Tuesday, August 7, 2012

nature doesn't sleep...

There is no such thing as "Just a cat.”
~Robert A. Heinlein

While MILO is taking a CAT-NAP on the back porch...
(oh yeah...she said she wasn't sleeping...she was meditating.)

while milo's eyes were closed...

an itty-bitty grasshopper sat on a chrysanthemum,

a Buckeye butterfly rested on the dirt,

a mushroom pushed up out of the earth,

a squirrel quenched his thirst,

the Gloriosa Lily vine  climbed a tree,

a crow was yelling from high in a pine,

a Brown Thrasher listened between drinks,
(listened to milo snoring, no doubt.  oh...milo can't be snoring. she's meditating. i forgot.)

a Fence lizard...is happy that milo is...uh...meditating...has her eyes closed...
so he can wander about without fear of being chased!

"You'll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut."
~Dr. Seuss

alright...back to some chores on my list...
laundry. run to store. feed milo. more laundry. mop. let milo out. wash dishes. feed milo.

stay cool.  be safe.

~happy rest of the week~


  1. sweet introspective kitty cat! :) a lot of activity around your place!

  2. heehee tell it how it is! Lucky Milo!

  3. Glad to hear that someone in your household "meditates"!!! LOL! Laura, you are so right about nature...I know that's why I love spending so much time with her!...:)JP

  4. It is very clear to me that Milo is meditating. Her spirit is probably traveling other words that is the reason why her body seems to be asleep, um... really. She is not just there on her back enjoy a glorious nap with her mouth kind of open while Nature does her thing ;-)

  5. That's a bunch of critters who were glad MILO was contemplating nature with her eyes closed.

    Nice pics, Laura!


  6. Look at all the things you miss while meditating.

  7. Hi Laura...lol I just love Milo's outlook on a summer day, just lay around and sleep..no meditate!! ; } He is so funny,and cute!!
    A lot of great things going on if you are looking...I especially like the Brown Thrasher...and that grasshopper is some cute to!! : }
    Humidity has gone down here, but still very warm!! I hate to complain,because I know that winter is coming for us here in the north soon enough!!
    Take care

  8. What a great sequence - and of course Milo was meditating. Cats know things.

  9. What a busy place your garden is. I had to laugh at Milo 'meditating' and I love the position she is lying in. :))

  10. Milo has some things in common with somebody who lives in our house (male, different species)...who also likes to meditate ;>) And Milo missed a lot of beautiful things -- you do have a wonderful yard!

  11. I love the shot of the Brown Thrasher.

  12. Milo is just the coolest cat! I can't believe it when I see cats lay like that! It's odd I know, dogs do it all the time, (mine anyway) it's when they really want to be tummy rubbed! You squirrel is just darling too....all your backyard wonders make my day! I try catching some (yeah like toads mostly) for cool pictures like yours, but they just aren't as cool! Someday! I hope your rest of the week is mesmerizing and happy too!

  13. Makes you wish you could just skip sleep or even closing your eyes for all the thinks you miss. Although there's a lot to be said for "meditating" too. Superb photos! Love how that cat can relax.

  14. Kotek śpi i przegapi tyle wspaniałych widoków w Twoim ogrodzie. Jest ślicznie i tyle się dzieje. Pozdrawiam.
    Kitten sleeps and misses so many great views of your garden. It is gorgeous and so much is happening. Yours.

  15. Sounds like Milo is an important part of your life. He is cute laying there meditating. I love the beautiful flowers and the butterfly. You always seem to find great nature scenes. Another great post, have a great day.

  16. What a sweet gato! I love how they can sleep anywhere. There's a spirit in them that I just know humans can learn from.

  17. Absolutely loved every bit of this post!! :):):)

  18. THANKS to ALL!!!! i've been BUSY!BUSY...but will slowly be catching up over the next few days!! SO...see you at your place REAL soon!! :) i can't wait...i NEED a break! >>laura

  19. So; milo was busy contemplating the existential nature of the universal reality. And missed all the critters which you photographed so nicely. Poor milo; lucky us!

    Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  20. Milo, oooo, what a cute kitty!!! What the heck??!!!! I for some reason missed this in my reader. Bad blogger friend:) You have some great shots....the green grasshopper on the pink flower. To be honest, all your critter shots are really cool. They are very lucky that Milo was sleeping:) I laugh....my bird bath is nasty and yet the critters love all the green floaty stuff in it. They visit it more often when it has that nasty junk....so I let it go for awhile before I can't stand it and let my human side take over and clean it! The Thrasher and Squirrel are very happy:)

  21. Poor hardworking Milo missing everything.
    Awesome photos you see the world as I do the things most would miss. B

  22. Give Milo a hug from me,ok?
    Cute cat!:)

  23. Cute Milo! Love this post =)

  24. See how much can happen when you close your eyes! On the other hand: If I could meditate like that, I would also do it ALL THE TIME... Oh! For the life of a cat...

    Beautiful pictures though; Seriously, they are absolutely perfectly gorgeous.


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