Friday, March 30, 2012

why i don't pick weeds...

because...if i did...this little 
Phaon Crescent butterfly...
would have flitted someplace else.


i had just finished raking out the flower gardens...

and dragging bags...
and bags...
of dead leaves
to the fire barrel...

when i thought i'd take a picture of some of our flowering weeds!
what a nice surprise!

the weed is a Fleabane.
the Phaon Crescent/Phyciodes phaon  is a smallish butterfly...
with a wingspan of only an inch or so!


i tried to catch up on my blog reading this morn...
but blogger was having a bad day & i couldn't leave comments on most
of the places i visited.
well, this weekend...
while sam works on the bathroom   ;)   i'll wander the world.

see ya!

be cool.  be safe.


  1. What a pretty reason to not weed!

  2. phaon crescent's a pretty name too!

  3. She's just a little jewel isn't she?

  4. these are gorgeous! love that sweet little butterfly visitor!

  5. A weed is only a flower growing in the wrong place says us humans and what do we know .......pretty pics ..xx

  6. What a sweet weed! And a sweeter flutterby -- butterfly!

  7. What wonderful photographs of a beautiful creature! I love my weeds, too. Dad pulls them out to "help", which is why he's banned from the garden! :-) x

  8. What a beautiful weed and the butterfly is gorgeous. You do always seem to find the prettiest nature scenes. Have fun wondering and have a great weekend!

  9. The little Phaon Crescents are such lovely butterflies. I see a few here now and then. I'm also fond of the little flowering weeds. In fact, they make up a goodly portion of what is green is our yard. A neighbor kid pulled up a blooming dandelion from my flowerbed last summer. I gasped and quickly tried to replant it. She thought I was nuts. Well, yes.

  10. Thank you ...thank you for not picking the weeds, and thank you for posting these lovely creatures and butterflies and lizards and blossoms, oh heck thanks for all your photos, every time you post! Funny thing too, we have some Northern Flickers out here and they love old rotted wood (that is a home to so many creatures!) and I don't get rid of it..ever, I know the neighbor next door he runs out every time one dead branch falls to the ground. But, like I told my daughter who has too many big black ants at her house, keep your dead wood, the flickers and their cousins will come, and they love ants! Everything does have it's purpose! I hope your weekend is sunny and filled with happiness....ours is kind of cooooool. The sun is hiding!

  11. Weeds. I grew up wandering the Minnesota prairie fields and fell in love with wildflowers...which others think are weeds. That is a priceless "weed" moment you captured and proof of how silly labels can be. ;)

  12. I love the way Butterflies allow you to photograph them Laura, and this time is no exception.

    I love the Flower, it's so full of character. Being Fleabane, does that mean it is a bane for fleas if they attempt to be present?

    Phaon Crescent is a very beautifully marked Butterfly.
    And I so do agree, weedy lawns and gardens, where the weeds don't smother everything else, gives surprises that would be otherwise missed without them.

    The overall colours present with this Posting have a wonderful effect. Love being part of Nature, and when one thinks about that... we change our colours and textures of fabric donned with the changing seasons... making our own selves be expressions of the Season too.

    hugs, and time in the garden, even the heaving of bags of tidying achievements gives moments to enjoy like this one xoxo

  13. Hi Laura, love your weed! I've seen those and do not like to pull them either. A perfect resting place for your little butterfly.

    Blogger is having some fits, you're right! I haven't been able to call some blogs up. And I'm of afraid to click on the 'update' bar they have posted on my dashboard. Have a great Sunday-our temp is at 72° already!

    Beautifuly photos!

  14. Hi Laura, the detail on this little guy. Nice work getting beautiful shots. It's hard not to pull weeds especially when they grow in the wrong spots:) It just means we have a healthy garden, right? Hope you have a good weekend and thanks for sharing your beeautiful pics:)

  15. such stunning macro photography Laura

  16. There is a theory that, just as with vegetables which you plant to put certain things out after another has taken too much out of the earth, weeds come up for a reason, to replace something very specific to the earth. Or, of course, to take something out.

    That kind off makes sense to me.

    I love that you don't take out weeds. I wish I was my own gardener, then I too would let them be. But one thing at a time and right now, I need to study.


  17. Lovely shots of that butterfly. I totally concur with you on the weeds, but I have Nazis for neighbors. Also, I don't know enough to tell the difference between a flower and a weed, and I end up pulling the wrong thing. I'm hopeless. This year though I'm letting it all grow. My neighbors'll have to lump it. They can't complain if I'm not outside to talk to anyway - well at least not in my front yard:)

  18. Good morning! I'm going to post this video later today and I thought of you when I saw it! I'm going to eat lunch near there today! Here's the link! Enjoy - Karen

  19. She is beautiful, and your description of the moment makes me think of HUGE cups of hot cocoa in cold, dark winter nights--it looks terrible outside, but that cocoa wouldn't taste as yummy any other way.

  20. Phaon Crescent butterfly is a marvelous creature, it only lives is USA, in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California, Colorado, Kansas, and Nebraska. Lovely photography.

  21. Your pictures even make WEEDS look pretty! Hmmm? I wonder...could it just be YOU?!?! Happy Easter, Babe!...:)JP

  22. yeah... that is why we don't pick our weeds either!! ;-) hehe. Beautiful pictures!

  23. Again, THANK YOU for reminding us all of the small, seemingly insignificent creatures we share the earth with - and the many varieties of plants those depend on...too bad, really, that we often feel the need to eliminate those we don't care for. And just who says they're "weeds" anyway? Time to remember that we're ALL connected.


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