Saturday, June 18, 2011

tryin' to go with the flow...

no work yesterday and today.
well, i shouldn't say that...i've been working...just no massages.

yesterday i spent ALL day on my new website for my art.
i'm glad i don't have a desk job.
i could barely stand up straight,
my shoulders & neck ached,
my eyes felt like they were popping out of my head!

so this morning...
after changing a few things i thought of during the night (on my website),
i planned to get some running around done.

went out to the car...and...

woops!  doesn't look like i'll be heading to the store soon.

so i trudged over to our...uh...veggie garden!? ha!
last year we HAD A GARDEN!
we were giving away cucumbers, peppers greens and beans.
this year...the time to plant came too quick.
we didn't till the ground. we didn't add good soil.
i just picked up a few varieties of peppers & a couple of cucumber plants.

anyway, i reached our sandy garden area...
and immediately noticed the tops of ALL the pepper plants were chewed off!

then i noticed...
deer tracks in the garden.
yeah, you're right what you're thinking...
why didn't we run a fence around it?
we did last year.
but with only about 8 plants in there THIS year...we figured...
survival of the fittest.
we got lazy.

oh well. since the plants weren't doing too good anyway...
bon appetit deer!

so i head back into the house...put up some laundry...
get back on HERE so i can get caught up with blog reading...
when i hear this loud THUD out front.
i know that sound.
a tree just fell.
i went to investigate, but it wasn't a tree...
just two big branches from a dead tree.
they landed right across the driveway!

while taking pictures of the downed branches...i started to smell something.
rotten. dead.
over there...up front...just on the other side of the fence...
poor turtle was probably trying to make it to the mud pit across the street.
(but now i have some turtle bones to save! i'll bury him.)

hopefully that's it for today.  i'm just tryin' to go with the flow...

OH! and speaking of veggies...
i do have a potted tomato plant that's producing!
the hornworm caterpillar hasn't found it yet...
like last year's tomato plant.
he devoured the entire plant over night!

one of the blogs i follow...lorna at Artymess...
had made a ROSE from a tie.
yeah. i thought...
wow! i kept a couple of my brother's ties after he passed away.
he had so many ties...NOW i wish i had kept more!
i e-mailed lorna and asked if she had instructions!
she made little videos...3 of them...with step by step instructions!
i don't have a sewing machine...i hand stitched everything...
it took me about 2 hours. here's my rose...
a memory rose for my brother.
here's the link to lorna's post  From Tie to Rose.

one last thing...
i always feel funny about 'pushing' myself on people...
i'm not good at promoting myself...
selling my art...
taking compliments...

since i've put so many hours into this new website...
and am still editing things on it from hour to to day...
if you can go check it out...let me know what u think...

Jean from the blog Jackson Chronicles 
gave me so many tips...suggestions...SO MUCH to think about & absorb...
it actually made me blush as i read her email...knowing that someone
went to my 'forestwalk art store' and actually THOUGHT about what i was trying to do!
thanks Jean. :) here's the link to my shop...
it's also on the top right sidebar of this blog!

thanks in anyone who strolls through there...
it's still under construction, so stop back now and then.

"You don't really suppose, do you, that all your adventures and escapes 
were managed by mere luck, just for your sole benefit."   
-Gandalf to Bilbo Baggins, The Hobbit, JRR Tolkien

~have a safe journey & enjoy the ride~
:] laura

PS - email me and i'll send the ROSE-TIE videos if you're interested.
ALSO...i went NON-word VERIFICATION  on comments!


  1. Some days are just like that, and there's really nothing for it but to keep on keeping on, knowing that tomorrow is another day. A hopefully better day.

    Cool tie. I did pop over to your store. Very nice. I don't have any advice as I've never done anything like that before. But I can tell you I thought it was pretty. I like the sizes of the thumbnails(not so small I can't make them out) and the bigger size when you click on them (not so big I have to scroll, but big enough to see fine detail). Looks like you are doing a fine job to me.

  2. awww. the tie rose to remember your brother is sweet...

    and you were obviously being stopped from going anywhere that day - flat tire, downed limbs blocking the driveway, even a stinking dead turtle! you were saved from something bad! :)

    how long after you bury something will it be suitable for bone art?

  3. looks like you weren't supposed to go anywhere today

    guess that's how you had time to play with making a textile rose, and a lovely creation and idea it is

    i can't get into your other site, it just keeps trying to connect with a messsage saying "waiting for"

  4. poor turtle!

    Your website is great... you're doing a great job ... i like the clean look of it

  5. Someone was trying to keep you home!

  6. So it seems like the flat was meant to be because what the branches fell, you would have missed the turtle remains and the opportunity to write this post! I'm heading over to your new site now!...:)JP

  7. i think it was lucky you didn't go out with all those omens ....we have to listen to them you know ....i need to re-record the vids as i took them off you tube as i thought 1 whole vid would be better ..i'll send the link or post it up when Ive done it ...xx

  8. Well, I'd say something/someone didn't want you to leave home today ;)

    You've put together such a lovely's been great hearing about your website (I'll head on over there tomorrow to take a look as I unfortunately don't have time right now to do it justice) and I want to wish you all the very best with your shop. I have no doubt whatsoever that you'll be successful, Laura!

    Your tie rose is lovely...such a unique way to remember a loved one!

    I hope you have a SUPER week!

    Des xoxo

  9. What's that they say? When it rains, it pours? I find it distressing how life sometimes piles it on. Misfortune doesn't just visit once. It piles it on, often in brief snippets of time.

    Fortunately the world has folks like you who see the opportunity in the darkness.

    (Love the new site, btw...stunning layout and flow! How did you build it?)

  10. You are MY FAVORITE STORYTELLER from tires to turtles and from storefront to scat [my favorite post].

    Thank you for the compliment. Since your forest walk helps me ripple my receptors to solve my quandaries I was helping you in return to ripple your receptors.

    Wondering how with branches above and critters below how you can walk in your forest alone? Does one eye look up and the other down? Guess that is what progressive eyeglasses do...

    Enjoy the up/down view.
    Jean from Jackson Chronicles

  11. wow, what a couple of days you had! developing web stuff always has my head spinning. need lots of fresh air and walking about to help correct it.

    your post was fun, it was overflowing with the challenges that life can offer. just go with the flow. So when you say you will have turtle bones, does that mean you will bury the turtle and dig it up in a month or two and collect the bones?

    Wishing you a week that flows with grace.

  12. Yes, some days are just like that. Sigh. This has been a tough gardening year--between the erratic weather and the animals. Hope you get a crop!

  13. Oh boy, what a start to the week! It's got to get better.
    Hope you gave yourself a massage for your poor computer-neck ;-)

    Love your new website. First impression - very inviting and friendly. Easy to take everything in. A nice open and fresh feeling to it as well. Your photos come up really well - a good size, once an image has been clicked.
    Well done Laura.

  14. Oh, wow! What a way to start. We've probably all been there one way or another. And you know it'll be like that again, but there's all the groovy, fun stuff in between!

    Popped over to your site. Loved it. Can't offer any advice, cos I'm not skilled in that area, but I can give you the thumbs up that it looks good on a laptop and loads quickly. This latter feature is important to me with websites. (FWIW!)

    Ad astra.

  15. thanks everybody!
    it really wasn't a bad day after, i think, we all agree...i just wasn't supposed to go anywhere! (i'm sure it had nothing to do with my letting Sam drive my car to work the day before...since my car gets 27 mpg and his truck gets 14...and he has to drive an hour and a half each way! as it turns out he said a car had a blowout on the highway...right next to him...and the pieces of tire flew into the side of car...and damaged the valve stem! well, he didn't know this 'til the tire went flat & we checked out WHY!) anyway...i had a WHOLE day to work on stuff around the house! a welcome pleasure...

    also, i decided that if someone asks a question in comments...then i'll email you reply just in case you don't check back here!

    (but if YOU wanted to know answers to these questions...
    usually the bones i find are already decomposed from animals & mother nature, so i don't have to bury them. not sure how long it takes for full decomposition in the ground...will find out though...

    my new website is hosted by FAT COW. they have an EASY drag 'n drop way of building your website...for those of us who don't know a thing about HTML and stuff like that!

    have a great day...night...everyone! :]

  16. Oh poor sad little turtle....I know the feeling about strangers (deer) in the night and their little snacks along the way...funny how the proof is always in the footprints! Great post, sorry about the tire, but it seems you had a great recovery into nature's offernings! way to go anyway, don't you think!

  17. Sheesh!
    Sounds like the masseuse needs a massage!

  18. thanks Karen...yeah it was a good day...for ME...not the end, i was happy to be stuck at home!

    tumbleweed stacey...YES! i needed a massage...but, who doesn't! right?!

    thanks guys! tomorrow morn i hope to catch up on some reading...again! seeya! :]

  19. Hi Laura. I remember you talked about a new website, I will pop over and look. It's a job just managing a blog or two...your hands are full-no wonder your eyes are popping out. Your tomatoes look good. We opted not to do them this year because of the intense heat and, of course, the hornworms.

    So, I just go to, I'll just click on your link to start with.

    And I love your tie rose. It means even more being hand stitched. Your brother would love it!

    Don't work too hard, Laura. You are more creative than you know!

  20. Beautiful tie. I too don't have a machine, but unlike you, that just makes me not sow. Anything. I send my shirts with their off buttons to my mother in law.

    Working at a desk sucks. I literally lose 8 hours of my day this way. I don't like being couped up this way, inside or at a desk. I NEED to move. Apparently, so do you, but I've gotten use to the no moving idea. Only when I was pregnant was it impossible.

  21. Thanks Susan and Keda...
    susan, yeah...i wouldn't be able to handle 2's tough enough TRYING to keep up with 'following' all those i like to read...

    WEW CAN ALL agree...the tie rose is really something special...THANKS to Lorna at Artymess!

    Keda...i used to work at a desk...but that was so long ago, it's hard for me to remember exactly what i did! ha! oh yeah...i typed invoices. answered phones...back when i was in my 20' the dark ages...ha!

    take care you 2! :]

  22. tryin' to go with the flow....yeah, having a definite problem with that one here this week.
    Hope things have evened out for you!

  23. ravens/meggs...some days are just like that...but luckily...all has evened out now and flowing along...right into the weekend! yeah!

  24. Beautiful Shop!
    Will return there very soon as I'd love to wear nature on me.
    Thanks for making commenting so easy. I should do the same. ~


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