Wednesday, February 1, 2012

february 1st quickie

27 jan 2012 5:57 pm

the weather's weird.
cold then warmer. then freezing. then it warms up again.

the Azaleas are blooming!

i finally spotted a Fence lizard soaking up the sun.

...and the woodpeckers have been tapping away all winter...
i was lucky to catch this Red-bellied flying from tree to tree out front.

a little blurry...but you know...they're pretty quick!

i heard some crazy scratching sounds out front the other day.
scraping. gnawing.
when i finally saw what was causing this sound, i quietly turned
and opened the door ever so slowly...
and ran like hell to grab my camera.

a squirrel...
gnawing at one of the old cow skulls in the yard!

here's the long term damage.

the only thing that's missing in that picture 
is a snake coming out of the eye socket!
(just kidding)

january sure flew by.
yesterday i worked on my january Art Journal page.
it was a quickie...but it was the last day of the month!
art markers & watercolor

well. i'm glad this J month is behind me. it was surely a journey.
i went to visit travis earlier today. in jail. he's been there a week & 2 days.
this was my first visit.
i'm hanging tough.
(sad + stressed = lower immune system = my body is fighting off some chest congestion.)
i never get sick. well, rarely. very rarely.
only when i get really stressed...

** THANKS to everyone who left a note at the end of my previous post,
 and thanks to those who THOUGHT about leaving a note...
shit...THANKS to EVERYONE who even READ my previous post!!
THANKS to you all...for your words of support...encouragement...understanding...
and HUGS!! **

after you've had enough hugging...
i'll leave you with another moon shot!
28 jan 2011  6:35pm

stay cool & have a safe journey.

(a couple of NEW misspelled signs at the end of the misspelled sign


  1. sweetie pie, a big hug back to you. i know you're stressed. and i'm sorry...

    i loved the squirrel, though! everyone loves bones at your place!

  2. Hey Laura...You ...I even looked back to see the snake before I read you where kidding lol ..I don't know why because I hate snakes oooeee!!
    I know it is hard ,but you have to take care of yourself MOM!!
    You have a good sense of humor..and a good heart!
    Take Care

  3. ha! that squirrel looks like he's warning you that "this skull is mine!"

    what a relief it must be to have the "J's" of january packed away

    may february bring fantastic fun frivolous fruitful formations for you


  4. It's all you can do....and this too shall pass, lessons learned hopefully, and new blossoms to come...things could always be worse, at least Travis is still here and alive and loved....and you too have his love...and as always you have the best ever medicine just waiting right out your door!'s just amazing...and our winter here is just the mild...I sure hope we don't miss a spring or have a horrible summer because winter was so kind....the weather is so much like just never know what it's gonna toss us...hugs to you...and Travis too...and all your wild kingdom at your feet....and yes kitty too! ;)

  5. I know it was a bad month, but it looks very pretty on that page. Let's hope February is much, much better.

    Love your woodpecker and was surprised that a squirrel would chew on a skull. I suppose he needs his calcium. Such a cute gnawer, though. ;)

    As many hugs back to you as you need, sweetie!! It will get better. :)

  6. That lizard is too cute! I hope you have a better February.

  7. bear hugs back at you. Art journal therapy!

  8. I trust this February will be fantastic for you. Hugs and love.

    PS - great shots and that skull damage actually makes it so beautiful in its own way.

  9. I pray you have a fantastic February that is full of fun.

  10. Love the squirrel and his skull!

  11. Aww Laura!
    I pray that this month is fruitful, fresh, festive, and flavorful for you.
    how's those f's for ya!
    I pray that you heal quickly. Your art is beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing your gifts with us! Hugs!

  12. Laura, your posts due so give us readers life.
    I like the F's too.

    From Funky to Festive,
    Fried to Fuzzy.

    But not the f of fried immune system. De-stressing in your art journal = doctor's best prescription!

    Humor heals. You heal too!
    love, yah!

  13. Hi Laura, your January Journal is great...looks like you did it on an old tanned piece of leather. Hope you are feeling some better. When these things happen, we feel so useless, and know we can't fix it. I always try to fix things, but, finally know I can't fix everything.

    Your azalea is beautiful...ah, to see such delicate beauty in February! When I saw the skull up against the tree and the squirrel up above, I, at first thought that maybe the squirrel brought you the skull, haha! And, then, I read further. And, you're right...a snake coming out of the eye of the skull would have truly done us in!

    Last week we captured some pics of a female Downy Woodpecker eating from a seed bell we hung out for the Chickadees right outside our kitchen window! I will have to post it. Never before have I been that close to a woodpecker. See, what an influence you've been? You've got me looking around the grounds everywhere I wander for strange things, even 'scat'!

    Love your huggy bears...hugs to you, dear friend. I think of you daily and hope you're well.

  14. Hi lovely Laura,
    Your J Journal page is beautiful... the content may express sadness, but to me you have filled it with love, softening the sadness which inspired it. Hopefully the sadness softening is flowing through you too.

    So very creatively even is Squirrel's gnawing away at the Skull... very interesting. Definitely looks to be making certain you understand that the Skull is claimed owned and signed for.

    Love the big photo of the Fence Lizard... so much expressed to you from that beautiful face... and the outstretched leg... wondrous photo. Wondrous moment given you.

    Did I mention I like the photo Collage you've added with your Header? If yes or no... I'll repeat or include... very much like your added Photo Collage with your Header.

    All the beautiful textures, colours and feelings imparted from the different Barks the different Trees wear... I've enjoyed seeing that.

    Pretty the way the light alters the shades of rich pink on the Azaleas...
    Spring must be nudging and elbowing its way through Winter to be the Season happening... might explain the weird weather happening.

    Fascinating seeing your Moon's Cresent being on the right and not the left as it is for me.
    That first Moon's slither is always my favourite. Always feels special with the Twilight Night Sky as the setting.

    May your chest's congestion soon ease.
    Hugs to you precious Laura xxx

  15. Your photos are always so beautiful. I especially like the little lizard and the woodpecker this time.

    Take care and I hope your congestion gets better.

    (I'm trying to get around to answering your email--these kids!!!!!)

  16. Laura, I am late reading this post, I do hope you are feeling better now. I love your January Journal. The flowers, lizard and the birds are all beautiful. I just love your nature posts. I am also wishing you a fantastic February. Take care!

  17. Red bellied are my favs! I can never get a good pic either because they NEVER sit still and are so skittish at the slightest sound/movement etc.!


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