Sunday, October 23, 2011

woodpeckers. weird fungi. spider & buzzards.

just a nice relaxing weekend.
cooler weather. 
flannel shirt weather! i want to be outdoors weather!
we picked up some fresh oysters...
steamed...shucked...and gobbled 'em up
with HOT cocktail sauce (mostly horseradish with just a little ketchup) & crackers!

cooler weather also means no mosquitoes or ticks,
so we wandered out back...into the woods...
following the trails made by the deer and smaller critters.

i'm no mushroom expert...but i think a good name for this one would be the
Umbrella Mushroom.
one day!

first we heard...then spotted a woodpecker.
we can usually find the Red-headed, Red-bellied and the Pileated.
we thought it was a young woodpecker...smaller than the ones we normally see.
but when i put the pic's on the computer, and looked it up...
we realized this is a new one we've never seen here before.
A Downy Woodpecker.
(pic's not too clear. he was very fast!!)
Downy woodpecker

a    VERY    fuzzy   'shroom

Cinnamon fern
the Cinnamon fern first sprouts as a green curl...
then opens & straightens in a cinnamon color...
and then opens to a full bright green fern.

another woodpecker. the BIG Pileated. going from tree to tree.
tapping away.
Pileated woodpecker

Pileated woodpecker

LOOK at this SPIDER!!  have you ever seen one like this?
i hadn't!!!!!  it was a first!!  see how it hangs by its back legs, head down?!! 
Arrowhead spider

very weird looking fungi. i think it might be the kind that turns into
these puffer things. if you poke them with a stick, dust, that looks like smoke,
comes out the center hole in top!

walking out of the woods...crossing the yard...
shadows across the ground. 
i look up.  a few buzzards (black vultures).

more are circling in...

and more...

a bunch of buzzards is called a wake. i can see why. they move in a wave across the sky.

the wave is climbing. higher and higher...scanning the woods...looking to eat.

i know they can't be waiting for this guy, 'cause he literally has no meat on his bones...
not anymore!
Mr. bOnes perched on a mushroom

have a good week.
stay cool and be safe.

moon 7:18 AM ~ oct 18, 2011


  1. Hello Laura, I enjoyed your walk thru the woods. The woodpeckers are wonderful birds. Great shots of the Pileated, it is one of my favorite woodies. The mushrooms are neat, especially the umbrella one. I thought I saw lots of vultures but you have a lot more there, that's for sure. Do they hang out in the woods? Great post and awesome photos. I hope you have great week ahead.

  2. Oh Laura those are just the coolest mushrooms, but you always find the most awesome ones I've ever seen! Our weather has gotten a bit cooler too, I got all my Halloween stuff outside....since I'll be out of town on Halloween, not that we get children at our door any more...we're out in the country and the children around here are mostly grown up or go to parties instead...bummer really...Halloween just isn't people opening their garages for apple bobbing and next door to that a scary house to visit...or cookies to decorate...oh where did those days go! I hope you have a happy halloween with Mr. Bones hanging around too!

  3. what a cool set of photos! love the fuzzy looking shroom! and that funkadelic spidey! neat!

  4. such intriguing creatures you capture on film
    i'd always thought buzzards were scary, but they don't look it in those photos

  5. I might be in love with the umbrella mushroom and the arrowhead spider. What beauties!

  6. Amazing photos loving the woodpeckers and what an amazing spider! Very cold here and the forest is a blaze of red and yellows.

  7. Good news from the mushrooms, and the woodpeckers, good shots.

  8. Great post, as usual! :))
    Cool Moon shot and since no one else has mentioned it yet, I like the cinnamon fern. Love the first shot of the two stages together.
    Excellent photo of the vultures too!!
    Glad you are enjoying your flannel shirt weather!! I got a slight sunburn and a couple of mosquito bites, but high temp for Thurs is only 54!
    Hope you have a great week!!

  9. You find various species I have never seen! The mushrooms...and that spider!! Lovely woodpecker shots. I love wandering the woods with you, lady! It's always an educational delight. :)

  10. Hello Laura,
    Thanks for your support during my present sadnesses.

    To begin...
    1. very much like the changes to your side-bar.
    2. the new additions to your Macabre page really do keep getting better. Very suave is the one now doing the Introductions.
    3... this beautiful Post....

    I have decided Mushrooms have adopted you. The variety that present themselves to you to be photographed are quite amazing. Always different. Always interesting.

    Well done with the Woodpeckers, they are lovely looking Birds. The sound of their tapping would be like moments of Morse Code happening.

    The Fern is beautiful in both stages. Is quite something how broad and proud they look once unfolded from their tiny folded state.

    The Arrowhead Spider is fully awesome. So much detail and vibrant colours, yet tiny I presume by the Leaf's size. I also like the Bubbles of Water it has stored.

    Fascinating seeing so many Vultures seeking and creating patterns as they move about the Sky.

    And Mr bOnes looks very comfy on a 'shroom stool.

    Your Moon photos are always stunning, and I do so love the Moon's presence.

    Thank you for a wonderful wander.
    It's great having the Slide-Show thingy back to view your photo stories. And the new addition of being able to also view each photo in its original form is a real boon.
    Hugs from Magda and Family in Australia.

  11. What a cool mushroom...looks like a parasol! You get the best! And, ew! That acrobatic spider...spooky, nope, never seen one like that.

    You had a good hunt, Laura. We have small woodpeckers that look similar to the one you found. But we can never actually see their heads, and they do move too fast. And the buzzard patrol! That's a lot.

    Loved your post. Getting ready for tricks or treats? A great time of year. We got to 86° today, but it's cooling down at nite real good and we get to sit outside some. Have a great week Laura!

  12. that's one amazing spider .......x

  13. You always have something different to show us! The spider that looks as though it's wearing a sail is unbelievable! How lucky that you spotted it! You truly have the most astounding variety of mushrooms growing in your woods out back and those woodpecker photos are superb! Once again, I've been treated to a truly magical experience...thank you, Laura!

  14. Mmmmmm, you had me at oysters, yum! I LOVE fresh ones, with just a bit of white viengar, if anything. Thanks for making me jealous!!

  15. Great pics. Love them all. You got some neat fungi down there. Cool woodpecker photos. Especially like the spiny-belly spidey. Seems like you're having a great Fall.

  16. As always your blog transposes me to a time of innocent natural delights.

    Thank you are two too small words for the mesmerizing journeys you take us on.

    Each blog visit is like waking up in an unknown spaceship, unaware of how you got there, but loving to open your eyes to the unfamiliar surroundings and being in awe at each visit.

    Best always, Jean

  17. That is the most unique and beautiful spider I've ever seen! WOW!We get the Pileated, Hairy, and Downy woodpeckers up here in WA state also. The little Downys look a lot like the Hairys, only smaller. Each of these, as I'm sure you know, has a differnt drumming sound, so you can tell which one it is by the sound IF you're knowledgeable enough. I'm not, but I do love all the differences. Nice to see Mr. Bones is still "hangin' around"! Have a great week!

  18. TOTALLY cool pics as always... the woodpeckers are so beautiful - especially love the headshot of tje Pileated woodpecker... shrooms are amazing; your 'umbrella' reminds me of those Chinese hats. And the colourful spider - stunning.

    Hope the buzzards weren't after your bones... :)

  19. I still am so envious of your moon shot, I have taken them and not always so happy with them....oh well, maybe next time right! Have a boo-tiful week....are you getting ready for trick or treaters at your house?

  20. Woodpecker shots are fabulous! And the sky shots too -- as usual, I could look at your photos for hours! Thanks.

  21. i just wanted to say THANK YOU EVERYBODY for wandering...stumbling...skipping...meandering...through the yard with me!!
    and THANKS for ALL your kind words...i REALLY appreciate it!!
    ~have a magical rest of the week and weekend!~ xxoo laura

  22. That spider is unique.
    What a way to scare away its enemies.

  23. This post could be an art show all on its own. Lovely only begins to describe it.

  24. I didn't know it was called a wake. Makes sense though! I saw a bunch of them flying around the other day.

    That Arrowhead spider is unreal! Amazing!

  25. Oh, my gosh, I love that last photo of the buzzards--it looks like they are in a choreographed dance.


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