Monday, November 26, 2012

the *poo*pusher*

if you know me at know i take pictures of 'scat'.  poop.
it's part of my wildlife education!
i'm a self taught Poo-ologist.
(or is it a Poopologist? Crapologist? Shitologist?)

you'll know which critters have been visiting, by learning to recognize their scat.
you can even tell what they've been eating, or if they're herbivores or carnivores.
(need i ask if you care? well, if you do, take a look at this book "What Shat That?" by Matt Pagett.)

anyway, i'm getting sidetracked.
emo is an indoor kitty.
he's only been outside twice, under strict supervision!
(he'll be 4 months old on the 6th of December.)

emo uses a kitty litter pan.
we ceremoniously toss his poop out back, towards the woods.

(we do this 2 - 3 times a day. he poops a lot!)

a few days ago, sam hollered for me to grab the camera & head out back.
a Dung Beetle was frantically rolling one of emo's POO away!
"first come, first serve!"

this particular *poo pusher* was racing along,
hoping that no other of his kind would attempt to rob him of his bounty!

and the way he PUSHES that poop along...with his scooper!

at least we use the fragrance free & dye free litter. no additives. 100% natural.
we don't have to worry about the health of these amazing beetles...
OR their larvae, that feed on this excrement.

i recorded this little Tumblebug in action!
it's only 28 seconds.
check it out!!

ok, enough of this shit, i mean poop!

Always watch where you are going. 
Otherwise, you may step on a piece of the Forest that was left out by mistake. 
(Winnie the Pooh)

stay cool.  be safe.


  1. My goodness he's working hard. What a treasure trove you've provided for him.

  2. Oh gosh!!! This is so gross and cool at the same time:) Love that you filmed this beetle:) I had the same experience this past summer. I should have been revolted but I was so fascinated by it all that I took pics:) Plus that's one beautiful beetle!

    Scat, only recently, has interested me only in the fact that it helps me track critters. I got the bear scat down:) Emo should be proud he's helping the environment:) Little stinker:)

  3. Świetny popychacz i jaki pracowity :)
    Great pusher and how busy :)

  4. keep your baby safe!.... glad his system is nice and regular! lol

  5. Amazing, I like the little Tumblebug rolling the shit...I mean poop!
    But, your cat is also amazing! LOL

  6. such a hardworking little guy! so cute!

  7. Cool video, the beetle must be strong! Great captures! BTW, I love your new header!

  8. I think Poopologist, Crapologist, and Shitologist should be used depending on the kind of poop. Yep, very scientific ;-)

    That little beetle looks determined to take Emo's shit all the way lol. And crapolas! he is sooo strong.

  9. And I thought my job could get gross at times

  10. HI Laura...I love your subjects even if it is poop ; )
    I have always been able to know what wild animals have been around the area!!
    As a kid my Dad taught me that!! I even know what toad poop looks like lol!!
    Emo is learning about recycling already : )!! He is a cutie!!
    Funny video!!
    Your Poo-ologist friend !

  11. What an industrious little fellow!

  12. Even tho it's a little gross, it is an interesting subject. Actually, I never knew what a dung beetle was until I met you. So, we watch and learn, and, really, this IS good to know! Emo is looking really good...he's so happy with his new life! Exploring is a cat's favorite pastime, it's their livelihood (sp?) This is a great video, and that beetle earned his days wages!!! Have fun in your cool weather. We're due for a major drop in temps ourselves. See you soon!♥

    P.S. Love the Pooh's fitting isn't it?

  13. That is one pretty beetle! I don't think we have dung beetles around here. At least I have never seen one.

  14. I thought of the Pusherman, too, Laura.

    But that song is too mean for a shiny, hardworking beetle.

  15. Well I would never have thought a post on poop, shit or crap could be so interesting. Your writing made me smile a lot - I like your sense of humour :))
    What a busy wee guy that bug is!!!

  16. hard to believe that something that pushed poop around all day is so pretty! his coloring is lovely!

  17. One cat's poop is another's treasure. What a beautiful bug. That is so cool that Emo is helping out the dung beetles.
    Emo is looking teenagery already. ;) He is quite handsome!
    Enjoy your day...and weekend! :)

  18. Oh I love it when you get on to your poopie mode Laura - you dig up the best words! Great photos and always interesting commentary.
    Cool photo of you and Sam '04.
    all the bestxx :D)

  19. I cannot believe I watched a video of a handsome bug pushing poop and loved it. Only you could make poop sound so interesting. :) Thanks Hugs B

  20. Great post & BEAUTIFUL beetle! Tough job, but somebody's got to do it, right? Just think what this world would be like if we didn't have all the various (all shapes/sizes/species...) trash collectors who work so diligently every single day. I have my mini-loaves of sweet breads all ready to leave for our human ones a bit nearer to Christmas...but I digress. THANK YOU for your informative, beautiful posts full of humor and grace. Have a great new week, Laura!


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