Sunday, August 8, 2010

bits 'n pieces of the big picture

sam and i have a ritual. well, when i think about it, we probably have more than one. no, no...nothing religious...just a personal ritual we have every year during the last two weeks of august. VACATION!!  yay! august really isn't the best time for vacationing here in the's HOT and buggy! buggy and muggy! we go camping...and  unless you go to a campground that's on a fishing lake...or on the'll pretty much have the campground to yourself!  we like it like that!  so we battle with the mosquitoes, the no-seeums, the yellow that we can be away for both our birthdays (the 19th and 21st) and for our (8th year of being together) anniversary (the 16th).
i say camping...but to alot of you, what we do might not be considered camping. we don't tent it. we used to, but now we have a camper. it's a slide-in. it sits in the back of the truck. it makes the truck a bit wider...a bit taller...but we can go anywhere!  it's not like dragging a 25 footer behind you...trying to make it around hair-pin turns or up steep hills. we invested in this camper about five years ago....deciding that when we get to retirement age...that's what we want to do...hit the road! travel around! see new places!  but we thought it a good idea to get the camper NOW and get away whenever we can...because you just never know what kind of shape you'll be in by the time your 60...65. or if we'll even still be here!  what if i can't climb up into the camper? what if i can't get up and down from the bed in the camper? so lets get away at every opportunity NOW...while we still can!  while we can still walk, hike, bike....

see the part that hangs over the cab of the truck? that's our bed. it's bigger than our bed at home!

so one week from saturday...we'll be on our way to see some caverns in alabama. DeSoto caverns i think. from there...we're leaving it all up in the air! we'll go from state pk to state pk...staying a couple of nights here and there...hiking the trails...and going "aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh"  at all the beauty in nature!  we'll slowly work our way back to florida over two weeks.

so i thought i'd post some pictures from past adventures.    enjoy!!  :)

caverns in north florida. marianna, florida.

in the smokie mountains, north carolina.

this was NOT an august vacation...the trees have no leaves...end of march i think. this pictures always reminds  me of the desert. weird, but when i see the bare trees like that it makes me think of tall cactuses! (hey! i had to look that one up - cacti is the usual plural of cactus - but cactuses IS acceptable!)

this gorge was also famous for The Great Wallenda...who in 1970 tightrope walked across this gorge...making two headstands along the way!

below is another view of the gorge. on either side of the gorge...waaay up top, are the remains of the cement blocks and metal frames that held the cable for Wallenda's walk.

two water snakes mating  along the suwannee river at suwannee river state park,  (north) florida.

this park is where the withlacoochee and suwannee rivers meet.

It is a terrible thing to see and have no vision.  ~Helen Keller 

we don't have an 'air card'...or an, while on vacation we'll have no access to the internet...unless we happen to see a free wi-fi place along the way...but i kinda doubt it!
i'll probably post more pictures during the week...nature in our yard...
but next saturday...will be bye-bye...for 2 weeks!

The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.  ~Joseph Campbell 
pax pace amani peace shalom eace-pay vrede paz paix 
stay cool - laura


  1. Tu pensa a divertirti!! Ma fai tante foto! Io aspetterò di vederle con ansia!! Buone vacanze Laura!

  2. Это просто великолепно!!! Красота!

  3. Oooo...Laura...I can't wait to see what visual goodness you bring home to share with us!! =) I'll miss your comments while you are away, but hope you guys have a safe, happy, and relaxing trip!!!

    Jewell =)

  4. Hi Laura,
    I saw your blog listed on Blog of Note...and finally got the nerve to look. How wonderful! I love all your pictures and stories! And hey! The stick bug (walking stick). I live in Texas and have a few interesting pictures of walking sticks. You don't see them very much around here. I appreciate upbeat stories with happiness as a goal. Thank You-I would like to visit again.

  5. State Parks? Next weekend is free national park entry! You should visit some on your way if there are any near ;-)

  6. thanks all of you for stopping by and leaving your comments! i really appreciate that!

    @ Jewell...i hope to take lots of pictures, as always...thanks to digital can snap away and delete the ones that didn't come out how you envisioned it!! i'll prob be going through withdrawal...but that's ok! it'll be alot to catch up with when we get home...

    @ Susan! i'm glad you stopped by liked what you saw!! BUGS sure are fascinating little creatures! :) i hope to hear from you again!! :)

    @ Erika Jean...thanks for letting me know about the FREE National Park entry...i'm sure we'll be going by a few!! i'll look into that! :)

    well, i hope you guys come back and check this message...too bad there's no way to comment back other than there??!!

    take care....laura

  7. Laura, you are very brave woman! To photograph the dangerous caves, animals and insects that bite and to make it all so professionally can not everyone !!!!!! I'm shocked with delight! Wonderful!))) Oh, my bad English! We must get behind the books!

  8. Anton!! believe me...i'm not THAT brave!!
    the caves we go in are state parks...they take you down's not like i'm going in there with ropes and climbling equipment...i'm not too sure if i would do THAT!! :) but thank you!! as far as the bugs and stuff...i don't pick them up...just get close enough for a good picture!!
    i appreciate you stopping by and commenting!! it's fun for me to hear what people have to say!
    i WISH i was as brave as yhou think i am!! (ha!!) take care!! smile!! and have a happy day! laura

  9. congrats on achieving a 'blog of note' link in such a short space of time

    your kind of camping would be called glamping - glamorous camping - around here

    but it's a good way to go :)

    hope you enjoy your adventure

  10. Kel, thanks!! "glamping"...i guess that's ok...sounds too 'primpy'...i never thought of myself in that way...but i guess that's what it is...we're no longer roughing it!!

    but hey! we're both getting too old (ha!) to keep up with the tents and all...we've put in our time!

    thanks for stopping by!! and for the congrats! :) laura

  11. Laura, sorry, you mentioned about the translator, which should be set to your blog. But how?? could you tell??

  12. Wow! Great photos.

    I found your blog through "Rusty's Retreat." I'll visit often. I love photos--both making them and looking at them.

  13. Antont...i posted a comment on your blog for directions on how to put a translator on there...please email me if u need more help with that!! :)

    bunnits!! so glad you found me here...thanks for looking...and for enjoying!! it's such a good feeling knowing that there are so many people out there with the same of nature and all it's critters... :) laura

  14. Great photos. I love them all!

  15. Hello
    I especially liked the photo on the cavern in florida. I also like nature and rocks because I myself am a geologist.

  16. Without batting an eyelid, I would totally switch lives with yours! The photos are outstanding, to say the least! :) Hope you have loads of fun and loads of pics to bring back to us!

  17. Your photos are absolutely stunning! Enjoy your vacation! :)

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  19. hey laura
    ur blog rocks...i mean u hv such close encounters wid nature dats so rocking!!! i m a nature freek myself bt i hardly get to do nething or c anything...i like ur jus rocks..wat is it dat u exactly do?? hope u hv a safe trip bye

  20. Laura dear:

    First, thanks for your words, always!

    And hey what it's like a trailer?! Hmmm, speaking of "consumption" would be my sweet spot! hihi

    I used to camp a lot, but the same tent! ;)
    I am somewhat anti-social ", the fewer homes and people around me, the better! hihi

    I really like is the "vermin"! The human animal scares me sometimes more than snakes! hihi

    Kiss on your adventurous soul!
    Have a great week!

    Ps.: Images, as always: Spectacular!

  21. thanks for stopping by!!

  22. Hello! You don't know me but I came across your blog when it was posted on Blog Of Note. First, I love your pictures. I am just starting to get into photography, which I am really excited about, and I really like the ones you posted. Second, I lived in south Florida for 5 years and loved camping there. Have you been to Cayo Costa State Park off of Fort Myers, or Bahia Honda in Marathon Key?? They are gorgeous locations too!!

  23. Maurice might someday like to be outdoorsy.

  24. this is yet another thank you to ALL of you who have stopped by...and left your comments!! i am so happy to have shared 'my little world' with you!! to Kingsley, AliKhosh, June, Simply Green, Jet, Priyanka, NCIS, AJ, Al-3arabe, Tech Monitor, Educated Novice and Maurice!!!! thankyouthankyou!! i'll be taking lots of pic's on vacation and will be looking forward to getting them on here!!

    @ AliKhosh - i might have been a geologist in a former life!! :)

    @ Priyanka - you asked what do i do exactly? you mean...occupation? i've been a licensed massage therapist for the past 11 years!

    @ Educated Novice - no, haven't gone camping much in S florida...since we're in Gville, we tend to go north. all over north FL and into GA, NC, SC and alabama!! but one day we WILL head south!! :)

    @ Maurice - (work on being outdoorsy!)....:) so many incredible things to see...hear...

    well, THANKS AGAIN TO EVERYONE!! you are all so kind!!!!!!!!

    peace & smiles...laura

  25. I found your posts so much interesting especially the pictures.That i wished to be in your shoes. Out here in Nigeria camping is non existent or new. and you know that being a developing country we sure would have more of these interesting creature. I will save up to buy your type of camera cause it is really very sharp. you can also read our way of life on my blog. Like you i am few weeks old in writing. Keep up the good work i will be visiting again soon.

  26. OH...and Selena!! i meant to say a little something to YOU!!!! (i'm the SAME way...i don't like being around alot of people...when we go camping, we keep to ourselves...not that we're UNfriendly...not at all...and i wouldn't say i'm anti-social, but i can be a homebody! i'm friendly to everyone...but prefer to wander on my own...or with sam! i'd much prefer getting out the wild...hiking...than sitting around BSing with people... :) thanks again!! take care!! laura

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  28. both birthdays and anniversary within 7 days? clutch

    tranquil pics too

  29. Wow. These pictures are amazing. Better than any pictures I have taken. Well most of mine are of sunsets. Anyways, you have inspired me to take pictures of more than sunsets. Thanks. :)

  30. Wow, cool pic.s and scenery is spectacular! I love nature and hiking...Thanks for sharing!
    I'd like to share my site with you as well. Feel free to share me, comment or add me to follow.

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  32. Your pictures are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

  33. THANKS!! to Yirus, Adam, twobrothers, Christian, RyanJames, woolmer, binny, rosa, nick, marley!! ((i hope i didn't leave anyone out!) i'm glad you found me here and liked what you saw. if i can inspire someone to get out there and enjoy 'nature'...GREAT!! if what you'd rather do is sit least you have billions of nature pictures to look through on the internet!! :) anyway thanks again for stopping by ....and taking the time to leave me a note!! i appreciate that!! (and, yeah!! Adam...Bdays on the 19th and 21st...anniv on the 16th. whew!)>>twobrothers...keep snappin'!!! :)

    take care ALL :) laura

  34. Your photos are wonderful. Keep on doing that :)

  35. THANX =) BilliamPeace and Cookie Monster!!!!! so glad to see you made it to more than just my latest posting! when i get back from our' road trip'!! i'll be checking out your blogs, if you have one too!!! just no time right NOW as there's so much to get done before saturday!

    anyway, thanks so much for stopping by and taking time out to leave me a note!! it REALLY makes me feel good knowing i can make someone 'smile' and go...aaaaaahhhhh...ooooooohhhh....

    take care...peace, safe, laura

  36. Very beautiful pictures! Enjoy your trip!

  37. you and your buddy are the coolest couple i ever imagine...great bonding, nature lover, skills addict and you love your craft so much...i can feel it in every photos you take...keep it up..gogogogogo!!!

  38. Adorei seu blog e suas fotos,estão demais
    Ana Cristina Dória

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