Friday, November 30, 2012

friday's fringe 33 ~ morphing the moon

i couldn't get a full moon picture wednesday night...too much cloud cover.
BUT thursday morning, the air was crisp & cool (46F) & clear!

my youngest son (28yrs) travis, is living with us (again).
i've been driving him up to the 'day labor' place every morning at 5:30
and sitting in the parking lot waiting to drive him to a jobsite.
i grabbed my camera.

my first picture was looking toward the road with the moon & star
still high enough in the sky for a good picture.
those WHITE LINES toward the bottom of the picture are cars rushing by.

zooming in on the it's magical fullness!

29 november 2012  at  5:25am

and now comes the FUN part.
moon morphs!

mosaic tiles

cubism style

heat map

aaaaaaah.  the purple moon.


and just plain dreamy...

"Under the full moon life is all adventure." 
~Sigurd Olson, The Singing Wilderness

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**all morphs on today's post done with gimp, a free image manipulation program**

ps - friday morning...after making my run to the Labor Force place...
will be my 'catch up' time.
see ya' in bloggerland!


  1. great moon morphs - hope you're getting plenty of rest with all those early starts x

  2. Hi Laura, Happy Friday! Love your moon morphs, the purple is my favorite. Great captures. Have a happy weekend!

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  4. Wonderful, laura!

    We had cloud cover for the full moon too, but this morning (around 4 A.M) it was shining through the tree tops so I took a picture. Haven't downloaded it yet...

  5. I think I prefer the original version.

  6. The full moon shot natural is my favorite . . . such a good mom you are . . .

  7. Hi Laura,
    Great moon morphs!
    Have a nice weekend!


  8. i like the light streaks of cars! and i couldn't pic a favorite of your moon morphs. like them all!

  9. Oh, you poor thing, you've got a son like that, hum, so do I.........
    Lovely moon and you've got a moon in all sorts of ways. Beautiful photos.

    1. ok's nice to know...i'm not alone! ha
      well, travis sure has put me through an awful lot over the years!
      i just wish he'd figure it all out!! you know!!

      have a great day...hopefully you have some SUN!! =)

  10. Oh gee, did you ever get a bunch of awesome shots- I always enjoy what and how you work with your photos! You've done magic here too. Our best full moon I was away and didn't have my camera- that doesn't happen often. Then last night when I was all ready to shoot- no way, it wasn't going to happen. No moon too much cloud cover or whatever! I hope you've got good plans for your Saturday? My day so far is rather gloomy outside and a cool 32 degrees but it should warm up some! Hahahahahaha! This is Minnesota, what am I thinking!

    1. we;ve been down to the low 30's here too...but just at far...
      actually today is supposed to be a little warmer, right now at 4:35am, it's 54 degrees out!! the weather just keeps jumping UP and DOWN! it's crazy!

  11. I hope your boy is getting lots of work.

    I love the moon shot, and I'm enchanted by your mosaic tiles version.

    1. oh yeah, he's been working all week!
      the only ...sort of...bad thing...for that i take him to the Labor Place at 5:30...he gets a ticket to a job...and i then drive him to that job, which all week has been all the way on the other side of town. oh well. i do what i can do. there are no buses from where we live, outside the city limits.

  12. Excellent work upon the moon. Thank you for the inspiration. Please have you all a good new month.

  13. whoa, up at 5:30, you are a good good mom!
    i hear that star might be Jupiter!
    lovely post.

    1. tammie, thanks!! you know i got SO excited about morphing the moons, i totally forgot to find out what 'star' that the moon!! =)

      IT'S JUPITER EVERYONE! =) thanks !!

  14. what fun
    i love doing that with my images too
    it opens up all sorts of possibilities when you look at things from a slightly different view

  15. What fun moons! I was expected a blue one--LOL! ;)
    5:30 is awfully early, BTW! I hope young son appreciates it. :)

    1. NOPE, no blue moon this time...actually, i did a blue moon post not too long ago.
      OH yeah, travis appreciates it...i think he feels pretty badly...about the choices he has made...
      oh well...i hope things get better...for him...
      i do what i can...

  16. Super shot of the moon and fun morphed images. I have yet to get a successful shot of the moon.

    1. you will...
      if you can adjust the light in...adjust it so the least amount of light comes in. ESPECIALLY when the moon is FULL!
      that's what i seems to work pretty good! thanks for stopping by & leaving a note!!

  17. Got an adult son living in our basement. But it's good to know he's got a clean bed every night. As for your weird moons -- love them all.

  18. Phew 5.30am is awful early to be up and about - I'm still sleeping at that time.
    Great moon shot and I love your morphs too. Have a great week. :))

  19. Świetna zabawa z księżycem w pełni. Światła samochodu też ciekawie wyglądają. Pozdrawiam.
    Great fun with the full moon. The headlights also look interesting. Yours.

  20. Love a daytime moon, love the pictures, love the morphs. I just posted last week's full moon picture from Oregon. Yours is better ;>)

  21. Sorry I'm a week late. We've had a sick grandson staying with us, so, time has been short. Love all of your moon shots. The morphing thing is fun. I have gimp, but, sometimes it's hard to work with.

    Will, jump over to your current 'Friday Fringe'. See you soon!♥

  22. I missed the full moon due to clouds for the whole week. Love your different takes on the full moon!


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