Friday, November 23, 2012

friday's fringe 32 ~ the moon


while walking through the woods out back
i spotted a couple of dangling leaves...

hanging by a thread...probably a spider-web-thread!

(although in this first picture it looks to be a little thick,
but maybe the entire web collapsed in on itself & became one long thread.)

spinning...twirling in the breeze,
i waited for the wind to settle down.

“Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower”
~Albert Camus

~to the moon~

you know 
the moon.

this was taken on 21st of november @ 8:46pm.

it STILL amazes me how my 'point & shoot' Canon PowerShot 
can get a picture of the MOON...with CRATERS!!

my dream camera is a Canon Rebel.
i'll keep on dreaming...they're expensive.

i'm not complaining, i LOVE my PowerShot...
but sometimes i wish to get MORE MACRO than i'm able!

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  1. that's a great shot of the web and spinning leaf and, as always, gorgeous lady moon x

  2. Lovely photo of the moon--and it always so neat to watch dangling leaves...amazing how strong spiderwebs are!

  3. Really . . . REALLY . . . stunning photos . . . Amazing moon shot!

  4. I think you take amazing photos. But if you put it out there to the universe, and you believe in it, that Rebel will be yours. A rebel for a rebel.

  5. Wiatr wieje i liść się kręci jak na karuzeli. Może jest nawet z tego zadowolony. Pozdrawiam.
    The wind blows and the leaf is spinning like a carousel. Maybe he's even happy with it. Yours.

  6. I do love your moon shots.

  7. i posted moon shots today, too! :)

    love the cord that leave is tied to. quite a well-twisted web.

  8. Wow we have the same camera are they not the most amazing?
    LOVE LOVE love your shots. Hope all is weel. Hugs B

  9. The leaves have landed well- looks like more swinging fun than just becoming moosh on the forest floor. I too have yearnings for a Rebel - I keep looking online to see if the prices have gone down...nope, they have not. Your moon shot is amazing- Had to show it to my husband- he has all sorts of astronomy equipment and cameras and rarely gets a shot this clear.The leaf shots are my faves- nearly of all time! Great!

  10. Hello Laura, Beautiful pictures and I'm still dreaming too

  11. Beautiful the moon. Not bad, ha ha, its bloody amazing.

  12. Love your photos. Love the poem. Love the Albert Camus quote. I will try to remember, "every leaf is a flower" as I rake and rake and brush them from my face in the wind. I hope you get your camera wish. Although a Canon Powershot is an excellent camera. I've got one and, even though I enjoy shooting with my Nikon, the Powershot is still so handy.

  13. Agree with you totally that the PowerShot is outstanding. Was my first camera as well. Please have you all a good weekend.

  14. your moon photos are amazing
    you have an eye
    no need for fancy camera tools

  15. I like Albert Camus especially in Le Petit Prince. You have a dope camera. Hope you're well.

  16. The spinning leaf was really cool!
    Your Cannon Power Shot has waaay better magnification than mine. Yours is awesome!!
    Have a great weekend, dear lady!! :)

  17. Amazing set of photos,....just great!

  18. I'm going to watch for spinners like that, Babe!...:)JP

  19. That fall leaf just doesn't want to fall ;-)

  20. Laura, beautiful images of the leaves! And I love your moon shots. I also have the Canon powershot and love it. Have a happy Sunday!

  21. Gah! I'm at the bottom of your list today! Love the leaf photos! Cameras get more complicated for me. I've heard of the macro thingy, guess I'm just glad to get a good shot. But, you do get the best moon shots! And, yes, in the fall, every leaf is a that quote (sticking up for autumn weather)! A great post Laura!

    Just been toolin' around all weekend. Started a new blog for Karo...'Rockabillrock'! We'll see how it goes. Hope your week goes cooly!♥

  22. I love these leaf shots - it shows how strong those spiders webs are doesn't it?
    Your moon shot is fab - I use a powershot too and I love it. It's a great wee camera. :)

  23. Love those strong webs! And agree that it is amazing what the point and shoots can do.....gorgeous moon and reminds me to try to get a full or fullish moon shot early this week (if it isn't too cloudy).

  24. THANKS everybody!!!! wow, there sure are a lot of PowerShot people!! this camera is the best digital i've ever owned! i LOVE it!! the only real complaint i have is that all the shades of purple...look blue! oh well, ya can't have everything! =)

    have a great day!

  25. That is amazing that you got that luna photo with your point and click. i struggle on times with my 70-200 lens on the Nikon.
    P.S dont by a Canon, Nikon all the way !!;)
    Have a fab day

  26. unbelieveable shot with a P&S! I use Canon cameras too :-) Love the image of the leaves...I can picture them slowly twisting in the wind.

    btw...the new header is gorgeous! I thought the one mushroom had a googly eye!

  27. Belas fotografias...Espectacular....

  28. We both have the same camera. The point and shoot surprisingly takes better movies and moon shots. The Canon Rebel is much trickier and I stopped doing shots with that camera. I continue to use the point and shoot for those space shots. Very beautiful. Isn't it surprising how strong a spider web can be?

    Hope you had a great weekend full of fun and relaxation.

  29. I LOVE that quote, for autumn is indeed spring in a new dress. And don’t even try saying anything about getting a “better” camera. I wish I had something as powerful as you do. My old digital silliness can’t even really capture the moon *sniff, sniff*


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