Friday, November 9, 2012

friday's fringe 30 ~ more zebras...morphed!

just another picture of the magical moon...    =)
3  november  2012
“May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks.”   
~Gandalf to the Great Eagles, The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien
(a polite way to say good-bye to an eagle)

~ oOo ~

there are so many Zebra Longwings 
(florida's state butterfly) 
through the yard lately.  
i've snapped so many pictures of them!
might as well love 'em while i can, 'cause the temp's are starting to drop a bit.
(yesterday's high was 65 and the lows have dipped to high 30's to 40 (F))

the zebra longwings seem to really like the taste of the Elliot's Aster plant (a FL native), 
with its lavender flowers.
(they might not look lavender - my camera must be color blind. it never sees shades of purple.)

i saw FOUR zebras on this one one time!
unfortunately, no camera in hand.
so here's a THREEfer!

i did a little playing around with this TWOfer picture...

BOOSTED colors...

same photo, like an Oil...

well, that's it for now.


ONE more picture for the road!
(we took emo for his first short venture outside. here he is next to squatting sam.)

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“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection” 
~Siddhārtha Gautama


  1. HI Laura, your Zebras are beautiful. Love your morph shot too. The moon capture is gorgeous. And your Emo is a cutie, how did he like his first visit to the great outdoors. Loved all your photos! Have a great weekend.

  2. love the two zebra wings shot. Emo's paying attention to the camera already!

  3. Oh These are such beautiful Butterflies no wonder you could not stop taking photos. I understand.
    Seems Emo looks a little like "What the heck" :0 B

  4. Amazing Zebras, I love their longwings. Great photography.

  5. WOW WOW WOW - those are my kind of ZEBRAS!

  6. Replies
    1. emo was a little hesitant...unsure...creeping carefully through the tall grass...but thrilled at the same time. "WOW! WHAT IS ALL THIS?!"
      luckily, he hasn't tried to dash out the door every time it's opened...he's way too little to head out there on his own!!

  7. There can never be too many moon and Emo pictures.

  8. oh my. teeny tiny emo stole the butterfly's show! :)

    love the oil painting effect! gorgeous on those asters!

  9. Very kewl butterflies!
    Ah, the first venture outside. So much to see and experience.

  10. Om my, he is so little and so adorable- I was enchanted by the butterflies but then EMO came into view and I just lost it! OHHHHH!

  11. Beautiful butterfly.
    wish you a great weekend.
    From Hilda

  12. Beautiful images. I liked them all.

  13. The zebras are beautiful. I love the moon pic and the Gandalf quote.

    Oh, oh, please watch little EMO when he's outside. He's the perfect size for something big and predatory to snatch.

    1. oh i know!!!! we would never let him outside by himself!!!! i hate for him to go out AT ALL...but...sam, he wants to let him have a taste of the outdoors. bit i tell him if we keep doing that, soon he'll start running for the door every time we open it, and THAT will be a pain in the butt!!!!

  14. oh how very beautiful these butterflies are! I sense i will not see a butterfly around here for months, many months!

    such a cute kitty!

  15. What an adorable mitten!:) He looks like lots of trouble. The good kind though:)

    Those zebras are beautiful.....and I especially love the Gandalf quote! Nice. We are supposed to get rain tonight and then it's going to get cold. Should be quite the show:)

  16. Love the asters covered with zebra butterflies. That is a butterfly I haven't seen before. So pretty!

  17. Those butterflies are so pretty Laura, we haven't seen any like them around here, and your asters do look purple...sort of periwinkle color. Your oil of the photo is really good. Emo is such a cutie. We do have one that looks like him, and for some reason there seem to be a lot of that color around lately. A mama cat had at least six kittens way out back between our house and a neighbor's house, and Freddie and his sister have stuck close by our house to get good food! We have Scootie this week and they're really having a good time with him. Our weather is on and off hot and cold, we're supposed to get some major rain tomorrow, of course, when we're driving Scootie home!!! Have a great weekend, see you later!♥

  18. The butterflies are so lovely - I've never seen one like that before. You did a great job of the photographs too.
    Emo is so cute :))

  19. So glad to be back with my dear Friend.

  20. Those are striking butterflies!
    I hope Emo will be as good for you about staying around. I wonder if he'll be a good camper? He's such a sweet thing! :) Have a super Sunday!!

  21. Jealous of your zebras. Nothing at all like that here so I appreciate your photos. Fun to see what happens when you send them through a few filters, too. Emo is wonderful. Love to see the big eyes all in wonder about the brave new world.

  22. Belas fotografias...Espectacular....

  23. Hello Dear Laura, oh my goodness those gorgeous butterflies. I love what you did with the photo too, most charming.
    Little Emo is a cutie and I love how you prefer to keep him inside with just a tiny visit outdoors now and then... so wish our neighbours had your wisdom, I fret for our little darling birds that get taken.
    Cheers now and enjoyed catching up with you. Enjoy your week xx :D)

  24. The only thing prettier than the butterflies is the butterflies against those sweet blue flowers. Oh, I wish I had so much green in my yard now! So pretty. And hug that kitty for me! Hope all is well with you. . . .

  25. Lovely moon and even lovelier zebras, but they have nothing on Emo's expression. I swear he looks like he is about to tell you, "Woman, is that a camera you are aiming at me!?" He is sooo cute.

    P.S. Jacob found a dead bird and saved me all the bones. I smiled when I saw the clean skeleton, and thought of you ;-)

  26. That is always so fun matter how long I look, I can never decide which morph I love the best, or maybe it is the original....hmmm. Emo looks a little overwhelmed by the great outdoors, but I have a strong feeling he'll get used to it very soon.

  27. Księżyc taki duży i z podziwem patrzy razem ze mną na cudowne motyle. Pozdrawiam.
    Moon so big and awe "looks" with me the wonderful butterflies. Yours.


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