Thursday, November 22, 2012


i'm not much of a holiday person.

well, except for Halloween.
BUT today is Thanksgiving day in the U.S.,
and here on the ole' home front,
we'll do our traditional deep fried turkey.
(thanks sam!)
it'll be a nice quiet day...sam's mom and one of my two sons.
that's it.

i'm thankful...grateful, for a lot of things.

every day...
not just today.
to name a few...
my sons, sam, emo, 
family & friends, nature, freedom, you, 
the sun, the stars, the moon, life, love, hugs, 
memories of those loved & lost, 
the kid in me, my health, my compassion, 
my open-mindedness, my patience...
all the little things, big things, things that go unnoticed.
my wish for peace...
and the hope for less hunger, 
conflict & violence 
on our planet earth.

i also want to THANK all who i have gotten to know...out cyberspace. in bloggerland.

THANKS to everybody, who takes the time to leave a note! 
and thanks to those who might be reading this...but want to remain incognito!

i am have you here...humbled, to even think that others might be interested
in what i have to say...or what i see, through my my world.

enjoy your day!
stay cool & be safe

not my artwork.
found online years ago.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. I like your thankful and grateful list. Laura, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  3. oooh, and I am rewarded for visiting by the lovely pic of the dragonfly! Happy Thanksgiving :-)

  4. Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

    Best regards from Holland,

  5. Lovely things that you have written, ta. And, there was a load of pictures you have made, cheers Laura.

  6. Oh I'm thanking you too, for all the sunshine and best ever wilderness and nature photos you share- yes even the spiders! Yikes really? Yes- and your bones! Even your darling new addition- and what you shared with Milo who still roams our hearts as well- I too have mixed emotions about holidays- except Halloween it seems we can all (most all of us) just have a really silly time with no horrible strings attached! Or families to fight over- (all my children are eating at their in-laws first- then they will all be over here! For a second round of Gobble- Gobble turkey! ...and all that jazz! I have to get my blogger stuff in order too, seems my free storage for photos is over!!! So I have dig in my pocket to keep posting photos on blogger is free! Hahahahahaha! Enjoy your day and Sam's turkey feast! and almost forgot- I totally liked your tree shaped sort of poem! CooooooooooL!

  7. I am GOBBLING up your kind of thankfulness.
    Happy day dear Laura . . .
    Love, Lynne

  8. thank you for your love, beauty and friendship. for sharing life. :)

  9. Laura, I, too, am thankful for YOU - for the many gifts you share:
    - photography
    - artistic creations
    - eye for all that is "plain", "simple", intriguing, and wonderful
    - your journey through this life, with its highs & lows
    - those who share your life - whom you love
    - your quirky sense of humor!

    Happy Gobble Day to you, Sam, & the new addition!

  10. HI Laura...I am thankful for being able to blog and meet great people along the way like yourself,it has given much enjoyment!! Wouldn't it be nice to have a big reunion, but then of course we wouldn't all be friends after we got done arguing about where to have it !! LOL <3 ; )

  11. Happy, Happy!

    The back "yard" is full of woodpeckers right now. I just put up the suet feeder, maybe I'll get some pics soon.


  12. Hey Girl! Those are the most beautiful the pine cones! Most of us are thankful for all the same reasons...your list is 100%. It couldn't be any more true. Well, I am jealous-no fried turkey for us, but, we're together with our cornbread dressing, my favorite cranberries, a nice pork roast, oh, and the cats!

    Your post is beautiful, words and all! Thank you for the great posts you deliver, and, the beautiful photos! One more bring much laughter to my life too! You are the first blog I had the nerve to say something on, and to follow-you helped bring me out without even knowing me! Love to Sam, and your family...Emo too!♥

  13. Please have you all a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration.

  14. Happy Thanksgiving...yes, so much to be thankful for.

  15. I hope all of my North American friends enjoy this holiday which is so special for you all.
    Over the years I've read many thanksgiving messages on my friends' blogs - but Laura, this one is the best ever, in my opinion :)

    Hugs to the little guy x

    1. Oh and I meant to say: the blue of that flower is STUNNING!

  16. Good words.

    I am thankful for having met you through the "interwebs." Happy Thanksgiving

  17. MUCHO THANKS to EVERYONE!! i appreciate all your kind words...and for sharingf some of your own wishes & hopes...and thanks!
    OK, enough with the MUSH...i hope everybody had a damn fine holiday!!
    sam deep fried two turkeys, one for us & one for his mom! YUM...perfect, as always!


  18. Beautiful, beautiful gratitude list! I'm glad I met you, too.
    Did you notice your list was in the shape of a Christmas tree? LOL! ;)
    Hope it was a wonderful day and the turkey was perfect!

  19. Lovely Laura! Thank you for the early Christmas tree -- it is perfect!!!! I'm late reading this post, but the sentiments are perfect for any day of the year of course. I'm glad we're cyberfriends!

  20. Thank you for sharing your views and pictures Laura. I love how you look at things. Like you, the holidays are what they are. The big one is over. Thanksgiving is a nice family/friends thing. And Christmas to me doesn't make sense. A holiday for a man who was born around April moved to December for marketing purposes. I don't sounds like Hallmark planned that out pretty well:) But since I'm not into that type of religious following, this time of year becomes super reflective as they like to play a lot of tradional holiday tunes from the past century on the radio....and they trigger memories of those who have left us and for that reason, I am greatful for the season. Everyday until the first of the year gets crazy but I try to absorb it all in....and unfortunealy I miserably fail each time. Hope you had a nice time. Chris:)


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