Thursday, April 12, 2012

mystery bird & skull art

if you saw my previous post...
you saw the nest we spotted out back.

then we peeked and found there was a little spotted egg in it.

we had no idea what kind of bird made these hanging nests.

earlier in the week i went out back...
and waited...
and waited.
it paid off. the mother bird flew to the top of the nest and just sat there.
it was early. the sun was bright. so the pictures aren't great.


and she sure does have WHITE eyes!!

beady eyes.

so cool.
this is my first time seeing this bird. now i'm keeping my eyes open 
for more nests...hanging around!


here's a deer skull i found a while back.

here it is after i painted it.

ok...back to blog reading...
just needed a break!

stay cool & be safe.


  1. very cool (bright-eyed) bird!

    and i'm not usually one for bright paint colors, but i really like the designs you put on that skull! :)

  2. Beady? Her eyes look like those little stick on eyes where they roll around. you know what I mean? She has such a long scrawny neck...kind of looks like me!...:)JP

  3. Yes, I agree! Look like the googly eyes you use for crafts. ;) But she's still a pretty bird with a soft color to her. I wonder what dad looks like? Or if that was dad?

    I love how you paint skulls! That is just amazing, woman!! :):)

    So glad I can comment again! (Dang Blogger!)

  4. Cool bird and that nest is a work of art .......loving that blue skull .......mysterious and magical ...xx

  5. Marbles! How fab to live with all that nature on your doorstep! We been watching some amazing aerial bird action recently, too high to tell what they were but some birds of prey courting!

  6. What a cool looking nest and a great bird. Awesome shot of the Vireo, Laura!

  7. Hi Laura, what great painted bones, i would like to have one in my house, may be i order in your shop. It's a very long time i didn't write to you- sorry, but in my mind and heart you are.
    The job is taking all my time, and i'm tired hen i come home at the evening.
    So.... life is going on, time goes by, we getting older and hope on time the work is over and we can go into rent...hihi, than i come to visit you once...
    Take care about you and your family,
    a big kiss from Doris in Tirol

  8. Love your skull, it looks really cool. Your black designs are very unique and modernistic. And the white-eyed bird is fabulous! You did good...have never seen a bird like it, or a such a nest. Maybe you'll get to see the baby when the egg hatches. I wonder if there was only one egg-and, oh, how about the dad? He must really be a looker! I'm sure you'll keep an eye out. Have a great weekend, will make it over to your next post. ooxx

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  10. ...and your definition of "taking a break" is to write a post? You crack me up!!

    Great IDing of this bird - and great pictures! I can see now that we have lots of great baby bird shots awaiting us in the future...

    The skull is gorgeous & I'd love to have it - no more room for skulls or bones in this household, tho...


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