Saturday, March 3, 2012

(a bunch of) fluttering butterflies...

the dark clouds are rolling in...
and it's been really windy all day.

luckily i was able to get some pictures.
the Azaleas are in full bloom now, across the front of the house...
(the ONLY flower blooming in the yard right now)

and the butterflies are going nuts!!
(i'm not a butterfly expert, and i've tried my best to ID them...
if you see that i've mis-labeled any, please say.)

Giant Swallowtail

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

Happiness flutters in the air whilst we rest among the breaths of nature.  
~Kelly Scheaffer

Cloudless Sulphur

Giant Swallowtail

Pipevine Swallowtail

Eastern Tiger

Butterflies are self propelled flowers.  
~R.H. Heinlein 

Black Swallowtail

Giant Swallowtail

Silver-spotted Skipper

Spicebush Swallowtail

Orange-barred Sulphur

and here's to a fitting end...
the sky...trees...moon.
3 march 2012.  6:17pm

stay cool & be safe.
(when i say cool...i don't necessarily mean the opposite of warm...
what i'm saying calm, chill out.)

BE cool & stay safe.

ps - sam's been working like mad on getting the bathroom fixed!!  :D
update with pic's next time.

pps - sam just read this post and said...OH NO the pressure's on now....


  1. You have a garden of Eden beautiful.

  2. Oh yes the bathroom, fixing on the weekend fun stuff! I wouldn't even begin to know any of their names either. But I know they are always lovely! This past summer I had my own private little tucked away butterfly garden...they just all arrived on their own...I hope they come back in large numbers again! Are you feeling some of the wind from that horrible storm that hit hard? Hopefully the weather will stop being so darn mean to places...the entire town of Henryville, In I guess is just simply gone! Everything in so many places...we just have to say thank you that we are all many times we just don't really stop and say hey, thank-you.... so you too stay cool, and happy and hip and thank you for posting such beauty in your photos!

  3. laughing at your post scripts... :)

    you've got gorgeous azaleas in bloom! and a plethora of butterflies! SO NICE! we're not there, yet... :)

  4. Lovely butterflies!

    When I saw your bathroom pics, it made me think of all the repairs we need to make around here. Ugh...

  5. That Cloudless Sulphur is sooo pretty. I love the green!

    P.S. So glad you said no to word-verification. Some things are just bad for soul lol

  6. The alazeas are so pretty--and it looks like the butterflies love them.

  7. HI Laura,..all I have to say is just beautiful...and envy,envy,!!

  8. Those swallowtails are gorgeous. Just beautiful creatures. So intricately designed. :D
    Thank you for sharing your love of photography and nature with us.
    so grateful to be able to see it.

  9. beautiful butterfly post and an absolutely perfect moon and trees to finish Thanks lovely lady for a great start to Sunday! X

  10. Hi wonderful Laura,
    The first aspect to this colourfully invigorating Post is the Butterflies all seem to prefer pink... interesting.

    I've never seen Azaleas being huge Shrubs before... and they look stunningly wonderful with your Home and its Timbers... very much an Alpine feel for me... and your beautiful tall Trees in the background bring in the Forest. Special photo.

    Now your last photo of a serenely twilight Sky with a hint of pink is like a perfect full stop to a fascinating sentence. I'm also smiling... the Moon is doing similar my way but the other way round... upside down it is to your view.

    Sad reading Karen S's story about Henryville... unfortunately there are similar stories in Queensland and in the Southern States of Australia, but from severe flooding instead.
    Painful seeing the loss Folk endure when Nature gets busy doing big things, and thankfulness overflows when one is spared.

    May the Winds not become severe for you Laura...

    Your garden is naturally awash with Butterflies when the Season is right I've discovered... and the way to invite them, I have read, is by planting lots of flowering plants like you do, which also brings the music of Bees and songs of delighted Birds...

    I think the beauty of Eden is a nice way to define your Home...
    umm... ablutions would be challenging awaiting the Bathroom getting back together... thank goodness you do the Camping thing.
    I've done an outside bathing aspect with the bestest dam water... my skin and hair loved it... the water from that particular then rental's dam was exquisite. Outside bathing, regardless how lovely the dam's water, was quite bracing during Winter. Glad I didn't have to deal with Snow as well for the daily event.

    May you soon have flowing water showering upon you with Sam now feeling the pressure is on.

    I keep scrolling back and forth through this beautiful Post... it really feels special... and then I keep typing more words...
    oh dear... another novel...
    hugs xxx your friend forever

  11. What a marvelous variety of butterflies visit your magical garden! You are so lucky! Your azaleas are beautiful and I love the final scene at close of day. You really bring your magic right into my home, Laura :)

  12. THANKS...Delores, Karen, Theresa/TexWis, Bunnits, Magaly, Kateri, Grammie/Grace, Maleeka, Lindsey, Magda and Desiree...for stopping by and taking the time to leave your note!! (in magda's case...a BOOK! ha! you know i'm kidding magda!)
    REALLY....i appreciate all the kind words...and the fact that you took time to wander past the Azaleas!! :)

    also want to Karen mentioned in her EVERYONE who has had to deal with Mother Nature's 'fury' in some cases (and not just here in the US)...floods...tornadoes...winter are in the thoughts of many, and wishing you the strength to get through. it's at times like this when people forget the prejudices they may have harbored...and they reach out and help their neighbors...and strangers. people come together. sending wishes for recovery...and peaceful days.>lk

  13. If I were a butterfly, I'd be going crazy over those azaleas, too! Is the wind from the tornadoes? Hope everyone is safe and, as you say, cool --

  14. If I were a butterfly, I'd be going crazy over those azaleas, too! Is the wind from the tornadoes? Hope everyone is safe and, as you say, cool --

  15. If I were a butterfly, I'd be going crazy over those azaleas, too! Is the wind from the tornadoes? Hope everyone is safe and, as you say, cool --

  16. The azalea looks like it's hugging that orange barred sulpher, love the contrasting colors.

    Poor Sam, the eyes of the internet are upon him. At least we aren't all there to be backseat plumbers! ;)

  17. Oh, they are all so lovely! Nice to see all the blooms and color. :)

    Yup-the pressure's on! LOL! ;)

  18. Great photos - love it when the windflowers finally start flitting their way around my neck of the woods.

  19. Gaahh!!! Your azaleas are massive and gorgeous. I would really like to have some again. I had some years ago, and they didn't fare well...bad soil. But, I'd like to try again. Oh, and the butterflies! They love you! I like the 'skipper' butterfly.

    Well, I hope the worst of the weather passed you by. I saw it was in Florida too. We, fortunately didn't get any of it...this time! But, nice mild 60's and 70's right now.

    Take care Laura. Hope all's well with you guys. Can't wait to see the new bathroom! Hugs to you!

  20. Preciosas!! Y no son fáciles de hacer!! Enhorabuena!

  21. I'm sorry, I missed this one, slap slap. I love the butterflies, and you have a beautiful list of them and superb photos.

  22. Lovely butterflies! I am dreaming about the summer. Beautiful series from you.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  23. Hi Laura, your azaleas are gorgeous. And I love all the beautiful butterflies, you did great naming them all. What a great variety too. Lovely shots of the butterflies and your azaleas. Your moon shot is awesome too. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you week is a happy one.

  24. How did I miss this post??!!! I love love love your garden! And the butterflies are absolutely gorgeous. You have some of the same like the Pipevine and Swallowtail around your area. Really nice colors and flutterings. Love when nature visits the home!

  25. Simply gorgeous butterflies in your amazing azaleas! Beautiful colours too.
    Even though the bathroom is often the smallest room in a house, it's the worst to renovate - we've left ours to last. Good onya Sam - go get 'em :D)

  26. Nice turkey vulture in the first pic. Your azalea's are gorgeous! The butterflies all make me think of my mom, who loves butterflies, and the last pic is a perfect ending to the day! Just lovely!

  27. Beautiful butterfly shots... so lovely!

  28. ah lovely butterflies....
    and flowers... quite lovely~

  29. do you take these photos yourself?

  30. Laura, the butterflies and the flowers are absolutely gorgeous! I have NO flowers here...not this year anyway...but know I will! Give Sam a big hug from ME!...:)JP

  31. Hi precious, I've left you a little something at my blog. Stop by and claim it, or just know that I mean it ;-)

  32. Lovely butterflies....its been so long i read any blogs and i start reading urs...and its so beautiful to see ur blogs..:)

  33. Tell Sam to "cool it" - no pressure from here, as I say It'll be done when it's done... oh yeah, I guess you'd like your tub back.

    So jealous that your azaleas are in full bloom - ours are just showing their buds here. Of course, we are in the far NW corner of the country (not counting Alaska, of course)

    Great shots and quotes!


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