Tuesday, August 3, 2010

thanks!! and creepy crawlies & critters

((yikes!!))  my eyes are wide...in astonishment at ALL the comments...followers...and stopper-bys that i've received since yesterday.  a few of the comments had said something like "congrats on your BON!"  i had no idea what this meant.  Blog  Of  Nature??  WHAT?!  and then finally...someone said it...Blog Of Note!!  i had to go look this up. i just started this blog in april...and i'm still learning. no, i'm not a slow learner...but there's just so much information. and it all takes TIME. you know how it is...you sit at the comp...online...click here...and there...before you know it....the sun's coming up...or your hair's turning grey.  time stands still. til you look at the clock. WHOA!

anyway...i am HONORED!!  HUMBLED!!  and embarrassed at all the attention! and although i've been (trying to) comment on comments left by others...i see now...i would NEVER be able to get anything else done! so what do other people do when comments are left? do you email thanks? comment back? just read...smile...and carry on?!  anyway, i'm sure the comments will slow down...prob later today...it's just the NEWNESS.

so i want to say THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by...and to ALL those who left  a 'comment'...i truly appreciate all your kind words. to everyone who dropped in to take a peek at my blog...thanks!  it's nice to know there are others out there who appreciate all the little things in nature. from the tiniest little bug...to the magnificent sunset...it's amazing!  ok...enough laura...you've already spent the past FOUR hours giving THANKS!!  time to move on....  =-)
the other day i saw this little caterpillar on the front porch. certain times of the year (like now i guess)...they're all over the place. but this is the first one i've seen this year, so it must be the start of their season here. anyway, i grabbed my camera.
the hairs on this caterpillar can cause severe allergic reactions!
here's what the male white-marked tussock moth looks like :
(not MY photo...copied from online)
the adult females are flightless. they lay a froth-covered mass of up to 300 eggs on old cocoons, after mating.

here's a couple of more pictures...just around the house...in the yard...
this one's a skink...caught in the act of munching on an inch worm. he kinda blends in pretty good to the ground and leaves. 

       a stick mantis!

look at the 'smiley face' on this banana spider!  i never noticed that before! i'm guessing it must be to 'scare away' predators?!!

dragonfly...head on!

noon...no work today...but i DO have some chores to get done!    stay cool!  :-)

'scuse me while I kiss the sky.  ~jimi hendrix


  1. Laura!
    How thoughtful!
    Your blog is beautiful! The pictures are sensational!

    I admire your position! I also usually be most grateful to my readers and visitors, a pity that not all are well! But each one carefully as it should your space or want! Is not it?!

    I am grateful for your visit to my humble space and again I apologize for the bad English!

    Continues to present us with such beautiful images, seen through his eyes!

    Thanks, I!
    Peace and light in his ways!


  2. Sorry to ask ...

    But you do not kill the bugs to make those beautiful arts, huh?!

  3. Wonderful photos. Congrats. on being listed in blogs of note. The shot of the dragon fly head on is amazing, and I love the shot of the caterpillar.

  4. Wonderful!!! I am very bad speak english. Sorry. Your foto is beautiful!

  5. Hey Laura...Congrats on the noteworthiness of you blog by blogger! That rocks! =)

    As always love the pictures...not so fond of the spider, but the butterfly makes up for it and that caterpillar is definitely more attractive as a caterpillar =)

    Congrats again my new friend! =)



  6. Congrats on being a Blog of Note today!!



  7. i like your blog! beautiful pictures!
    please follow my blog at http://jenniferscavone.blogspot.com/

  8. Hi Laura, I arrived via Blogs of Note. Congratulations, an enjoyable blog!
    By the way I used top think Jimi was singing " 'scuse me while I kiss this guy"!

  9. Congrats on being a blog of note! We live on 6 acres with 4 being wooded..nick named "creepy woods" by my Grandkiddos... I don't venture up in the buggy summer but love it all other seasons. Great pics that inspire me to be more observant. Congrats again!

  10. You are very talented and I find your photos very inspiring!

  11. Oh my, look at how much your "following" has jump in just a day! Congrats on the BON. That's how I found you and I'm so glad I did. I was so captivated I had to go all the way through start to finish and was surprised to find how much common ground we share.

    For instance I've lived in MI, CA, KY, FL, and now am in SC, not so very far off your list is it? We share lots of interests and if circumstances were different I could easily be living your life LOL.

    I'm just starting out here myself. I'm using your list of blogs your following to find others to check out myself and would love for you to check out mine and see what you think.

    Looking forward to seeing more.

  12. i love the art work, its so i think its so awsome. i really love this site.

  13. Cicadas - we hear them in our backyard all day long here in Austin, TX - singing out - answering each other - but I have never spotted one - except a dead one on the ground or porch - I love them tho - it was my background noise when I was a kid

  14. I just came across your blog a few days ago and I have to thank you for it! I'm a nature enthusiast and an artist and your pictures are very inspiring and beautiful. You have a very lovely blog.

  15. Wow! Blog of Note!

    This site is indeed great! Nature is really fascinating. There are lots of wonders hidden from the populace' point of view. With blogs like this, I am encouraged to preserve Mother Nature. Thanks for making an inspiration to a lot of people!


  16. Cute Critters!

    I can't believe you've only been blogging since APRIL!

    As for what to do with others commenting... I usually look at their blog and comment on something if it moves me ;-) You can't possibly find EVERYones blog interesting enough to comment on ;-)

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  18. ..hi! laura...

    ..your blog was inspiring..
    ..ilove your pics...
    ..i'm also a nature lover..

    ..more power..and God bless..

    ..by the way, i'm carisse.. and i'm from the Philippines..

    -C.A.P.S (._.)

  19. I visit your blog first time it is so nice.

  20. great pictures with great captions, i just loved your photos and the captions you have given them do jsutice, keep it up

  21. Che meravigliaaaaaaaa!!!! La foto del bruco è fantastica!!! Come tutto il tuo blog!!! Finalmente ho capito come lasciare un commento...(è tutto in inglese...acc...) E adesso posso esprimere tutta la mia ammirazione per quello che fai! La natura è incredibile...ha mille colori! e tu riesci a coglierne il lato migliore!! Brava!! Ti abbraccio Laura!!!Un saluto a Sam!!!! ;DDDD

  22. ~THANK YOU~ALL~for stopping by my blog and for leaving your comments, compliments, congrats!! i'm happy to have been able to share my pictures, art & thoughts...with you!! reflections of my small piece of the world! =) thanks! laura

  23. You go girl , it should be BONE for you!
    Blog Of Note Extraordinaire
    Hugs enjoy the attention You deserve it. Peace

  24. Isn't that "stick bug" pictured actually a praying mantis?

  25. And thanks to the blogs of note, you've got another follower! =) return the favour, follow me up on www.lntstory.blogspot.com
    till then...enjoy! =)

  26. Wow you take really good shots! I never noticed that "smiley face" either but now that I see it ... it's going to scare me ;)

  27. I like your photos..they are so fantastic..And in addition to it i like nature too..that makes your blog so amazing..

    thanks for sharing it..
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  28. Those are some amazing pictures.

  29. Hi Laura! I just started blogging and your blog was the first I came to see and I was shocked! Your pictures are gorgeous! I'm like you, in the fact that I love all animals/creatures even the smallest ones that some people never take notice of. I'm always uploading my "nature" pictures on Facebook but I figured maybe they would be more appreciated in a blog. Glad to have found your blog! It's amazing! Take care! ~Paula

  30. Delightful photo. How beautiful nature! Yes, and photographer - master of his craft!Wonderful!Sorry for bad English. I am from Russia)))

  31. Hello! Just came across your blog on the blog of note list and I'm so glad I did! Love your pictures! We have a lot in common, I was born in the year of the snake too. =] Looking forward to reading more of your posts and browsing your pictures. =] Congrats!

  32. What type of camera do you use?

  33. So glad I discovered your site - I feel we are definitely "soul mates" in that my main interests are nature, writing & art. I, too, like to explore the woods - any place outdoors, really. It's gratifying to come across someone else who gets excited over discoveries of feathers, scat, bones & critters. I'm a bit of an oddity among my friends, so it's nice to know there are other women out there with similar interests. Keep up the great work!

  34. I absolutely LOVE your photos. they are magnificent. i must say i am new hear and i have definetly enjoyed your blog and i am ever so picky. please check out mine. i am new and def need advice and feedback.
    once again amazing photos (= amazing blog

    Vote in my poll!

  35. Very interesting, and I particularly love all of the pictures! They are clear, and they really help get the information into my head. (I'm a visual learner :]) I'll continue to follow!

  36. Hi! Nice pics! I thought you might like mine as well:


    Thanks for your blog!


  37. Hi, I like your picture.especially, pict of insects.do you find any stickinsects?Stickbugs in your pict is order Mantoidea/mantis

  38. yikes!!!! so many visitors and comments!! thank you ALL for ALL your kind words and for taking the time to visit!!!

    the comment by atozieda...you're probably right...what i called a stick bug...might be a bug by another name...a mantis?? i'll go investigate further...and then change the name on here. yes, i DO have a REAL stick bug picture which i haven't posted yet...i'll be posting more 'critter' pic's later this week. maybe you can check back if you like!

    again...thanks everyone!!! stay cool and travel safe! :) laura

  39. i like your blog! beautiful pictures!


thanks for stopping by! it's always nice to hear from fellow wanderers!