Tuesday, July 5, 2011

surprise! it's wings & beans!

a couple of weeks ago i did a quick post
because i was so excited about the surprise one of my clients
had given me: 'my kind of surprise'

well...today, another  tuesday...i saw this same client again this morning.

and...GUESS WHAT?!

she had ANOTHER surprise waiting!

they're pretty fragile...she found them outside 
and saved them in an envelope.

 this big one is the Luna Moth

this smaller one is a Hackberry!

i save ALL the wings i find.
i use them in my 'creations'...and in the 'vial jewelry' i make.

(no no, not VILE!  it might SOUND the same...but that's not what i said...
i said VIAL...little glass vials with cork stoppers!)

i put all kinds of things in vials...forest treasures!
bones, feathers,  tiny acorns, stones...
and then make them into necklaces.

of course i haven't started to create anything with these new wings...
but over the weekend i did start to make a couple of window hangers 
with older wings i already had. 

wings, pressed flowers and grasses...

the finished piece will look similar to this one...
with heavy gauge wire wrapped & looped & ready to hang...

...and while i'm talking about clients...and gifts...

last week the mother of one of my clients...
who is also a good friend of mine by now, since i've been
working with her daughter for nearly 6 years!

anyway, she has a wonderful...veggie garden this year!
do you remember what happened to mine?
the deer ate the plants down to the ground!
she felt sorry for me i guess...
and she also has more beans than she knows what to do with.
have you ever seen beans like this?!!


ok, bye.
just wanted to get this out there...gotta run...

stay cool. 
:] laura

"Do, or do not. There is no try. "   


  1. oh the luna moth is amazing! i'll have to see if i can save any wings for you. i (unlike JP) will NOT be sending a box of bones to you anytime soon! :)

  2. First of all, I love the Luna!!! I had a unique specimen...you'll see it soon in an upcoming post...but it was VERY much alive!!!...:)JP

  3. Surprises like that are always nice. Luna moths are so big and pretty and just a touch ethereal.

    And yes, those are some LONG green beans. Enjoy your gifts.

  4. Those are the coolest green beans! The long skinny ones always taste better and cook tender.

    The white moth is really pretty...it's wings are more butterfly-like...will make for a fine window hanger. Don't recall every seeing one like that. Your window hangers are gorgeous Laura. And I like your "Jump to" sign. Looks like you spelled everything write!!! haha!

  5. Oh they're all so beautiful, the packets too, and the hanging piece of art priceless...unexpected surprises are the best gift ever too...you are very lucky..and so are we, since we get to see it too! Thanks!

  6. eye catching awesomeness!! That hanging is so beautiful!!! We have those long beans here a lot :P

  7. I love lunas. One hung out on our front porch for a day or so last summer. Don't know what happened to it.

    Your vials are cool--not at all vile. Lol!

    The window hangers are beautiful.

  8. I love your window hangers! And your vial necklaces are such a novel idea and a way to keep nature close. You are so talented Laura and your bubbly enthusiasm is really infectious. No, I have never seen such long beans before!

  9. Marvelous wings! You are very lucky to have clients who are wiling to save them for you. Most people would not even notice them.

    And those window hangers are absolutely divine.

  10. That's so nice! It would've been a lovely surprise for you too. Oh boy, that white butterfly is something else!

    Those window hangers are just lovely Laura.

    Your "jump to" sign in your sidebar really catches the eye too :D)

  11. Thanks everybody for stopping by...the Luna moth is a pale green color!! and pretty BIG with those long 'tails'. my picture didn't do him justice at all!!

    and thanks too for all your kind words! i LOVE creating stuff...and to many people...it's a little weird...the bones and all. BUT, i AM a little weird...we all are...in our own way...that's a good thing! :)

  12. I love your window hangers!
    Love the Luna moth and have never seen beans that size-Wow!
    Sounds like you are busy-hope you are enjoying yourself too!

  13. Yummm - snake beans! and lovely butterfly wings.. I know you will make great use of these wonderful gifts.
    Your window hanger is beautiful!

  14. You could plant winged beans to close the circle!

    That luna moth is spectacular. What a great gift.


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