Sunday, July 17, 2011

mushroom maniac...

"maniacal frenzy"
that's what i'm suffering from these days.
(well, not really suffering...i'm a merry maniac)

with the everyday rain we've been having lately
(which is highly unusual this time of year)...

every time i step outside...i see MORE mushrooms...
NEW mushrooms...
growing to enormous size in just ONE night!

and so...i can be seen...crazily running in hand...
trying to battle the mosquitoes and dodge the gnats...
snapping pictures, sometimes from an ant's point of view.
if you're anything like me...
you'll enjoy all the different shapes, sizes, textures and colors!

(i wonder...if you had one of those time-lapse camera set-ups...
how cool would that be to record a mushroom  popping up out of the ground.
are they full grown when they break through?  it's hard to know for sure...
because it seems like overnight they appear...and grow to full size!)

now keep in mind...THESE ARE ALL ON OUR PROPERTY...scattered about...
i should probably break this up into two posts...but there are so many...
and these pic's are only a fraction of what i've taken.

either way...there will be more coming...
so don't get too much mushroom overload...not yet...

(you could slip and fall on your butt on this mushroom)

(chocolate chip  anyone?)

(uh...trying to produce a hybrid?) 

(ummm...a mushroom...bra?!)

(...chocolate pudding...with that skin on top...)

(deep red sunset....) 

(mushroom star...a slimy star...) 

above & below - on dead wood...

(groan...push...shove...groan...aaaaah, i'm above ground!) 

(kind of reminds me of textile...tie-dye...)

little fuzzies growing inside an old stump...two days later...
the family has come to visit...and they're waiting upstairs...



(uh...ummmm...a nipple)

(yep! a PURPLE mushroom...
pushing it's way through the peat moss & leaves!)

(two smurf-perfect houses...
well, the red one below might need a new paint job on the roof...)

( doesn't smell like pumpkin pie...)

and finally...whew...
(a mushy mushroom...covered with mold...isn't!)

well, hope you enjoyed this muckle of mushrooms!  :)
have a fine day!
keep on...keepin' on...
:] laura

"Life's too short to stuff a mushroom."
~Sirley Conran


  1. WOW! you get a fantastic variety of shapes, colors, and um, interesting anatomy... :) love 'em!

  2. I can completely understand and appreciate your manic mushroom state. I am so envious of the incredibly wide variety you have. I've never seen a purple mushroom before! Your captions are ever so apt and thoroughly charming as always, Laura. This was a wonderful mushroom tour and it ended too soon! I'm keen to see the rest.

    Do you know which ones are edible?

  3. all on your property!! you are so very blessed~
    Have a great week! xoxo

  4. Hahaha loved your comments ... almost as much as the pictures. Purple! didn't know fungi came in my fave colour !

  5. Wow those are amazing you collect and eat any wild mushrooms?....i am always nervous about it and prefer to leave them for the bugs to eat but my daughter Jocelyn is an expert on identifying edible 'shrooms .....x

  6. Sorry laura sent this from my puter and Jim has his blog signed in so its not All in good time it's lorna from
    Artymess ...ha ha !!....xx

  7. Amazing variety..and so much nicer than my abundance of stink horn mushrooms! Great shots!

  8. I've never seen such variety anywhere, let alone in one place! You must be over-run with Smurfs!

  9. I've never seen such variety anywhere, let alone in one place! You must be over-run with Smurfs!

  10. They are so cool unique and different!! I like the yellow smurfy one!

  11. You are so good at taking pictures, you just capture the light right and make even a common photo just stand out and say welcome to the world! We too have had way too much rain lately, and the horried humid heat....and I had some crazy white mushrooms that just popped out of no where and then after a couple of days gone. I have no idea where they went or possibly what creature may have eaten them...I wanted to take photos and oops waited too long...I'll have to keep watch for more to pop up! Have a great week!

  12. Thanks everybody! the mushrooms come and go...with all the WET stuff lately, it seems they're there one day...then sometimes gone the next. i know the squirrels nibble on some of them...and have wondered if the squirrels eat them, then are they NOT poisonous ones??
    but, i wouldn't take the chance...

    have a great day....laura

  13. Great post!! My favorite has to be the first photo of the fungus on the wood. It/They look like pieces of wood themselves (reason for them to be my favorite).
    If you go to youtube and search mushroom growing time lapse, there are several good clips you may enjoy.
    Thanks for sharing your fungus with us.
    oh, er, um, let me rephrase that......

  14. I love the anecdote you've done here.
    Are there many mushrooms at this time in America?

  15. Hi,hi I love your comments. So many differnt mushrooms. Thanks for sharing.

  16. OMG! So many...I love the one with the red roof. The bra-haha! The Smurf house-YES! I mean, chocolate chip and chocolate pudding? WOW-you've named them all perfectly. These aren't just photos-they have meaning. And the purple. Where do they begin? And, yeah, if you could only anticipate when they're coming, and had some sort of time release camera that would be cool. The quote fits-who could stuff all of this?

    Verry cool Laura!

  17. A muckle of mushrooms - love the phrase!!

    My goodness, all the varieties - couldn't believe my eyes. Colours and shapes - purple!!! What !! How amazing.

    Your narration is wonderful too Laura :D)

  18. so many mushrooms
    so little time!

  19. I just got interesting series of mushrooms!
    Have their own life.

    Greatings from Barcelona

  20. Wow, what an assortment of colors and textures. Love all the names you have chosen, very cute. Wonderful photos.

  21. LOL! I enjoy your hybrid and bra... I too love these sort of captures and have posted about mushrooms several times in my other blog; Onenezz. Will be back...

  22. Thank you for the walk in the mushroom playground. A carousel of mushrooms.

    Always like taking a ride with you.

    I was enthralled in my youth with the series of books, The Mushroom Planet. A kingdom of its own. Just like your blog.

    Really needed this spin around the forest.

    love, jean

  23. Oh Laura, wath a sortiment of mushrooms are growing at your perfect place.
    Would be a paradise for me.
    But be carefull, some of them are very poisen, i know them, but two are good to eat the one with the purpur head and yellow feet.
    Do you collect them also, or just make photo ?

    Stay well, take care and have a good time

  24. Wow, thats a lotta mushrooms! Isn't diversity great?

  25. I don't see these types of mushroom here, and you capture them beautifully for me to see..

    spore syringe


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