Monday, February 6, 2012

Blooms. Bee. Butterfly. Birds...DAM!

but, nope...i didn't paint this.
'gimp' did.  a (free) photo manipulation program.
 i turned it into an oil painting from one of my blooming Azalea pictures.
 cool, yeah!

the Azaleas are attracting bees and butterflies!

Orange-barred Sulphur

TWO Orange-barred Sulphurs

 that's not the ONLY TWO for ONE i've spotted this week...

a Pileated Woodpecker

TWO Pileateds!!


saturday we went for a drive to Rodman Reservoir...
one of the best DAM places in Florida for Largemouth Bass.
we wanted to check out the campground.
it was nothing special, but it'll do for a weekend of fishing sometime.
a Cormorant

(Snail...this one's for YOU...)

 Watching clouds roll by
on a sunny day
Who needs church?
Nature is divine.
~Carrie Latet

 a Great Blue Heron

(not 'gators floating in the background. the reservoir is on a draw down right now
and there are stumps & logs jutting out of what's left of the water!)

well, what do you know...
i actually captured a Bald Eagle flying away with his catch of the day!
blinded by the light...when sam said 'LOOK! an eagle!'
i pointed UP, crossed my fingers and...clicked!

a small piece of weathered wood
stuck between a rock and a hard place.
"can't you give me a little elbow room here! this wood's got to breathe!"

today is an errand day.
and tomorrow i have only one appointment in the morning.
between this afternoon and tomorrow...
i plan to enter blogland...and not leave until i have circled the world!

have a safe journey & stay cool.

The heart of a mother is a deep abyss 
at the bottom of which 
you will always find forgiveness.  
~Honoré de Balzac


  1. Oh Babe, I am sooooo jealous of those gorgeous blooms, butterflies! ANd how did YOU know that pileateds are one of my "drool over" feathered friends? And you got two, you lucky dog...:)JP

  2. It is the woodpecker up there in the tree, that is my favourite. And, the Bald Eagle, you're a genius to catch one.

  3. you got in some great sights here! 2 pileateds!!! a bald eagle! the cormorant and GBH are wonderful, too! love, love, love it all!!!

  4. Loved the double woodpecker shot. True love, woodpecker style! All you pictures are just great, though. Great eagle catch, too.

    I feel like I circle the world, too, when I am catching up on blogs. How true! :):)

    Enjoy! Pet Milo for me. :)

  5. This woodpecker was so great. Beautiful colour in it!
    Nice photos!
    Have a lovely week to you.

  6. this is my church, this is where I heal my hurts

  7. so many beautiful images of life, thank you!

  8. so many beautiful images of life, thank you!

  9. Hi Laura, your butterflies and flowers are beautiful. And the two Pileated together on the one tree is an awesome sighting. Lucky you! It is neat how you can circle the world in blogland. Great post and photos. Have a wonderful week!

  10. Great shots! Love t he one with the bees and I figure you for lucky to have two pileateds in the same photo! I've only seen one at a time! That's awesome!

  11. Birdtastic! Love the woodpecker!!! GIMP is great, I use it too ;-)

  12. So many great photos. Really like the painting-look of the first one. Love the heron on the cluster of metal tipped logs.

  13. totally AWESOME, Laura. Gosh, such joy you do give!

    May the joy you give to others be returned to you exponentially!

  14. Great photos and such beautiful colors in the flowers. I love the dam photos. I used to go to Guntersville dam and a few others within a day's drive of Huntsville to make dam pictures, go to the dam parks, and drive along the scenic dam roads. Lol! My youngest son used to live part time in Guntersville and I would have to pick him up from there about once a week. I always left him a voicemail that said "At the dam road" so he'd know how long it would be before I got there. We had fun with that.

  15. little green butterfly... How pretty. The quote in my diary from the 3rd said: Just liek a butterfly, I too shall awaken in my own time (D Chaskin).

    Snails are pretty too.

    Glad to have you back!

  16. Glorious Azaleas!!
    And love love love the quote by e.e.cummings mudlicious and puddle-wonderful!Happy Tuesday!

  17. Hey girl! Love your azalea oil. It's fun to mess around and change photos, and then see the real one. It's gorgeous!
    And, you have the biggest woodpeckers! I feel fortunate to get the small one I got last week. Your weather must be perfect for those azaleas and tropical blooms, they're so rich in color! The azaleas around here will start blooming early March I think.

    How fitting...we're between a rock and a hard place! Great photo. We've had 'Scooter' for the past few days. Karo took him home this morning, so, I'm playing catchup tonite in 'bloggland'. Have a good week, my your new signs!

  18. THANX
    the time
    to leave
    a note!! :)

  19. Oh my gosh, the color is fabulous! The red on that woodpecker's head is so vibrant. Thanks for such beautiful pictures, again! See you a little later on the journey!

  20. WOW photos are fab love the Heron ..xx

  21. P.S. One of the things I miss about not going to the dam as often as I used to is that I got to watch all the neat birds like coromorants, GB Herons, and Bald Eagles. Gotta get over there more often.

  22. turning your photos into paintings
    looks like you're having fun Laura

  23. As no one has said anything about the lovely snail, then I will claim it as my own. I was going to share it, but it's too late now.

    Not upon the N American snails, but is that a viviparid (family Viviparidae)?

  24. Oh I am so jealous! Although they have been known to be around here, it is not often and I've never seen a pileated in person! Awesome pics as usual!

  25. thanks
    thanks again...
    not JUST for stopping by & wandering...
    but for taking the time
    to leave a few words...

    i appreciate that!

    snail...maybe you're right about what type of snail they have there...
    i have NO idea!! just thought they looked cool & they reminded me of you.

    xo seeya! thanks all!

  26. Thank you for these, for seeing them, and for knowing that others would feel wonderful, wonder-filled, in seeing them. You have a floating eye well anchored...


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