Monday, April 16, 2012

morphing monday - 1 (hawking it)

Red-shouldered Hawk

every monday. 
one of my 'nature shots'...altered with picassa, gimp or fast stone imaging.

Different shades of life make the painting more beautiful.  
~Mike Dolan

if you're a 'regular visitor'  may have thought...
hmmm, what's up with laura & these new monday and friday  posts?!!

sometimes it seems...even to me...that i get 'carried away' when i do a post.
i go on and on...aimlessly...weaving in and out.
each new post feels like it could have been cut least...half.

also, there seems to be something else going around.
i have read about it. i have felt it.
the feeling of being torn between taking a break...and not.
i love to write...and take pictures.
but lately i've been putting off, getting on here.

i see the laptop sitting on the counter...and just the thought of turning it on...
makes me feel panicky.
i start procrastinating. making excuses. finding other stuff to do first.

because i DO love to share the little things i see around me...
and i DO love to be creative...
i decided to put together TWO posts a week...
where there will be NO, or at least minimal talking...
rambling on and on...
like i'm doing now.
(and then when time permits...and i feel like whining...
or being my silly self...i'll stick another post in between)

stay cool & be safe.

My grandfather always said that living is like licking honey off a thorn.  
~Louis Adamic


  1. great photo
    the ebb and flow of blogging affects us all at various times, it's nice to know you're continuing

  2. well, sweetie, i'll take 2 doses of you a week and be grateful. there have been times when i've wondered about taking a break. or even disappearing off the blogland grid completely, but i don't. so hope you don't, either!

    1. kind of weird...i know...TWO doses a week...which is MORE than my usual...but those 2 doses will be shorter...quicker to put together...just the deciding on a picture...and then on monday- morphing it! :)


    Such a wise word, and I certainly did not coin it.

    You are not alone - this wondrous thing we call the internet is enticing, addicting, and never-ending.... add to that the blogging scene, and our own expectations, with an unimaginable number of people out there who may be reading our words, and there is a large trap just waiting to swallow us up. A wonderful new age in many ways to be sure, but there are pitfalls in it also.

    Your decision is a wise one - and most healthy, I'd say. Less is indeed more, and I'll follow and read you no matter what. TAKE CARE of YOU, Laura, so we all can enjoy each other MORE. Whatever you are willing to give - it is enough...

    Once again, thank you for being who you are - you so often say what some of us feel, but don't express.

    top picture in black & white pares it down to the basics - love it!

    1. thanks Ladybug.
      yep, 'simplify'...
      i'm actually pretty simple. and i try to live fairly simply.

      much of my changes here have to do with TIME.
      it slips by so quickly...
      i would spend so much time on putting a post together, i barely had time to visit others...and i hate to be the kind of person who ONLY visits those who leave comments!! thanks for the kind words!

  4. lovely morphing red shouldered hawk and great idea - I look forward to Mondays and Fridays and some luscious long rambling walking posts in-between! X

    1. thanks Lindsey!
      seems like TIME is getting shorter lately...disappearing...i hope to get in a longer, rambling post now and then...but in the meantime the TWO shorties on monday & friday...will hopefully hold people's interest! ha!

  5. If you're needing to revamp your blogging, I am glad to see you twice a week. I was thinking about cutting back, too, and then--duh!--I joined the A to Z in April thing--geez! You will probably see less of me in May--LOL! ;)

    Just don't disappear, Lady!! I love all your posts. I think I love them because you ramble and just talk about whatever you want. Always glad to see you!!! :)

    1. thanks Rita! i'm not disappearing...TIME is scarce lately...and the longer posts take me so long to put together...i hope these shorter ones...even though more often than my 'usual'...will keep me a part of blogland.

  6. I think it happens to all of us. Try 2 and I think you'll see a difference. I won't be posting daily when the summer comes(which is in June) and I'll be limiting my time to 2 posts as well a week. Blogging is a wonderful thing but it can get to be a little much at times especially when there's life to be lived:) Just don't disappear. Your work is fun to read and your pics are wonderful.

    1. thanks!!!! yeah...trying these quickie 2X week posts...hopefully will work for me...for now...and maybe life will slow down soon...or T I M E will slow down...or something!

    2. Ha! Time slowing down....very very doubtful:) The older we get; the faster it goes. I just wish there was more time in the day. Oh that I didn't have to work:)

  7. Finally catching up on my favorite blogs. You know, I like these shorter posts--as much as do enjoy all your photos--but I feel if there is just a couple of photos I can absorb the beauty of each individual one better when it is just one or two showcased...

    1. well...thanks kateri!! i do hope these TWO a week work...and not just for me. i agree...posting just ONE picture at a time...will give that image a chance to be absorbed all b y itself!

  8. I have been feeling kind of " meh" about blogging lately myself. I have also been experimenting with the new photo filters in Picasa. They really do give a photo a different feel, don't they?

    I love your long posts with mushrooms and Milo and bones and all kinds of neat stuff, but I know what a hassle it is to put together a long post with lots of pics. Even if you post one picture of something special, I'd still enjoy it.

    1. thanks Cindy. yeah...feeling kind of *eh*'s so time consuming putting together the long posts...and sometimes i don't even plan it that way. they just i'm working on them!
      so hopefully these quick...2X week...will keep me in the blogger loop...and give more time...for ALL the other stuff i have to do...OFFline! :)

  9. What a good idea! Not that I think your posts are too rambling, I like virtually walking through the forest with you, but you've come up with a very good solution to get through the "eh" slump. Paring down may even spark you on to new things. Keep moving, keep hoping!

    1. thanks...'soon to be not trucking too much...but still a tumbleweed at heart' stacey!
      yeah, i'm really kinda excited about doing the 'fringe' and the 'morphing' posts!!

  10. Your morphed hawk is great...his feathers look real. Isn't that fun? I like to change photos into coloring pages, too! Well, I don't think you ramble so much, but, I, too, try to cut the posts short. Sometimes it is hard to do, tho. So, with that, I'll talk to you later. Tuesday 'tax nightmare' is over...yay! Take care Laura!

    1. thanks susan! yep...FUN!! :) it'll be nice to work on these 'short' posts...and actually be able to 'schedule' them to publish ahead of time!

      taxes sure are a nightmare...and glad it's over...til next year...ugh!

  11. Your alter picture is awesome. I think Mike Dolan's quote is very accurate, your changes of tone and color makes the bird's puffed up breast look mightier. It almost looks like it is supposed to resemble stone ;-)

    And bring on the themes, you probably noticed I'm doing the same with my dictionary thing. Life gets busy and we need to go with it. Also Blogging is supposed to be fun and about experimenting.

  12. Hi Laura, I am playing catch with my blog reading. I think we have all thought about taking a break, I will be off on a vacation so A short break for me. I enjoyed your morphing Hawk and the original image is fantastic. I hope all is well, wishing you a happy Sunday!

  13. I like the new look to your blog and this lovely photo of the hawk. I know that feeling you spoke of. I get it too sometimes and so I also must take a break. Good for you to try to keep your life in balance and the joy in your art and writing!

  14. Love the hawk photos.

    Whatever you do, I enjoy your posts. I don't always get to read them on time, so I have to play catch-up, but I know there will be treats in store when I get around to them.


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