Thursday, July 7, 2011

from my puddle to yours...

HEY there!  laura wanted me to jump in here and let you know
that she & sam are leaving ME  in charge this weekend. 
they're taking Milo, and going camping.
JUST for the weekend. Just a couple of nights.

it's raining right i gotta hurry through this.

laura gave me a quick computer lesson and
asked if i wouldn't mind picking out a couple of pictures...
so you'll have more to see...than just ME!
ribbet!  ribbet!

this is my cousin Vinnie...trying to catch a snooze in the collard greens!

this is my BIG uncle Louie, trying to make himself invisible...
trying to squeeeeeze into the corner...
doesn't he know he's not gonna go 'camo' like the lizards!?
he's BIG and MEAN and GREEN...there's just no denying it!

here's my niece Fiorella. she may look pretty as a flower...
but she sure can HOLLER...
her CROAKS have been known to wake the neighbors!

and this is Fiorella's little brother. yeah, my nephew. we call him 'bones'.
he eats and eats and eats...and just never seems to gain anything.
(unlike uncle Louie!  ssssshhh...don't tell him i said that...)

 and best bud.  the coolest dude. Demetrio.
 we've been hanging out FOREVER!

anyway...i really have to split.
it's still raining...and a frog just has to be a frog...

so, from my puddle to yours...
have a weekend filled with good wishes...

stay cool.
laura will be back monday...


(put in a good word for me, will ya')
(OH yeah, and if you leave me a note...
maybe i can hop on over to your place sometime...)



  1. Ponzio! You're an awesome guest-host! Thanks for the introductions to your family and friends! Guard the place, okay?!

  2. Hey Ponzio! Too cool. You did a great job and your photos rule! I have to be honest, I've never seen such green frogs in my life. Take good care of the place...tell Laura, Sam and Milo I stopped by.

  3. haha cool - I hope they have a great weekend.

    What a beautiful frog you are!

  4. I always was a Kermit the frog fan!

    Have a good weekend yourself!

  5. It's so very nice to have met you and your extended family! I'm pleased Laura left you in charge as I have a special fondness for amphibians and I would like to put in a request that you direct ome of your South African cousins to pop along to check out my pond. I would love to have a nice couple take up residence here as my last toad seems to have moved off.

    Also, I know of a very nice little boy who is so excited as some frogs have recently chosen to live in his pond. He's just had his 7th birthday and he wanted to send me one of his froggy friends, but as he lives in the USA, he wasn't able to do so. If you could just croak a word in the ears of your cousins who live with him to please stay for a LONG time as I know he'll be very sad if they move to a bigger pond!

    I have never kissed a frog before but I'm sending you a great big KISS! I don't need you to turn into my Prince though, because I already have one :)

  6. Hi Ponzio, you're just too cute for words - I like your smart lime green hide!
    Thanks for the introductions to your family and your best bud - they're an interesting looking bunch.
    The noise from you lot must be reaching fever pitch by now, with all that rain around ;-)
    It must be real cool being left in charge while everyone's away ... ha ha, party hard!!

  7. Great posts and great photos of your peeps!

    Hope L & S have a GREAT time!

  8. Well done, Ponzio. I hope they left you some beer in the fridge and a few flies to munch on!

  9. Lovely pictures of the frogs~

  10. Laura, Ponzoi, had the audience clapping for more!

    Please schedule more guest visits of your forestwalker friends.

    What was the name of that dragonfly that keeps hovering over your place?

  11. you will be green with envy when you hop to my place and see the awesome water lillies in my water garden! There is a little guy there who is a southern leopard frog, I bet you would like him, even though he doesnt have suction cups of his feets

  12. I am so envious when you say you guys are taking off! I hope I can find that some day!...:)JP

  13. laura, your posts are always so entertaining. Love the cute frogs and their comments. Here in the desert, I give names to all the lizards. And I talk to them! I bet you talk to the frogs, too!
    Have fun camping. Bless you.

  14. creative guest post...maybe my blog-a-dog boy should resurface

    hope your weekend away was refreshing and relaxing

  15. Ponzio, you are thoroughly beautiful, and have done a beautiful Post.
    Has been wonderful meeting the Love of your Life, Relatives and Friends... Though Uncle Louie looks like he'd have preferred not having had his photo done.

    Enjoy your leaps and ribbetting in the Rain and splashes in puddles...

    A definite special Froggy Yummy is well deserved.

    Oh and Ponzio... don't forget to keep all in check inbetween the frolicking...

    A carefully placed kiss to you Ponzio, and hope to meet all you others again too... even grumpy Uncle Louie

    Thanks for a lovely time Ponzio... Laura I'm sure will be pleased with what you have achieved...
    Good puddles and regular raindrops be always yours to enjoy, from Magda in Australia

  16. >ribbet< thanks everyone <ribbet< for stopping by <ribbet ribbet<

  17. Love all the photos of the extended family. :)


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