Friday, April 15, 2011

glitch in cyberspace

what is going on with google reader
AND networked blogs?!!

i had to do my last post over & over...and over again...
until it finally posted.
i'm not doing that again...

here's the link to my NEWEST post  (april 15)

this is getting OLD!

go wander...enjoy!


  1. ...and to make it even WEIRDER...once i published THIS 'glitch' post...BOTH posts published.
    go figure! :/ laura

  2. It may be time to call in the Assassin Bug to your computer!!

  3. Laura, this is really cool, and your next post is on my reader too! Love the picture!

  4. Have also experienced similar happenings LauraK...

    I'm in the middle of a 'repair' or even during a Post preparation and suddenly nothing. I'm stuck in time within Blogger.
    Can't publish. Can't save. Dead Zone.

    During one repair I had to persevere by trying all sorts of ways to get it back out onto the Blog. Took nearly an hour.

    I've also had times like that occur and cannot even leave Blogger... those times I'm a Prisoner.
    Only solution was shutting the whole Window. Of course I've had to get back cause I had not even signed out. That would then become a whole new lengthy process. The worst scenario being needing to turn off my Computer. Re-booting and trying again. Maybe more than once to finally get back and at least sign out.

    Whole happening distressing actually.

    Have noticed to avoid certain times of the day or evening, and to leave before those times occur when am in.

    Now I simply take note of how Gmail or Blogger is loading when I arrive before I sign-in...
    if seems slow, I just click stop and exit as quickly as possible.

    This will read awful am sure, but really am pleased to read another is experiencing similar oddities and freeze-ups.

    I have concluded there a times when there is heavy cyber-traffic happening with Gmail and or Blogger which is causing traffic jams and congestion... just like being on a road in a vehicle during Peak Hour times in a main City...!!!

    I was once caught on the Sydney Harbour Bridge during a Peak Hour... I think I could have read War and Peace twice as traffic flow kept inching and stopping, often with more stops than inches, before finally reaching the other side.
    Heaps of hugs and good wishes from Magda(Australia)

  5. LOL!!! Love the photo. It reminds me of some of the shenanigans we used to pull in the archaeology lab involving a study skeleton that was broken by the kids of a private individual it belonged to.The guy brought it to us for reconstruction, in no hurry to get it back, so it became our mascot. We used to dress it up and pose it--usually like our head archaeologist who was oblivious to the jokes we'd pull.

  6. I was just about to tell you that! I have had some strange happenings lately as well...things freeze up...I'm typing and there are no letters appearing...perhaps all of us happy bloggers are taxing "it"! Doesn't that sound creepy????...:)JP

  7. PS Laura K,
    The Introduction Image is a perfect definition... I often feel like that for days after a workout with research and a Post.
    Huge hugs to you from Magda(Australia)

  8.'s all pretty weird...twilight zone weird! if i delete THIS post...then the next one with the bugs and dewlaps also disappears...SOMEHOW they've connected!

    i might just try PUBLISHING at a different time of day next time...instead of evening like i USUALLY do...which might be the busy time like magda suggested...oh least i'm NOT the only one stepping into the ZONE!! :)

  9. What a great although tiny bit scary photo...I have felt this pain! Great post!

  10. thanks karen ...yeah, i thought that picture was the time consuming...i can feel myself aging as i try to get it right! ha!

  11. Hello Laura! I'm sharing a great gift....and honoring you with an award! Just go here to collect it!

  12. AW! I've just finished reading and commentig on the last post and was eagerly looking forward to following up with this one...and now, I see it's not a post at all! :(
    I am so glad your problem has resolved itself, though!

  13. your audience amazes me. such warm thoughtful readers who are following you. Absolutely would love your unique pics like the skeleton at the keyboard. Your blog does keep me mindful.

  14. Just going to give you a cheery hello to hopefully off-set the frustration.
    I get sick and tired of trying to "fix" the spacing in my blog posts.

  15. thanks Karen...i appreciate the honor...the recognition...i appreciate everyone who swings by here and feels good about what they see....BUT like i've mentioned in previous posts...i don't DO the awards thing. i think EVERYONE who puts their thoughts...out here for all to see...deserves an award!! congrats to ALL! thank you!!! :]

    desiree...yes,'s fixed... weirdly...but fixed!

    crayzys...thanks!! oh yeah...sometimes i can really relate to that skeleton at the keyboard....

    calling ravens...yeah! and a cheery hello back at ya!

    thanks everyone!! let's hope this glitch stuff takes a break...

  16. I have been reading your Blog since I was sent a link to it. I live at Lochloosa Harbor and you have really touched me. I really like your life. steve

  17. to anonymous steve!!!!
    thanks!'re close fact i have 2 posts on here with lochloosa harbor stuff...pic's...

    we go there whenever we can get away...such a terrific place to relax. it's not far at all...and we love it!! i'm so glad you've found me here...and enjoy wandering...
    :] laura

  18. I have been reading all your posts since Lori(at the fish camp) forwared it to me. I dont know why, But you have been a blessing to me. steve
    Lochloosa harbor, Lochloosa florida

  19. Thanks for writing this. I really feel as though I know so much more about this than I did before. Your blog really brought some things to light that I never would have thought about before reading it. You should continue this, I’m sure most people would agree you’ve got a gift.

  20. I like your art. I especially liked your skeleton-computer.jpg, and would like to ask permission to use it (possibly as a gravatar) on my wordpress blog. Please check out my futuristic novella at It's in the cyberpunk genre, but I think our hearts are in the same place!



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