Tuesday, March 20, 2012



(blue-eyed grass)


new beginnings.

(baby birds...uh...wrens maybe)

(hibiscus bud)

(cocoon on oak tree out front)

life & love.

(red bud tree)

(red bud...close up...w/ bee)

(wild blackberry flower)

(female cardinal)

(rain lilies)

(rain lily up close)

hopes & dreams.


(tussock moth caterpillar)

(mock orange flower)

[Spring is] when life's alive in everything. 
~Christina Rossetti

be safe.  be cool.

(the march equinox brings spring to those of us in the northern hemisphere.)
welcome spring.
but i'll sure miss winter. 


  1. love the blue-eyed grass. sometimes get to see it here. and the spiderwort. love it all!

  2. gorgeous glorious galumphing spring! I want a cardinal in my garden!

  3. We've got a mate for your cardinal over here. I saw him this morning in our neighbours tree...neon red and extremely vocal.

  4. I love the second to the last one, long spiny thing, what's it name?

  5. Lovely post, Laura! The blooms and birds are gorgeous. Love the caterpillar too. Wonderful photos. Happy Spring!

  6. We all missed winter almost altogether up here this year. ;)
    This was such a great post, Laura!! I love seeing all the spring life bursting forth! Not quite there yet up here, but sooner than expected, I think, if this weather keeps up. ;) Love the photos and the sentiments.

    Have a wonderful evening and a great day tomorrow. :):)

  7. T hope you are enjoying your Spring Equinox and feel as alive as all the colors and shapes you've shared with us.

  8. Happy First Day of Spring to you too Laura! You have a lovely spring popping up all around you. Your wrens are so cute, they look a lot like the barn swallows that are growing up outside my house. Their little mouths are always trying to reach out for food! What a fantastic look at spring, because our day here was grey, and cool for what it's usually been.

  9. Those flowers are all so beautiful, and the shot of the baby birds is amazing!

  10. simply lovely.
    enjoy the new season

  11. Glorious! You're having a far more vibrant spring than I, thanks for these great photos. How did you get those baby birds????

  12. You always take such lovely photos! Love 'em all =)
    Have a great day!

  13. Thanks for sharing all those beautiful flowers, Babe! I have to wait until next year for blooms...it's going to KILL ME!!!...:)JP

  14. Beautiful baby birds Laura! Your camera is the best...well, I suppose the photographer is good too, haha! We have that blue-eyed grass, but I couldn't get a picture of it as good as yours! I love red-bud trees, and your closeup is marvelous! I like it when you can see the details in a floral photo.

    Well, happy Spring, but, I'm with you...will miss winter terribly! Have a springy week Laura. Your bright colors brightened my day! I'm smiling right now! ♥

  15. Beautiful. My fav? The little ones in the nest....excellent shots:) Your place, I know I've written it before, is lovely:) I love your garden area.

  16. hey! THANKS to everyone who's left a note!!

    hopefully i'll be catching up on MY reading later today & over the weekend!! :)

    happy friday!!

  17. Well, I've sure been behind, but trying to catch up now. What can I say that has not already been said about your gorgeous work? So I will say simply - you captured SPRING, and for that I say THANK YOU!

    Wishing you a restful, fulfilling weekend!

  18. So colorful and wide reminder that life renews.Thx Laura.

    Needed this despite my Michigan area is being threatened with heavy frost of full-blossoming fruit trees.

    Glory does have limits of the measures of its song. May the farmer be spared but such rare warm weather threatens livelihoods here...

    Nervous while enjoying the beauty of such an early warm jet stream.

    Feel like a Morning Glory, so colorful splendor, yet, so short in glory.

  19. Hi Laura, while I am able to be connected I'll make the best of it...

    You've made Spring be truly alive in colours bright and beautiful.
    A beautiful garden you do have.
    The Blue-eyed Grass is an exquisitely rich colour. I gather they would be tiny, but thoroughly striking they are, definitely not missed.
    And Camelias are always beautifully feminine to see.

    The photo of Baby Birds, whoever they are is utterly stunning... your presence must have had them feel as if Mum's feed had arrived, was Mum soon present?
    Glad though they responded like that for you, great moment to experience.

    The Hibiscus bud is wonderful with just that hint of bright pink amid all the green tones.
    And having an Oak Tree... wow... the cocoon is a quiet mystery intricately built and perfectly suited to the wonderful Oak.

    Your Red bud Tree is always a pleasure to see blooming... it really does speak the language of Spring I feel.
    And the Wild Blackberry Flower is truly beautiful, no wonder the blackberry fruit is so delicious.

    The Cardinal is almost not seen except for the rich red beak.
    The Rain Lilies are special, the colouring so subtle in the way it increases towards the end of the petals.

    Your Spiderwort looks a lot like Aussie Land's Scurvy Weed... but with both being of the Family Commelinaceae just shows how far ranging the Relatives of a Family can become independently unique to a region or country. Interesting actually.

    Oh I do so love Caterpillars, but after my recent horror lumps of burning pain, which I learnt stem from the hairs of such beautiful beings, I do feel a sad avoidance strategy now necessary in having to apply. I'll have to get binoculars to continue enjoying them unless I can find a way to reject my body's new reaction to their hairs.
    Ahh, relief felt in ending with a view of a Mock orange Flower. Their scent is headily wonderful.

    Lovely Spring Journey Laura,
    Thank you xoxoxo


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