Friday, March 9, 2012

the considerate lizard...

AND a tub update...AND a butterfly...AND the orb...AND the moon.


has been guarding the bathroom.

ok.  so she's on a break.
guarding is hard work.

WHY is she guarding the bathroom?
because milo was completely and utterly devastated when we yanked out the tub.
the bath tub was HER watering hole.

either outside rain puddles or inside tub puddles...have always been her choice
for quenching her thirst.

so she sits where the tub used to be.  waiting...and guarding.

she'll be a little surprised, because we decided to go for a shower rather than another tub.

remember what the floor looked like when we first pulled the tub?

next step...pulling the walls down. dehumidifying the leakage. bleaching the floor.

and here we are now. floor fixed. cleaned. sam has re-routed the pipes UNDER the floor...
where they should have been. yay sam!!

next update will be when it's finished.

let's get outa here!


the other day i spotted a lizard (anole) on the windowsill.
i thought he was just peeking in the house.

not exactly.
look closer...

at his butt!!

lizard poop!
nice of him to let it drop over the edge!!  
SO considerate!!

the Azaleas are STILL blooming!

even with all the rain & wind...not ALL the flowers have dropped...
and the butterflies are still feeding on them!
Pipevine butterfly

it's interesting to watch our nocturnal Orb Weaver.
after darkness sets in...she comes out of her daytime hiding place...
a bell on a wind chime, on the front porch.

she sits there...deciding what the weather will be that night.
if it's to be a cold one, then she retreats back into her bell.
(how does she KNOW??!)
but if she senses a warmer night...she gets busy weaving her web.

she sure is getting big!


the magic of the full moon last night.

full moon shot taken 3.8.12  at  8:56pm -  rendered mosaic

The day, water, sun, moon, night - I do not have to purchase these things with money.  
~ Plautus

have a great weekend to all who wander through...
(we're going to the GatorNationals on saturday...the NHRA drag races. i LoVE the smell...and the feel...of nitro in the morning.)

stay cool & be safe,


  1. great! Milo, bathroom, lizard poo, butterflies, azaleas and a mosaic moon! Thanks laura - back to earth now to chit some tatties X

  2. Nice! As soon as I saw the arched back and stiff, raised tail of the lizard, I recognized the posture. Cows also arch their back (tho' the other direction) and raise their tail. So romantic. (eef!)

    Super cool re: the spider. Sounds like she's a smarty.

    Yes, my husband's Honda pooped out yesterday so I had to go pick him up at about 7p.m. and I am SO GRATEFUL! Stopping at the highway to make my right turn, I look left and a GIANT ORANGE full moon was rising over the horizon. STUNNING!

  3. That quote by Platus is sadly outdated. We have to pay for our water now.
    glorious shots....I love the moon

  4. the shots. Love the anole shots! The Pipevine is beautiful as is your moon. The bathroom is coming along nicely and it's nice to see the rot removed around the around and cleaned up. Milo is absolutely adorable. Hope you have a good weekend. Your bathroom project is inspiring me to think about redoing's been 5 years waiting:)

  5. But of course guarding is hard work, and Milo needs rest too! Love how Milo's right in the center snoozing! Hey, I had a thought, maybe the cute little anole lizzy is marking is it a he or she? anyway marking its territory you know! Kind of silly place'd think he/she would go in the bushes!!! or dirt ;) Maybe he wants to just be part of the family!

  6. poor sweet milo! made me laugh, though. as did your very tidy lizard! :) enjoy your weekend, dearheart!

  7. Hi Laura...I have been feeling lousy...hurt my back shoveling snow..pinched a nerve or something
    couldn't sit, tail bone hurt like hell , now I have a miserable sore throat and cough, all that to say that your post always make me laugh and lift my spirits hahahaha!!
    Milo must think you had a lot of nerve to remove the watering hole, and the Lizard had a lot of nerve to poop there : }
    Poor Milo ...are you going to at least let the shower head drip a tiny bit...?? lol
    The flower ar gorgeous!!
    You have a great weekend and make sure there is some puddles for Milo!! : }

  8. Can't wait to see your new shower. Aren't you lucky Sam is such a handyman? My hubby is one of those, too. Tackles most things successfully. Love Milo. The orb spider's nocturnal doings are fascinating. The azaleas are still so beautiful and your moans moon is very clever! Enjoy your weekend.

  9. Karma can totally relate to the trauma of humans messing with food, water, or sleeping spots. Change isn't easy, Milo. Keep a close eye! ;)

    Beautiful butterfly, anole poop, and spider catch. LOL! I especially loved the pooping chameleon! ;)

    Have a wonderful weekend. Can hardly wait to see the bathroom all finished and fine! :)

  10. Very cool. Lovely strange moon, superb anole, Milo being awesome as always - bathroom nearly ready to go! I hope you have a great weekend :D

  11. Happy Sunday!
    Lizard poop!
    Pretty cat!
    Reconstruction of home!
    Gifts galore!

  12. I’ve been following and enjoying your blog for a while now and would like to invite you to visit and perhaps follow me back. Sorry I took so long for the invitation

  13. Leave it to Milo to ensure that he gets the drip once again! My daughter's cat does the same thing! "Over the edge" on the lizard poop!!!...:)JP


    All the elements...telling stories with a spin of wit, color, nature, identifying names, personal happenings, critters and, of course, SCAT!

    YOU DO OBSERVE! You are modeling mindfulness... and your mind is so full of the spark that wants us to keep coming back to your blog!

    Gosh, you do lift the spirits! Thank you for the contagion!


  16. What a capture and timing, catching the lizard pooping. I am sure you will be happy when the bathroom and shower are done. Poor Milo! Love the orb and the azaleas are gorgeous. Great post as usual, take care and have a great day.

  17. What wonderful photographs! I especially like the flowers, butterflies and spiders, and that is one very considerate lizard!
    Also, I'm glad my cat isn't the only one that loves bathtub puddles!

  18. How cute, poor Milo will be bewildered with the shower!
    Beautiful azaleas Laura, and those shots of the orb weaver are brilliant... lizard poo - ah well, that's life eh!!

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  20. Laura, I'm so embarrassssed! Somehow I missed this post. I'm having blogger trouble again. My recent post on mytexasgardens is not on the reading list. UGH!

    Is better late than never an stop by and say hello? Poor Milo, guarding and waiting...will she be surprised at the new shower instead of a tub? At least she won't have to jump over, she can just 'step in'!

    I love your mosaic moon. You can see all the gives the appearance of being 'frozen in time'.

    And that anole knew you were watching. They've got your number!

    I enjoyed your post-hope your weekend is great! Happy St. Patty's Day!♥

  21. OOOOOH, I love the spider, you caught him/her in beautiful pose. Great photos.

  22. Well, you certaily have the lizard well trained; looks like some concentrated effort on its part, tho! Love the upward curve of the tail...

    The spider is remarkable and it's nice to know that someone else takes such an interest in such things. You will miss her when she is finally gone from your porch, but that looks like such a productive area to "set up shop" that she will probably have her spot taken over by another.

    I love visiting here - YOU have Spring!


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