Sunday, June 5, 2011

this is a test...

only a test...
it will self destruct in 10 seconds...

unless you head over to 

my latest post from this morning that didn't get picked up by feeds.

anybody know of another blog hosting besides blogger?
too many frustrations here.


  1. I don't know what's going on with your feeder problem, that has to be !@$!!! frustrating.

    I know a lot of bloggers use WordPress, but I don't know if it would all transfer over or if you would have to start from scratch.

    Wish I could be more helpful!

  2. I got this one Laura...will go back and see if your other one will come up.

    I'm so sorry about your friend, and you are such a blessed human to have such compassion for others...enough so, that you go an extra mile to give!

  3. Hi Laura,
    You are experiencing the need to do a glitch Post before having success with the actual Post being accepted for Publishing, and I've been brave and created a second Blog to romp about in.(This hello from there.)

    Maybe Blogger loves what you do so much it has done a zap so you have to do two Posts to have the one you want Published... just a thought.

    Your glitch Posts are really good you know, each one is as worth the read as the real one it introduces!

    Better though to have 2 posts for 1, than losing everything on your Blog in mid-post like MaDonna recently experienced. I think I'd burst into tears once I recovered from the shock if it had happened to me.
    Ever since reading what MaDonna experienced, and learning that Blogger had had a mishap during maintenance, and with your difficulties, I rather hold my breath waiting for my Dashboard to settle so I can see if my Blog and my Posts are still in existence.
    Silly I suppose, but as any Blogger I'm sure would attest to... time, effort and self goes into one's Blog.

    Wordpress is an option to look into... though I do think Blogger is one of the prettier Blogging venues, and the only one allowing one's Blog to be personal space.

    Wherever you go, if you go, I'll still Follow, love what you do too much not to.

    Hugs from Magda(Australia)

  4. hey, thanks you 3!!
    i've found a 'help with blogger' forum and am trying to get help there. we'll see how it goes...HOPEFULLY i won't have to pack up and MOVE...but it sure is frustrating!

    happy weekend! yeah!

  5. Wordpress has a lot more options, but I am still learning how to use all of them. I have a URL set up there though. Originally I wanted to start a VLOG, but now I wonder if I shouldn't just move my blog. Blogger is really becoming impossible to handle these days. The nice thing about Wordpress though is that you can do your blog AND it has a space for you to upload all kinds of documents and amongst other things, video files. SO I could to both on there.

    But I am still a bit on the fence about all of that.

  6. thanks for the info Keda! :) last two posts have gone through and were picked up by feeds...immediately...just like it should be. SO, i'll keep the alternatives in the back of my mind...and if the 'glitches' should start up again....we'll see...

    it can sure be frustrating...but the thought of learning a whole new process someplace also frustrating. i just wish google would not take so long working out THEIR glitches! :]


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