Sunday, November 21, 2010

sunday's shuffle

looks like everyone's getting ready for the holidays.

i finished that 'wing, feather & pressed flower window hanger' i started a week or so ago.

if you take a look at my previous 2 posts...
you can see the 'step by step'...
from a piece of glass...
to the finished 'window hanger'.

What art offers is space - 
a certain breathing room 
for the spirit.
~John Updike


the nights are getting cooler. we can open up the windows and let the fresh air in...
without the A/C kicking on! yay!!  it's excellent cuddle weather!

and with the cooler weather...much of the underbrush dies out...
which means we can go exploring deeper into the woods out back.
(another YAY!!)
(dead) tree snail in yard

the rest of the year, the only way to get through there
 is with a machete to cut away the vines...
or follow the little critters' paths...on hands and knees. 
NAH, we'd rather wait until everything dies back naturally.

Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world.
~John Muir

a woodpecker feather out front...
now in a jar with other found feathers

air fern and fungi on a fallen branch

last week we had one day with pretty strong winds.
when that happens...we always have dead branches falling out of the trees.
at least we's just branches. 
we've had entire trees fall over!

"Every now and again take a good look 
at something not made with hands--a mountain, a star, the turn of a stream. 
There will come to you wisdom and patience and solace and, above all, 
the assurance that you are not alone in the world."
~Sidney Lovett 

this is resurrection fern. growing on some of the old oak trees in the yard.
it's an air fern...that will look as though it's dead through drought season...
then 'come alive' after a good rain.
OH! i found another 'owl pellet'...
(the regurgitated stuff that the owl can't digest)
more on 'owl pellets'  here: the tiniest bones
see all the tiny bones?!! 
this pellet is NOT a fresh one, 
like the others i've been lucky enough to find.
next step - dissect - clean & sanitize -
and then try to figure out what little critter the owl feasted on.
...and so...i leave you with a few pic's of plants that are still blooming in our yard.
it's nice to see some spring color...hanging in there...
orange-barred sulpher butterfly
The earth laughs in flowers.  
~e.e. cummings

happy autumn!

'til next time...stay cool...

discover. wander. get lost.
open your eyes. open your mind. breathe deep.
skip. hop. be silly. laugh.

laura  :]

"How old would you be if you didn't know how old you was?"   
~Satchel Paige 


  1. Very cool shots , love the mushrooms. that is a gorgeous sun catcher too. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving. peace

  2. Wow Laura, like all the time you are such a creative and naturefull person, i can wonder every time how you create and work with this natural materials.
    take care about you

  3. =) Im with them laura. good stuff.

  4. Just had to mention to you that my pastor used the picture of the dog & cat in his sermon this morning!! It was funny! :)

  5. Some obervations on how your Florida & my NW Washington compare:

    Different: We have, and need, no AC, and leave our windows open at night year-round. Never too hot or cold, although we are expecting freezing weather tomorrow...not too much is left blooming, unless one knows what to plant for that. We do have window boxes full of winter pansies and "flowering" kale (purple, pink & white) that I put in 2 weeks ago. The well-known grayness & constant drizzle have set in, as might be expected...

    Same: We, too, are surrounded by woods and much of the underbrush dies out this time of year, so we can go exploring more easily. Snails abound here, as do the infamous slugs! Also lichens, fungi, and (of course!) tons of ferns. My thoughts gradually turn to more inside activities, like bread-baking, sewing, painting - and FINALLY cleaning up and mounting that Sharp-shinned hawk skeleton I found. Love your pressed flower art - I, too, have a book-full of pressed flowers & leaves that I should drag out & do something new with - last time I did that I created a whole bunch of note cards for friends.

    Stay well, Laura, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving there in your "corner" of the world!

  6. Your window hanger turned out great! I can't believe how rich the colors are. And you sure come across a lot of fungi...but you turn it into an art. The air ferns are really cool. Some great quotes-there are so many out there. I'm glad I got to visit today!

  7. Yum! First turkey talk, then owl puke! You've made my day, girl friend! Tell Sam that I hope the two of you snuggle right through Thanksgiving!!!...:)JP

  8. Thanks all!!

    Terica, thanks for dropping in and for the compliments and comment!! :]

    Hexenessel, thanks to you too...and i plan to try the pentagrams out of you have!! :]

    Phoenix Rising, again...thanks! ((loading up that mp3??!!)) :]

    Becky, that dog & cat picture is my FB profile pic!! ha!! thanks for wandering through... :]

    Ladybug, i'd love to get to washington some day! to tell u the truth, FL gets too HOT for me...i'd rather have the cool...the cold! we have much the same interests...when it comes to webs, bones, nature stuff...and such! be well...happy Turkey day to you too! :]

    Susan, yep! fungi!! lots of that around here...must be the sometimes tropical weather??!! glad u could drop by too! :]

    Home In The Hollow...JP...yeah, yum yum!! glad i could make your day...NOT! haha!! long as the weather stays cool...we'll be a snugglin'...if not...i night-sweat too much. :]

    thanks again all! laura :]

  9. I love your blog! We have a lot in common. :)))

  10. The window hanger looks fabulous! well done - and all of these photos look really beautiful. You are clearly so observant, and see beauty in all things. Thanks for letting us see it too.

  11. Hi laura, loved your window hanger. You are one talented lady. The fungi, and all is so interesting and you have such a way with it all. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and take care of that snake! Thanks for sharing.

  12. That glass window decoration is absolutely gorgeous. I love it. Not only do you take amazing photos, you also create beautiful art.

  13. Hallo! blooming good post, love the frame! So today's the day I know that owls regurgitate. cool. oh n
    'Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world..' LOVE THAT! :D All the best!

  14. Hi Laura, the flower window hanger came together beautifully didn't it.

    I was very interesting to see the woodpecker feather too. Such striking markings.

    The things you see on your walks are incredible! How lovely to happen upon the orange barred butterfly as you did. I admire that photo in particular.

  15. I agree, the window hanger is beautiful! The air fern looks very cool. I have never seen anything like that!

  16. Lisa, Alexia, lovelight, Simply Green, Amused Medic, Susan and Kateri!!!! THANKS for wandering through my little part of the world!!! thanks for taking the time to comment...and for your kind words!!! ((and thanks...too...for sharing YOUR part of the world with me!)) :] laura


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