Wednesday, February 29, 2012

take a L E A P into nature.

my previous post was only two days ago...
but the 29th of february only comes once every four years...
i couldn't just let it pass by without doing something here!

today i feel like taking a leap into my heap of pictures
and picking out a few of my favorites!
well, maybe more than a few.
(these are not new pictures...i've posted them in the past.)

some may not be the BEST shots...
but they were very LUCKY shots.
be prepared for photo overload!!

just a lot of cool nature!!


Bald Eagle. Lake Lochloosa, FL

Five-lined Skink

Yellow-crowned Night-Heron. O'Leno State Park, FL

Alligator. La Chua trail, Paynes Prairie State Park, FL

backyard Barred Owl

this Cicada has just molted into an adult. its shell is underneath.

moon sliver & star sunset. North Beach, FL

2. 29.2012
(in numerology, add each number together in month, day, year...until you have the root number)

today should be a pretty good day because 9 is also my birth path number.

NINE MORE pic's...

Red-shouldered Hawk chasing away a Fox in our backyard


clouds reflecting in the Suwannee River, FL

wild horses along the Bolen Bluff trail, Paynes Prairie State Park, FL

Red-headed Woodpecker. seen for the first time in our yard last year.

Purple Passion flower

Neptune Beach, FL

Yellow Rat snake climbing tree in backyard

it's too hard to decide which pictures to post...
so here's ONE MORE set of NINE...

"It is a great art to saunter."   
~Henry David Thoreau 

Red-spotted Purple butterfly on a Fetterbush

(a surprised) Pileated Woodpecker, right outside our back door

Pileated Woodpecker on tree out back

White-tailed Deer not paying attention to the sign. she's speeding across the road. O'Leno State Park, FL.

Snowy Egret patiently waiting for a fish dinner. La Chua trail, Paynes Prairie State Pk, FL

Red-shouldered Hawk in the backyard

Gulf Fritillary butterfly

stink bug convention

(whew!  the end.)

"Little by little one travels far."
~J. R. R. Tolkien

stay cool & be safe.

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."
~Martin Luther King Jr.


  1. You have plentiful on your blog, I was trying to find the best of, but there was no need to, brilliant pictures.

  2. THANKS Bob!! you're the FIRST here!! and a compliment like that...from you...master of brilliant photography...means a lot to me! :)

  3. Best of the best! At least a smattering of them. You take such great pictures. Love the hawk chasing the fox off. What are the chances of catching that!

    I never heard of birth path number, so now I'm going to have to google. ;)

    Have a great day!!

  4. Your pictures are all truly amazing, each one worthy of individual acclaim. This was a wonderful treat.

  5. Gorgeous shots...thank you so much for sharing. I particularly like the owl and the moon.

  6. i loved each one of these! really nice!

    i've never done a birth path # before. mine is 3. i'll need to do some reading on that...

  7. Awesome quote!!!! Tolkien all the way! It's so true....I love your pics....and there are some critters on there that I've never seen before like the Night Heron. Looks like you had some amazing discoveries. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Thanks lovely lady - that was a fabulous destress after a long but rewarding day and OHOHOH that moon sliver sunset! X

  9. Rita! Desiree! Delores! TexWis! Rohrerbot! and Lindsey!! thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on a day that won't happen again until 4 years from now!! :)

    OH! and i forgot to include my February art journal page. oh well...will have to wait til my next post.

    thanks again for ALL your kind words! happy leap day!

  10. Love the hawk! and the dragonfly, and the grasshopper, and the sunset and the....all of it! =)

  11. I just love your photos. Your blog always makes me smile.

  12. honeybaby, your bird is a redshouldered hawk, a little smaller and more prolific in your area. redtails have a distinct red tail with no bars, except on the very end

  13. sorry I have been away so long, season here, and plenty to keep this old ass woman busy. Wish I was there!

  14. Excellent! I'm a fan of snakes and 'shrooms. Thanks for posting these - it's nice to see all the greenery!

    Take care -

  15. Happy Leap Year Laura! Good shots of everything...REALLY-love the Stink Bug convention. And, they do congregate by the herds! Phew! Another favorite is your Neptune Beach photo with the bird. So tranquil, but also fierce.

    Once again, that woodpecker rules! I need to find some woods somewhere and try to find one. We did see a male Downy woodpecker last week but I couldn't get a good shot of him.

    I think you do the greatest photo work, clear and concise! The butterfly on the Fetterbush is still one of my favorites.

    And, you're right...gotta get that tax stuff together-keepin' the TAXMAN at bay! At work, we decided we should get an extra day's pay for working one was impressed! Happy Trails, Laura! Hope that bathroom's coming together ok. ♫

  16. that hawk and fox photo is amazing

  17. Eagle, Barred Owl, Hawk & Fox...oh heck, they were ALL AWESOME, Babe!...:)JP

  18. Beautiful shots. Love the skink, mushroom and quarter moon.

  19. Absolutely amazing pics! Brightened up my day!

    Dani @ ONNO Bamboo Clothing

  20. A wonderful way to say farewell to February 2012 and celebrate its 4 year cycle extra day Laura.
    Kinda special too with adding up to 9... just maybe and hopefully, indicates now is the beginning of a beautiful 2012 New Year begun and continuing to unfold for you...
    just cause 2012 was indicated to have begun in January, didn't mean it would be so for everyone on a personal level writes me who thinks that way is a possible truth.
    There's lots of 2's too for 29.02.2012, 4 of them.
    For me... 4 represents stability. 2 provides the option of a direction, and 4 x 2 = 8, a number resonating strength and healing.
    So with the 1 and 9 remaining, with the overall result culminating in your 9...
    I'll be daring and write...
    New beginnings for you, offering directions that are stable and filled with the emotional current of healing to strengthen you... and continues subtly over the next 4yrs.

    Now that I've attempted being a sage I'll focus on your beautiful Posting...
    every photo is wonderful...
    I especially love your daringly brave Hawk telling the Fox off... and respect the Fox for accepting such intense rejection.

    The reflected Clouds in the Suwannee River I like very much and to me, looks like a painting style I don't remember the name of.

    The North Beach Sunset with Star and Moon Slither feels very exotic... conjures desert sands, camels and folk in flowing robes.

    I think your Grasshopper looks as surprised in its own way as your Pileated Woodpecker does.

    Great photo of the Red-headed woodpecker and love the beautiful tones of the Tree with the touch of green foliage... the combination is quite special.

    Still am awed by the difference in your Alligators to the Aussie Crocodile. Your Alligators have such wet leathery looking skin too, and too me feel to be pondering, almost with amusement, deep, rather dark thoughts. They must have a powerful presence to be felt when physically in their presence.

    The Night Heron is one of the most self-satisfied looking creatures I have ever seen. Wonderful to see such content assuredness.

    I know I haven't covered all, but I also know there's a limit for notes and am probably very near now...
    hugs filled with love for you and xxx too... magda

  21. You got some really AWESOME action photos this time around! love 'em.

  22. Laura, I have to say WOW!. I am envious of your backyard birds and critters. The snakes are even cool critters. I would love to see the redhead woodie in my yard. All of your photos are gorgeous and they would be my favorites too, awesome choices. Have a happy weekend!

  23. THANKS every body!!!!

    (joanne...i don't even know WHY i labeled the hawk a Red-tail!! i've never even seen one HERE!! i know it's a Red-shoulder....we have so many in the yard!! so i went in and corrected my mistake!! weird...i would have called him that! oh well...THANKS for pointing that out!!)

    Happy weekend everyone!! yeah!! it's ONLY saturday!! :)

  24. well even thought it is slightly above freezing we are staying cool ;-) and safe.

    your photos are gorgeous, no wonder you had a hard time choosing. Also they are awesome and rare glimpses into life. thank you for sharing your world through your lens and heart.

  25. Yes I have seen some of them before - not all - but what a treat to see them again! Thanks so much for posting these. The snake, the birds, the fungi - all such terrific shots!

    (The moon in my Curved post was for you, Laura. Go well).

  26. Every single one of these photos is amazing. What a wide variety of stunning wild life--plus the sky and other nature shots...

  27. A most welcome gathering of your fabulous photos Laura - each one spectacular in its own way :D)

  28. Laura, first let me say that I love the moon, so that shot of the moon with Venus is spectacular. Of course you know I love bird pictures and these do not disappoint! I also love the anole with it's throat patch flared and the clouds reflected in the water and the wild horses! I can see why it was hard to choose which pics to post!

  29. Greetings! Laura I just had to check out your Anole, who is just darling, and reminds me of a much brighter bearded lizard that I know about, but the charming little guy you have is just too cute! They can be pets too I guess. See just what amazing things you have just right in your own backyard? I have to go to a store we have here called Leaping Lizards, (I haven't been lately hope they haven't closed) but they have a huge amount of great cuties and big time snakes and all that critter stuff! Have a great weekend if I don't read something from before then! Good luck on the bathroom too! Hope the end is near.

  30. Laura, your photography never fails to inspire me, but you have out-done yourself here. They are all wonderful, but I think the cloud reflection one is spectacular. Great job - THANK YOU!


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