Thursday, February 9, 2012

the brave 'shroom. the Orb. another misspelled sign.

standing tall
and brave
against the almost freezing rainy nights
the sunny & cool days.

weird weather.
some of the plants are being fooled into thinking spring is here.
then the next day the temperature drops.
Flatwoods Plum
this small Flatwoods Plum tree i bought a few years ago 
at a local Florida native plant sale.
it's grown from about 2 feet tall to 6 feet.
this is the first year it's delicate blooms have come out!

mini Daffodils
the tiny daffodils blooming by the front porch.


REMEMBER the Orb Weaver from recent previous posts?
the one living in a wind chime on the front porch.
on colder nights, she stays hidden.
but when she senses the temp will be tolerable...
she appears just after dusk and begins weaving her web.

every time i see her out there
i can't resist taking pictures!
she's really grown.

one night i saw that an unfortunate bug had ended up in her lair.
(well, unfortunate for the bug, anyway.)

she wrapped it up.

when she was satisfied that it wasn't going anywhere...
she moved to another spot and left that little bug, June Bug i think, just dangling there.

i was really surprised the next morning to see that she had left this bug 
still hanging on a strand of web...
while she slept all day in her bell.
for her next night's snack?

usually her web hangs from 'her' chime, straight down to the porch railing.
one night, she wove it so that it was almost against the front of the house.

(even if you don't like spiders, you have to admit...
it's pretty cool to watch them at work.
isn't it?)

 "Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love."  
~Albert Einstein

having the NEED to get out of town...
sam & i are both taking off work tomorrow (friday) and going camping this weekend.
with milo of course!
she's looking forward to it just as much as we are.
(no phones. no internet. not for milo either.)
most of the local parks are booked but i found one with some vacant spots.
we haven't been there for a few years...and they have a few good trails...
so hopefully i'll get some decent pictures.
maybe even a picture of an ANIMAL or two,
and not just their TRACKS or POOP (oh, professional laura...SCAT!)


i leave you with ANOTHER misspelled sign i spotted at a church 
on the way to a client's home.
i didn't have my camera...but did drive back there the next day
HOPING it was still misspelled.
it was.
this is the third church i've taken pictures of their misspelled signs at.

"I don't give a damn for a man that can only spell a word one way." 
~Mark Twain 

when you're done shaking your head,
if you don't have to rush off,
check out my page up at the top or just  CLICK HERE   for MORE misspelled signs.

stay cool & be safe.

 "We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, 
and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, 
we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love."  
~Robert Fulghum


  1. happy trekking - looking forward to seeing more of your amazing corner of the world! x

  2. Yes, as much as I am creeped out by spiders (especially big ones), they are fascinating to watch at work...from a distance. Better yet, on a documentary on TV--LOL!

    Love the signs. That's a kind of pet peeve of mine, too. Not that I'm a perfect speller but I'm obviously better than some people when you come across blatant evidence like that. Do you think one day we'll see signs written like tweets? Sale 4 U?

    Have a fun time--Milo, too--and take lots of pictures! You know how I love traveling with you all. ;)

  3. glad you're getting out of town again! loved visiting your signage page. i was doing good until i hit 'pissass' and just lost it! :)

  4. Laura that Orb spider is fascinating i love spiders .......your painted skull is breathtaking its fantastic ...xx

  5. Cool post, Laura! Love the daffodils and your blossoms on the plum tree are pretty. Cool series on the Orb weaver. Their webs look huge. Have a great time camping, I wish I go go too. :)

  6. Happy camping! Are you sure Milo can go without the internet for that long?? ;)

  7. I love your posts with all the fungi, plants, critters, creepy crawlies, and other neat things. Thanks so much.

  8. sorry, not a big fan of fat hairy spiders......

    but I can appreciate signs with funny mistakes on them

  9. I know I don't love spiders like you do, but I respect them and do know just how important they are...and will protect them for sure....what I really hate are those masses of many bugs in one spot..eek! I have to laugh at funny signs like that, perhaps the minister was hoping new people would call in to report the mistake! You so deserve a get-away, hope all is well otherwise (things take time) and my most favorite thing about camping is even if you bring any of that stuff along (my kids) they won't work out there! ha ha! Have lots of fun while your away..and looking forward to your return with more great photos!

  10. Wondering what is the actual size of the orb spider?

    Wonder how long they live?

    I love when a mass of baby spiders 'hatch'

    Hope your camping time offers a photo you can TEXTURIZE like you did before.

    A fellow blogger did a list of texture sites at
    If any of your readers are interested.

  11. THANKS to ALL!! hmmmm...let's see...who asked a question?? hang on...let me scroll back and take a look...please don't go anywhere...

    Rita, i think there already ARE signs written like tweets...i know i've seen "4 Sale" signs...i suppose when it becomes more popular to do this kind of shorthand on signs...then lookng 4 misplngs wont matter anymr!!

    Trucking Tumbleweed! milo has no choice...we're not leaving her home alone...and we don't have those 'air cards' or whatever they're called...we don't have i-phones...anyway, those keys would be too small for her paws. she'll just have to go through withdrawals until sunday when we get back home!!

    Jean, thanks for the link. i'll check it out!! as for the size...well this young girl living on the front porch is about an inch or so across...but a couple of years ago we had another in the same spot...and she got to be at least a few inches!! she was enormous!! we never knew what happened to her...but this one we have now must be her offspring!!

    thanks everybody!! :) xo

  12. Have a wonderful weekend away Laura... but of course you will... you'll be amid the Wilds discovering with those you love for company... perfect.

    Love the colour tones and the light and shade present with brave mushy.
    The Flatwoods Plum Flowers are exquisite, and I presume from where it came means it is Native to your area too... extra special.
    The mini Daffodils are beautiful.

    Truly pretty is your Garden, and I suppose the Flowers have decided it's Spring whether the weather agrees or not... the weather will have no choice but to give-in and be Spring... the Flowers in your Garden are out-voting any other option.

    Being a Beetle looking Bug, maybe Lady Orb felt it needed to hang a while to possibly soften. She sure is beautiful, even though I'm glad I'm not a munchy choice.
    The last photo of her really indicates just how large she can make her Web. Wondrous.

    Maybe the Church Folk only had one S!

    Very much like Robert Fulghum's weird concept.

    hugs with love, your friend xxxx

  13. I don't really mind spiders, as long as they're not in my house. And their webs are so interesting to photograph, especially with morning dew. Maybe she likes the bug to ripen before she eats it?

  14. I'm not very fond of spiders, but, yes, I have to admit, your presentation was very good, and informative. To think that the spider left the bug there...trophy? But, yes, you're right-a meal! And, you capture the procedure well. It's almost as tho the spider knows you're documenting it's habits...closer, closer and closer to your doooor, oooh!

    And your plum and dafodil blooms are precious! It's always exciting when you finally get blooms once the tree or plant matures enough.

    haha, love the sign! AND, the Twain quote...a man after my heart!

    Have a fun getaway with Sam and're in good company Laura!♥

  15. Oh, I forgot to add this, speaking of silly signs. Once at the grocery store, there was a sale on oranges from "Sunny Slope" and the hand lettered sign said "Sunny Slop Oranges..."

  16. Oh, I love signs with appalling spelling and --- my absolute favourite --- dodgy apostrophes. This little town is awash with them.

  17. Those signs just jump out at you don't they!
    Gorgeous little daffodils and blossoms around your porch.
    Yes, it is cool to watch those clever spiders at work - I feel so guilty if I clamber through their webs... all the effort they put into them.
    Hope you and Sam have a nice getaway. Cheers for now, Susan xx :D)

  18. Sure you "scat" and go look for things while I found scat in the gravel road that had hair and a flippin' tooth in it!!!! No, I'm NOT sending it to you!...:)JP

  19. thanks again all!!!! for not just taking the time to READ this post...but to for a rock...write a note...and leave it under there in the hopes that it will be found! well, it was...thanks!

    OH! and remember...if you should run across a MISSPELLED sign anywhere...take a to me...and i'll add it to the page you credit!

    :) seeya! thanks! laura

  20. Wow, your winter is so much shorter than ours! We have small pink cyclamen blooming and the crocuses are up, but not yet open. I can feel Spring moving our way, however. Love the pictures of the spider, especially the one of the wrapped-up bug just hanging there. Re-post that one around Halloween - it's Perfect for that with the tree branches in the background & the light reflecting off of it in a single, blue dot... Have a great, restful weekend!

  21. You always have such beautiful pictures. And watching a spider weave its web?! I mean I love spiders, but I have never actually sat and watched one weave its web. This is most definitely on my to do list.

    I hope you had a marvelous weekend away!


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