Sunday, June 12, 2011

a grasshopper kinda day

...and it's not even noon!

when i went outside this morning
i noticed TWO Hibiscus flowers blooming right next to each other.

so i ran back inside to grab my camera.

immediately after i took the picture...
a tiny grasshopper climbed onto one of the flowers.
he obviously wanted his picture taken. 
he posed...and i snapped away...

then i spotted another...on one of the Oak Leaf Hydrangea leaves.

THEN...since it was still kinda early...not TOO hot out yet...
we decided to take the four-wheeler across the street...
to the pick more wild blackberries.
wow! they're everywhere!
it was worth the effort...reaching into the thorny bushes...
we picked over a pound!

while picking...we spotted this big grasshopper...
it's called an Eastern Lubber Grasshopper!

to finish out this
=grasshopper kinda day=
here's a picture i took last year, after a torrential rain.

all the tiny grasshoppers taking refuge from the rain...
on the leaves of a potted Begonia!

have a good week...
and a safe journey....enjoy the ride!

:] laura

"The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness."
~John Muir


  1. Hi Laura,
    Absolutely love the gathering of baby Grasshoppers on the Begonia Leaf. Wonderful Photo.

    The Eastern Lubber Grasshopper is stunningly elegant. The Plant looks to be fine Bamboo. Is it Bamboo Laura?

    Your Blackberries remind my of Mulberries... but Mulberries definitely are not about Thorns to Have a Yummy... your Blackberries look scrumptious.

    Seems this Posting made it out without the need for a Glitch Post!!! Is it possible your Posting dilemma is now a thing of the Past?

    Appreciate you immensely Laura, Hugs from Magda in Australia

  2. Love the begonia leaf full of grasshoppers! LOL, I've never seen them do that before.

  3. How fascinating is the life of insects. I have never seen baby grasshoppers. They space themselves so evenly about and in the same position. Wonder if this spacing is a camouflage defense or if they have a sense of personal space? Perhaps both.

    What have you observed about this space between other baby insects?

    Funny how one journey into the forest creates the urge to find more patterns and discover the nuances among them.

    Thanks ever so much for sharing the joy of discovery.

  4. Magda! nope, not's really too dry here most of the year for bamboo...although you do see bamboo's been planted and has to be watered. what you see the Lubber on...are dried branches...from maybe fennel weed...jutting up the middle of one of the berry bushes (yum!) and YEAH! NO glitch this time! i hope THAT's fixed itself...

    Mustang Sally! OH, i know...i'd never seen that before either! what LUCK to get that picture!

    jean/crayzys! hmmmm, you've got me thinking now...i think this is the ONLY picture i've ever taken of a bunch...of babies! and, you're so right...they're spaced little soldiers. i will definitely keep these questions in mind...and notice if i see this occur again...personal space? camouflage defense? interesting ideas!!

    Thanks you 3...for wandering...and leaving a note! :]

  5. The Lubber grasshopper looks enormous!
    How fascinating about the babies..I've never seen that before, either!

  6. Those babies are so get the best pictures ...xx

  7. Laura, your tiny grasshoppers are was like a convention! And the Lubber hopper is fat. But he probably gets plenty to eat around your house with all of the gorgeous plantlife there.

    And how cool to have such plump berries at your disposal like that! The pickins' sure did look good. I'm glad to see you're out and about some more.

  8. i had to click on the last image to get a larger view and then the baby grasshoppers became clearer!

    may the grasshoppers bear a good message for you today

  9. Hi!!! It's been so long since I've written on your page. I hope all is well. The groups of grasshoppers on the begonia is such powerful animal/insect medecine.
    Thank You for sharing.
    I want a camera so that I can go explore nature.
    Have a gorgeous week!

  10. My! A ton of grasshoppers! Love the green one on the flower, those two nature colors go well together.

    That last picture is CRAZY!

  11. that last shot looks like a scene from the movie "Bugs" so cute!! take a look at my rescue!

  12. That big pile of blackberries ... I can almost taste them. You've made me want to dash out an buy some bramble jam!

  13. Love the hibiscus colour - so vibrant.
    That sweet little grasshopper looked right at home on it and posing for you... how could you resist!
    Mmmmmm blackberry pie. We used to pick them as children, scratches etc didn't matter. You got a good haul!
    It looked like a real beaut day over your way - you have a great week too Laura :D)

  14. thanks everybody! for strolling through!
    yep! those baby grasshoppers piled onto the begonia leaf was something else! i've never seen anything like that before...and not since either. i was just glad to be home...spotted them...and was able to get a picture before they hopped away!

    most of the berries went into the freezer...will add them to drinks...yum!

    is it ONLY monday? have a happy week! :] laura

  15. it is so fun to imagine that the grasshopper was posing for you, sure seems to be true. Loved seeing your photos.

  16. I am so mesmerized by your posts that I just noticed your GREAT new sidebar items. And a coming new WEBSITE for your nature creations! Awesomeness.

    So glad that life is giving you the time and you are choosing to use the time for creative work that your audience loves.... hmmm does notice... after walking through your forest art.

  17. thanks for stopping by Tammie Lee...YOUR photos are mesmerizing!!

    and crayzys/'s always nice to see a familiar face :) YEAH! i'm working on a new website...for my arty stuff...maybe this weekend...i'll have enough time to sit at the comp and do some research on a host website! i'm excited about it. i also need to check into international shipping so i can offer that too. hmmmm...i might be procrastinating a little...seems so overwhelming!

    :] laura

  18. OMG! Those tiny grasshoppers are amazing, I didn't know what Iwas looking at, at first. It's like a scene out of a Sci-Fi movie. That is a cool picture!

  19. You truly have amazingly perceptive powers to have spotted all those baby grasshoppers waiting for the rain to stop! You see so much more in your surroundings than the rest of us and I doubt it's just luck! I think you have trained your eye to spot things many wouldn't see even if they were looking right at them!

  20. That is just too cute for words! Whenever I read your blog, I get the sudden urge to grab my camera and go exploring. We're very urbanised though, I wonder what we would find...

  21. THANKS tumbleweed stacey! and Desiree/driftwood ramblings! and Keda! glad you had the time to wander and could appreciate the tiny little grasshoppers seeking refuge from the storm! ha! yeah...too cute for words! :] i was just glad that my camera was near by...'cause no one would've believed me! ha!

  22. one more great post. your a breath of fresh air. what camera do you use? steve

  23. Great grasshopper shots. I once found a bunch of baby grasshoppers like yours (only fewer). I think you were lucky to come across a big bunch who just hatched out from the soil in your begonia pot, perhaps hastened by the rain.

    I wish every day was grasshopper day!

  24. thanks steve!! hey, i posted a little sidebar camera thing...since i get asked this a lot...

    cindy...YOUR grasshoppers are AWESOME!! what terrific pictures...i LOVE that close-up where you can actually SEE all the tiny hairs!!! i LOVE it!!! wow!!

    i wish every day was a grasshopper day too!

    thanks you 2!! have a great day! :]

  25. Thanks for the information about the stunning Lubber probably being on Fennel Wonderful Laura... love the aniseed aroma and taste of Fennel, maybe Lubber does too.

    Am so pleased Cindy has found your site Laura... being as she is, I feel sure Cindy has discovered a place to visit to experience great ForestWalk Adventures with you, like we all do.

    Glad too you went to Visit Cindy's Bug Safari... isn't it an amazing experience?
    Cindy has been sharing her Bugs with Bloggers since about 2004, and only recently has the Blogger Team acknowledged her... Glad they finally did though.

    Laura have you had time to see Cindy's recording of the Honeyeater from Building it's nest, to the chicks having left the nest? All occurred outside her Bathroom Window!

    Heaps of Hugs, filled with Appreciation, Friendship and Love to you Laura, from your Friend Magda in Australia

  26. Magda, THANKS! yeah...i love BUGS! can i NOT...i live in florida! the bugs here can chase you away if you don't stand your ground! ha!


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