scent of the turkey frying...
anyway...it was pretty cool...
and even cooler that i was able to get the camera before this one ran off.


on sunday morning while wandering...
we found two more owl pellets...(which i have soaking in water & bleach mixture)

and these bluejay feathers.
((of course...you know me...seeing a few feathers on the ground...
a tussle?  something going after the blue-jay?
there might be a dead bird around...
dead bird = bones.  
nope. just feathers. maybe the bird got away. i hope.))


here's a graphic i found online. the words i've seen before...
but the way this one was done...with the wolf...and yin-yang...
it's very nice.

happy autumn!

well...stay cool.
wander. safely.
laura  :]


  1. beer can chicken... try it

  2. What a nice looking fox! The only ones I've ever seen look rather scraggly.

  3. Laura, I LOVE the faces of the wolf!!! Good job, girl...:)JP

  4. That is a beautiful fox! We have foxes, but very rarely see them. Though this spring I did feed two adorable abandoned kits in their den for a few weeks until they left. (We think the dad came and took them eventually.)

  5. How cool! Everytime I see a fox it runs from me. Very pretty creature. I love the blue jay feathers. The red leaves make a nice contrast for the blue.

  6. such a beautiful creature.

    You deep-fry your turkey?? How long does that take - do you cook it first?

  7. your foxes look nice and healthy, that's great. We used to have them here in the park, but sadly they all got deaded by cars. There are, surprisingly still foxes living in Palm Beach

  8. Those foxes are little beauties.

  9. Amazing! Judging by the way these beautiful animals and all other gracious creatures are attracted to you, I would say that Mother Nature handpicked you as the "True Nature Child. And, as for the keeper of the turkey oil-that turkey looks good!

  10. THANKS everyone...yes! we can all agree on one thing for sure...the little foxes are beautiful little creatures!! when we get to actually see them...it's really something else!! i wonder if one of them was the little 'pup' we saw last year??!!

    Alexia...to answer your question about the fried turkey. we don't cook it first. sam injects it with cajun seasoning...gets the temperature of the oil up to where it's supposed to be (not sure what that is...and he's not here right now)...gently drop turkey into oil...and let it cook for 3 minutes per pound! it seals in all the juices!! and it's NOT greasy. when it comes out, he puts it in a paper bag...to drain...

    OH, and Phoenix Rising...yeah, we do beer can chicken all the time...either in the oven or on the grill...sam wants to try a turkey like that some time....

    thanks again everyone!!!!
    ((gotta get ready for work....busybusy...))

    laura :]

  11. those are some beautiful feathers for sure!

  12. Keep taking those fabulous pics $$$

  13. your blog was... FABULOUS !!!!!
    keep like this and add more pictures.

  14. Shewolf Photography6/08/2011 03:22:00 PM

    I am a wandering photographer too. Thank you for sharing.


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