Monday, August 20, 2012

(more) feathers and frog, spider, lizard !

i know i have a lot of catching up to do.
since my birthday was yesterday...
i didn't want this to all be OLD news. old pictures.

early yesterday morning, i asked sam if he wanted to brave the 'skeeters'...
and wander out back.   yep!

i just KNEW i was going to find a few feathers!
after all...finding a feather is a message...letting you know that a spirit is nearby.
someone who has passed away...who you were close to. someone who cared.


that's more than i ever expected...and more than i've ever found in a day...
unless there was a dead bird attached. which there wasn't.

that's a lot of spirit signs...i felt good.

yesterday i also saw a teeny-weeny frog on a hibiscus leaf...

(it rained on and off during the morning.
by the afternoon...we were in the midst of a downpour that never let up.)

and the underside of a 'banana' (Golden Silk Orb Weaver) spider...


(the rain put a damper on the BBQing  sam had planned to do,
it just didn't happen.  so we ordered out.)

AND a baby Anole, on a planter, 
changing from green to brown (or vice-versa)

we all hung out at and my sons.
we watched "The Hunger Games".
maybe if i hadn't read all 3  books first, i would've thought the movie was ok.
but no one was how i had them pictured in my mind...
and there was SO MUCH missing!!
if you see the movie, and liked it...READ the book!!

THANKS so much to everyone who visited my previous post.
thanks for ALL your good wishes...humor...kind words...
and for taking the time to read and leave a note!

see you this i get caught up in your part of the world!

stay cool.  be safe.


  1. really like your feather collage! the ones in the upper and lower right corners are my favorites. so pretty! i do hope all the spirits are watching over and blessing your steps. :) like your cute little green frog, too. :)

  2. so glad you braved the mozzies!

  3. Nice blog! I mostly work in Central Fl so it is good to know I have someone I can look to up "North"

  4. Forget the pics, Babe! We just watched "Hunger Games" over the weekend!!!! I loved it and watched it again on Sunday!!!! Glad you're getting a chance to spend time together with the boy!...:)JP

  5. I liked your "feather find" and the spirit message . . . reminds me of my "Get Ronnie" story. Peek some interest?

  6. Hi Laura, I love your feather collage. I should start collecting the feathers I see, I could use a lot of good spirit signs. I have not read the book or seen the movie the Hunger Games. I should add it to my list of things to do. I am glad you are spending time with your boys. Oh, and I love your cute frog. Take care and have a great day.

  7. I remember those frogs! And the spiders. And the lizards!

    All from trips down to Jekyll Island, Georgia when I was little. (It was off-season for Georgia, but we were a big family with a not-so-big dad salary...and getting out of D.C. was so worth it.)

    Thanks for reminding me of those wonderful critters again, Laura.


  8. You ARE brave:) I hate mosquitoes. 11 that is something special. Love your little green froggy. You have the coolest critters around. Glad you got out and about:) Chris

  9. I love those feathers. Really a beautiful picture of them.

  10. I've held tight to your belief that finding a feather is a sign of a departed loved one nearby or sending a message. Imagine my surprise as I arrived at the park for yoga on Sunday and there were thousands of sea gal feathers everywhere! Wow! I got he message. Now let me do my yoga in peace.

  11. Awesome feather collage. As long as the feathers don't represent folks who are soon to go - I'm finding feathers all over the place! I haven't looked into feather lore much, so I'll trust you!

  12. Eleven messages! And they are all beauties. I understand the collecting of feathers. I brought home a hawk feather just the other day to add to my stash. Love the froggy photo. I feel sorry for those who just barge through life and miss or fear the small things like frogs and spiders.

  13. HI Laura...I just caught up with your Birthday post...Loved every minute of it!!
    Happy Belated Birthday!!
    Great collage of your feather findings!! It is a good thing that Sam is a skitter man ..I hate the dang things!!
    I like you cute little frog, and that adorable little Lizard!! : }
    I took pictures of a tiny frog today too...about the size of man's little finger nail..looked like yours!!
    Hope your week goes well!!

  14. Well then is it happy 11th birthday! Ha! Ha! No even I wouldn't want to go back to what 5th grade? But a big happy finding of eleven feathers (so awesome) and of course, the biggest Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Laura, Happy birthday to you! So glad that you had kind of a garden party and all your hairy and cool friends came to play and take a moment for a cool photo shoot for all of us! Enjoy this week as your Birthday Week!!!!

  15. wow, so many feathers to find right where you live
    and they are even fluffy and pretty

  16. Dear Laura, thank you so much for your lovely and warm thoughts...lots of love for you and wish you Happy Birthday!
    what a beautiful picture of feathers...and i think the spirits watching over you:)
    take care...Mona

  17. I love your frog, it's beautiful. And, Happy Birthday for yesterday.

  18. Happy Belated Birthday!!
    Looks like you found some very neat things!!!

  19. And they are all lovely feathers too! Happy belated birthday to you! Love the little frog. Our tree frogs have been very scarce this year--partly due I am sure to the very dry spring and summer we've had. I'm way behind on reading blogs, but enjoyed catching up on yours. We went to Maine for a wedding, spend a few days there and now currently heading to the Finger Lakes in NY for a few days before heading back to Michigan...

  20. Seven feathers! Cool! And I adore that tiny little frog--sweet! I know you love your spiders, but I prefer the baby anole--LOL!
    Sounds like I should see the movie first. I do that quite often because the books are usually better and if I read them first I just can't appreciate the movie as a separate entity...which they usually are. I am out of the loop for not having seen the movie or read the books, I guess. I sure hear a lot of people mentioning The Hunger Games. I think I need a Nook or a more room for books over here--LOL!
    Have a wonderful weekend. :)

  21. Your birthday! Another Leo! Well, I hope you had a fabulous one. And I must tell you: when I read "eleven feathers," I thought I read "elephant feathers," and all I could think was: "yeah, it can be quite a mess when elephants fly by!" But I'll bet you'll get a gorgeous photo of it when they do -- ;)

  22. Catchin'up! Loving the way you spent your day. Feathers are wonderful.


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