Saturday, August 28, 2010

excerpts from the road. part two.

...this is a continuation...a condensed version...of our  'just short of two week road trip'  from FL to AL to GA and back to FL again. since we didn't have any internet access along the iphone or air card...i get to live it all again through these posts and pictures!  enjoy!!  :)

ok, so, where did i leave off?
oh yeah,  Torreya State Park in stop...Oak Mountain St Pk in Pelham, Alabama...15 miles south of Birmingham.

so we're heading out of florida...into alabama...losing an hour as we make it west of the chattahoochee river. eastern to central time zone. "Let's Roll Alabama" is everywhere! more cow pastures. dairy farms. goats. rolling hills. purple martin (gourd) houses hanging in just about every yard. peanut fields. horses.
Oak Mountain is Alabama's largest st pk , 10,000 acres in the southernmost part of the Appalachian Chain.  some of the views are like those in the Smokey Mountains.

we stopped at the visitor center to get maps, etc...(just in case the garmin GPS lost it's signal. it used to be MY job to navigate! sam drove...i told him where to turn...i was GOOD! but i was replaced! :[  anyway, maps for back up.)

they were collecting watermelon rinds at the visitor center. we should have asked them 'why'?  but we forgot.  anyone know?  for compost?


Double Oak Lake


creek running through the Alabama Wildlife Center  which is located in Oak Mountain State Park.

the pictures that follow are some of the non-releasable birds in 'flight cages' built off the ground, among the trees. these birds are blind in at least one eye and therefore wouldn't be able to survive in the wild.


 the female owl on the left is blind in both eyes.  
the male owl on the right is in the cage as her companion and 'seer'...

this red-tailed hawk  is "Ireland". she's been at the AWC since she was a flightless baby...two years ago, when a car hit the tree her nest was in. she fell out of the nest. when the tow guy came to tow the car away...he saw her on the ground and took her to the Rehab center. she has neurological damage and can't be released back to the wild.  she's one of their 'educational' birds now. we spent alot of time here...learning about the animals...walking the trail...visiting the nursery and convalescent ward. really interesting...we left there appreciating all the good they do for the wildlife in the area.

since we were already pretty hot and sweaty, we decided to tackle the hike to Peavine Falls before heading back to the campground. well, we finally get to the falls...but there's no water. dry. just rock. oh well...we got our exercise and the rock formations and view made it all worth it!

back to the our campsite where we had 
"A Close Encounter of the Squirrel Kind"...

milo was on the picnic table...shocked that the squirrel was so brave!
we were kind of surprised too. 

so this is the end of our Oak Mountain day we headed to check out Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham. VERY cool place!!! overwhelming! amazing! 
then on to the De Soto Caverns in Childersburg...and Cheaha State Park ...
stay tuned for Part Three  :]
and so...i leave you with just a few more pic's from our campsite...

There is always Music amongst the trees in the Garden, 
but our hearts must be very quiet to hear it.  ~Minnie Aumonier 

stay cool - - - - laura  :]
(if you missed the previous post - Part ONE click here )


  1. Beautiful photos!

    Guess I need a new camera. My pictures never turn out so well. *sigh*

  2. Awesome, Laura...Wish I had found u sooner!...:)JP

  3. Wonderful pictures, tell the tale themselves.

  4. Newbie to your site, but I have to say I just adore your photographs. Lots of back reading/viewing to be done.
    Sarah x

  5. thanks Kathy, Home In The Hollow and Murphyfish!! for stopping by...and 'going on our road trip'!! :)

    HomeInTheHollow...better late than never...same here!

    laura :]

  6. ShySarah!! guess we JUST missed each other... :)
    glad you found me too...and happy that you enjoy my pic's of all the little nature stuff!! :]


  7. looks like a great time... I used to work at a park where we used animals that were non re-releasable too... we had a strict policy against naming them though (they are "wild" animals, and we didn't want to encourage the public to keep wild animals as pets)
    ...anyway I always find it interesting when parks name there animals!

  8. Great photos Laura! This is so cool, I came home from my vacation and now get to share yours.

    I just posted nature photos from Silver Springs today. Man! Is it taking you as long to choose what pics to post as it is me? Criminy, it's going to take me forever to catch up!


  9. Well, you're in my neck of the woods--almost. We're in Huntsville, but have yet to get to Oak Mountain. Definitely have to put that on the list. Love your photos.

  10. to all - thanks for taking time to share (my view) of our roadtrip!!

    me and my folding bike! glad you found me here...and yes, milo is the best cat. so smart. and loves to go camping with us!

    erika jean! ALL the animals they had there, that were unreleasable...had names. their names usually seemed to be either the city...or county...or nearby city...that they were found.

    mustang sally! YES!! i have sooooo many pic's, it's taking me way too long to pick 'em out & then post! i want to 'get back to my normal posts'...ha!! silver springs...that's not TOO far from where we are...good luck with your picture picking!! ha!

    bunnits! someone else mentioned huntsville to me yesterday and said we should go there next time...i have to look at a map again...i guess we were pretty close, eh?! we missed alot we wanted to get to...amazing how fast 12 days can go. anyway...i love the bugs. my favorites. bugs & flowers up close!

    Thanks again everyone for stopping by & leaving a note!! you are very much appreciated by me! :]


  11. I love the idea of that female owl's seer. How awesome is that. And you can't even see that the birds are blind. They have the most beautiful eyes. Owls. In our area they are putting up owl's nests at people's houses which they then service etc. I would love to get that done one of these days.

    your pictures are truly amazing.

  12. Keda!! really read all the posts, didn't you?? thanks so much...i hope you enjoyed your 'trip'!! ;)
    that sounds like a pretty cool thing...putting up those pwl nests and then taking care of them!
    what kind of owls do you have there? are they doing that for owls that are endangered?

    again, thanks for all your time and thoughts!!
    laura :)

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