Tuesday, June 14, 2011

my kind of surprise!

you know...i think it's pretty cool when your clients save
BUGS for you.

i saw one of my regular clients this morning...
and as soon as i walked in the door...she could barely contain herself.
she was so excited because she had found a dead moth
and couldn't wait to hand it over!

wow! impressive!
now we were both excited...gawking at this huge brightly colored moth.

my client is 85...and an artist herself.
she can appreciate the little things that inspire us.
the little things...like bugs. bones. driftwood. rocks. shells.

i had no idea what kind of moth this was.
so after her massage, i raced home to look it up.
it's a Regal Moth, also known as a Royal Walnut Moth.
they're nocturnal and can have a wingspan of up to 6" !
yeah, SIX INCHES!  wow!
this one is about 3" across. it might be a male because the females are larger.

then i mounted it with pins on a piece of styrofoam.

well, i have to get ready to head out to another appointment...
but in case you're not familiar, i just wanted to end with pictures
of just a FEW of the artsy creations  i've used WINGS for...

...hope you're having a happy day...

have a safe journey & enjoy the ride!
:] laura


  1. My kind too! That is a beautiful moth and your artwork is FAB woman (!), so take that blanking first sentence out of your introduction and change it to "I am an artist"
    Seriously, every time I read that sentence it starts my hair on fire.
    I have a huge soapbox about the word "professional."
    There is no such thing as a "professional" artist.
    We are all artists.

  2. THANKS :] meggs! and yeah...i know...you're right...i have a BAD habit of NOT being sure of myself...(well, except for when it comes to giving a massage!)...that lowly self image thing...that crops up from time to time!
    you know what...i'm going to take your advice...and delete that first sentence in my header! then...later...my next step will be to start off by saying 'i am an artist'. thanks for the PUSH! and the kind words! :]

  3. YAY! It's great now and just leave it like that if you are comfortable with it. I like the way it just starts out I like to create!
    I thought of you this weekend, when for the second time, I took photos of a dead dove stuck down at the bottom of a copse of trees. How did it get there? I always wonder...
    And then, Monday morning, it looked like a Owl or Hawk print in the sand at my gate. I may email you that one for you opinion.
    Seriously, not blowing smoke here, your art is just gorgeous!
    YAY You!
    meggs. xx

  4. Your pictures are superb, Laura! Your client will no doubt be delighted to know her moth has been shared with your worldwide readership :)

    You have MANY of us looking at things differently...Susan @ This & That even photographed wombat scat for you ;)

    Your artworks are lovely! So 'YOU!'

  5. I agree with meggs, you ARE an artist.

    I'd love to see a moth with a 6 inch wingspan, that is huge! We just took a picture of a big moth resting on a railing the other day in Texas, I need to download it and find out what it is. They look so substantial and furry. Very cool to have people save things for you!

  6. Babe, you ARE THE WIND BENEATH MY WINGS, awe inspiring as it is revealed in your words! That is one awesome critter! I can imagine how I would react if it flew at me at night!!!!...:)JP

  7. I so applaud Meggs of Calling Ravens for her comment. She's right on the knocker :D)
    You delight everyone with your art... I've never thought of you as anything but an artist Laura and you specialise in the fascinating!

    Fabulous moth - what a find. I bet your client couldn't wait to give it to you either!
    The colours and markings are superb.
    Love your wings bottles too.

  8. oh, i've visited here before! came over from JP's place when she was talking about your bone art (which is amazing by the way!!!) i think she even mailed you a box of bones once if memory serves me correctly. :)

    you are so talented. i'm going to follow along to see more of your creativity!

  9. That's so lovely that she was excited about the moth and saved it for you. What a magnificent moth! Gorgeous.

  10. Just gorgeous - the orange colouring on that moth is AMAZING!!!

    I am always so happy when you put up a new post, Laura - I love working my way down, looking at all the beautiful pictures, the fascinating creatures, the lovely plants - you have given me a new appreciation of something on many occasions. And then your words... the little pics you put in the sidebar ... the quotes ...

    I love your posts!

  11. aw, you should make her something with the wings for her ;-P

  12. wow that moth IS a beauty
    how cool that your client was saving it for you :)

  13. That is so beautiful! You have such a creative soul, with a very special eye.

  14. I just love that your 85 yr old client was saving a dead moth for you :)

    Very beautiful!

  15. THANKS everybody...for taking the time to leave a note...
    just wanted to add...that the small bottles i've decorated with wings and pressed flowers are bottles that we found...dug up...in the field. they're OLD...and the one bottle with the black and white butterfly wing...i had 'gifted' to my 85 yr old client...so she KNEW i collected WINGS!

    THANKS again! :] happy hump day! OH...and for those of you on the OTHER side of the world...happy thursday!

  16. Oh my gosh that is just amazing...the top of his little head just makes it look almost like it was never real...like a stuffed animal...so very awesome! Just love your art-craft!

  17. How cool that your client saved the moth for you. I love it. And what a lovely little creature,too. Hoping it had a full little moth life before passing over.

  18. Enjoying your blog! Just wanted to let you know that I have just given you the 'Stylish Blogger Award' on this post:

    Keep posting! Love the photos!

  19. Exquisite moth ..how beautiful nature's art work .....xx

  20. What an unusual colored-moth...almost butterfly-like. And you know, the name fits. It sounds like your client takes an active interest in your ART!!! And she knew what you would do with the moth. And your designs are art too. I really like the pendant with the wing and small bloom in it. Such good work, Laura! Talk to you soon-still marveling at your cicada!

  21. What a georgeous moth! And how thoughtful for someone to save it for you.I, too, know people who give me their "finds" because they know that I treasure such things. Love your artwork - You ARE a true artist - in the eye, the hand, and the heart. THANK YOU for being YOU and sharing your gifts!!

  22. hey...thanks everybody! thanks for the kind words...that make me feel good...and blush a deep crimson!

    and to 'lunalupis'...i really appreciate the thought...the award...but as i've mentioned before in my blog...it's not that i don't REALLY appreciate it...but i just don't do awards...i mean...i think EVERYONE here deserves an award...a congratulations...recognition! if i could...i'd give a high five and an award to everyone i visit...BUT thanks! :]

  23. wow! laura what a wonderful presentation of the moth. And your art work with the wings.....what a great artist you are. Thanks for sharing with us. you always have such interesting posts

  24. Awards Smords.. lol .. I just wanted to recognize how much I am enjoying your blog! But I do understand! Most of the blogs I have read here deserve awards!

  25. Very cool art! Checked out your website too-looks great to me. Really shows off your photos and your art too : )

  26. Thanks lovelight!!
    and lunalupis!!
    and Tipper!!

    thanks for leaving your kind words...
    and for checking out my website, Tipper!
    i appreciate it!
    YES! this moth was (one of the) BEST gifts ever!
    have a great day! :]

  27. Hi again! I visited your new website and it's really cool. It's so different! But I wanted to ask you about the little square pendant-like piece, third photo from the bottom on this post. I like to wear choker-like necklaces (not too tight-blugh!). Is that what this piece is? I really like it, but I didn't see one on your website. I know you're still working on it, just wanted to ask. A really cool site Laura! AH'LL BE BAHCK!


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